Australia · 30 Days · 31 Moments · July 2017

Kelly's tour through Australia

19 August 2017

The journey home😘

14 August 2017

A few photos of Whitsunday beach, the pictures do not show how amazingly beautiful it is. The sand is 98.8% silica, it never gets hot always remains cool to walk on. I was awestruck, could have spent a few days just looking and exploring. The photos of fish ( George is the big one) were from our snorkelling adventure. An amazing journey😊🏍

12 August 2017

Duck " gangs" where we are staying, who knew.
The Great Barrier Reef from the air, it was amazing!

11 August 2017

Hilltop view of the ocean in Bowen, lovely lookout town is a a little backwards but again the people are really nice.
View where we had lunch at the Bowen Yacht Club salmon was yummy😋
Not sure what the flower is but really pretty. Wild cockatiels everywhere😊

10 August 2017

Who new this is what you see at Australian rest stops

8 August 2017

Sunset in Noosa Head, really pretty village.
Australian Zoo in Beerwah, it was an amazing zoo. They are very conscientious regarding the animal welfare in the zoo and wild. Great place to visit and like other places we have visited the people were really friendly. We met this Red Kite he was a little unhappy as he had just had a shower.

7 August 2017

Pelican beach, wonder why it's called that?
Jungle view and visitor who wanted to join us for lunch
North of Coffs Harbour we explored a skywalk in a rainforest. The cave was home to bats and glow worms, saw the bats no worms

6 August 2017

We explored a skywalk in a rainforest. The caves were home to glow worms and bats. Very cool

4 August 2017

There is a really nice walk along the beach the building is the yacht club, had a nice lunch while enjoying the views.
Coffs Harbour I saw this sign thought it was really good policy yet Brian and Sam didn't think so. Finally getting warmer again lovely beaches and really nice people.
Finally saw a Koala in Port Macquarie. The beaches here have been the best so far. Great walks along the beach.

3 August 2017

Who knew wild chickens at a rest area! Pelicans on route to port MacQuarrie
Walking out to a lighthouse in Newcastle the wind was really fierce that day.

2 August 2017

Lucky hotel in Newcastle, really cool reception and bar the food and drink were yummy😊

1 August 2017

31 July 2017

Lunch in Eden lovely place for a rest.
Port Albert beautiful water

30 July 2017

Lakesentrance our mode of transportation for the next 3 weeks

29 July 2017

Pelicans on the wharf in Lakesentrance
On the road to Traralgan

28 July 2017

Had a wonderful time in Melbourne before starting the motorcycle adventure🏍

27 July 2017

Just arrived in Melbourne

24 July 2017

A wonderful visit with Paul and Carolyn. A few wineries for tastings and beaches for whale watching. I think all the whales must have been sleeping as we did not see a single whale.

22 July 2017

We made it! A few photos of the Sydney harbour in "winter"

21 July 2017

Finally found the nude beach in a Sydney not many people oh well. We really enjoyed our time in Sydney the harbour is beautiful, weather was good. We sampled local seafood and of course wine😊