Europe, North America · 4 Days · 51 Moments · June 2018

Kelly's Little Big Adventure!

8 June 2018

Home. Now the only question is...
4:30am...time to head to the airport!

7 June 2018

In the future, please remind me that I don’t like hiking....This was even with spending the majority of the day on a bus...
Picked a great day for the Icelandic Symphony!
Icelandic horses!
The doors lead to man made caves where livestock were kept in the 1800’s and early 1900’s
The Katla Glacier!
Following Ágúst to the glacier!
Arriving at Katla Icelanders are waiting for it to erupt. The magma chamber is full, there have been many earthquakes, and it is long overdue! Ágúst says it can go at any time, hopefully not today.... Iceland has very good cell phone reception everywhere you go. They made sure of this because they use text alerts when volcanos erupt. There is usually only about 2 hours notice to evacuate. Everyone would need to leave, except for those climbing the glaciers, they are told to go to the highest point of solid ground and wait for a helicopter.
On our way to Katla!
Southernmost point in Iceland
The perks of doing a small tour, bonus stop! The town of Vik. A town of about 400 people on the southern coast. Their cemetery is on the top of a hill, and it is the best place to get a picture. “If you are tired of the scenery, you can hang out with the dead people.” -Ágúst (Tour Guide)
Reynisfjara (A black sand beach!)
And dandelions at Skógafoss for Kaden!
Eyjafjallajökull: The volcano that erupted in 2010 and caused most of Europe’s airports to shut down for weeks- but not Iceland’s! The only Icelanders effected were the farmers that live close. They had only 2 hours notice to evacuate, and most farm animals had to be left. The horses jumped their fences, went to the beach and came back a few weeks later when it was safe. They credit this eruption with the increase in the tourist industry, which has saved their economy!
“The forecast might be correct today after all”
Icelandic horses
Driving down Esja, a volcanic range.
Good morning! Going on a tour to the south coast today! 48 and cloudy now but our guide, August, says the forecast says it will be sunny for a bit later on! He also said Icelandic weather forecasts can’t be trusted....let’s hope for the best!
It has been a very long day! Glad I get to sleep in until 7 and sit in a bus for a few hours tomorrow!

6 June 2018

50 degrees and cloudy...must be beach time! Nauthólsvík Beach
Murals in the pedestrian tunnel near Klambratún NOT graffiti! It’s art! (Maybe with some graffiti on top...)
The birds always know where the food is! And a puffin was showing off right next to us!
Minke Whales!
Whale watching! These adorable jumpsuits keep us warm, dry and double as life jackets!
Where earth and heaven meet.
Good morning!

5 June 2018

You could say it has been a very long day, on no where near enough sleep. Goodnight!
Time to head back to the hotel and get ready for bed! You can’t tell, but it’s almost 10pm!
Arriving at Harpa! Ready for the comedy show!
I was told to try the hotdogs and not ask what kind of meat they are....short on time for dinner, so now is the time!
Everyone said to pack warm clothes! I am sweating! It’s 50 and sunny! Not sure why everyone is wearing winter coats.... It’s gorgeous!
Dandelions and the Atlantic Ocean for Kaden!
Please don’t drive your tractor on the highway during rush hour!
Downtown Reykjavík is nothing like downtown Minneapolis. I finally found a bank! And I have already walked over 10,000 steps today! I haven’t even checked into the hotel yet!
Driving up the coast to Reykjavík!
Just landed!! And yes, my phone does work :)