United States of America · 3 Days · 22 Moments · August 2016

Keith's voyage with the guys to Atlanta

14 August 2016

We got off the interstate and traveled down this two lane, country road for about ten miles. We stopped got a quick geocache and were back down the road when our astute young pokemon warrior looks up and asks, "so we are officially off the interstate?" 🤔
Saving the world (Ingress) sling the way home. 😜
We just had to get one more geocache before closing out the weekend. 😄
I bought Adam a bottle of smart water. His comment, "but I'm not smart." Drink up Adam ~ it'll do your mind good.
All packed up and ready to get home to our families.

13 August 2016

Last look at Atlanta's sky ~ home tomorrow. It's been a wonderful weekend with the guys.
Time to fill up. Final numbers for the day..... 24,645 steps (or equivalent of 10 miles) walked; 3 parks covered; 3 of 5 geocache scored; and one homeless man bestowed knowledge of Atlanta's annual summer Olympics being held in Japan next year.
WoW ~ not much luck on our first two geocache attempts but we did find our third one. Way to go Jim.
There is so much creativity and beauty in Atlanta's public city art.
Mellow Mushroom ~ time for lunch! 😛😛😛
A walkabout with the boys ~ geocaching and ingress-ing it for the day.

12 August 2016

What an incredibly awesome concert!!!!!!! I will never forget this night.
Rocking out with my best friends! This is so totally awesome!
Opening band ~ Telsa canceled. 🙃
Entering the city! 🙃 I love the Cow landmark. 😜
Adam's jam! 🤔 🐒
We found our second cache in a cemetery in Greenville. We stopped and prayed for the souls resting ~ may they lay in peace. ⛪️
Sun Roof ~ Oh yea, I need one of these! 😏
Yes officer, I was going a little fast ~ but Big Foot is real and he was chasing us. 31!
First geocache found! 😄
Headed out with the guys to rock out for the weekend in Atlanta. Rental car? Check! Concert tickets? Check! Best friends? Check! Get out of jail free card? ..... Get out of jail free card??? Oh, right we used that on our last road trip 34 years ago!