United States of America · 4 Days · 73 Moments · July 2016

Keith and Darryl ~ Visiting Hometowns

10 July 2016

Home at last. It was a great adventure, an emotional time, and an experience worth all the money in the world. It was a trip that was many years dreamt about that has finally been lived. I love my family!
Boarding our final flight home. It's been a great time Bro ~ I love you!
Woo hooo ~ made it to our bonus destination of Miami. Ugh ~ πŸ™„
Where's....... Waldo? πŸ€“ Darryl and I were not able to sit together on this leg of the trip and I don't know where he is. Can you find my lost brother? We have time to look. We are on the ground and have been told there is about a ten minute wait before we can pull up to our gate.
........if we want to file for some sort of voucher or compensation we have to go online. The advice was to copy all our receipts and tickets and do a write up about the experience.... πŸ€” So Darryl and I will have to get steak and lobster in Miami and keep the receipt to show the cost of the extra flight out of our way and additional five hour delay in getting home. 😏
Courtesy of American Airlines along with a double bonus ~ a free flight to Miami and another 4-hour delay in getting home! Apparently our flight from DC to Pensacola is canceled due to weather, so they are sending us to Miami to hang out. πŸ™„ More time with my brother ~ now that's the real bonus! πŸ˜„
Arrived.... and the wait begins! 😜
On board to DC for a three hour layover.
Thirty minute countdown..... 30, 29, 28.....
Getting ready to checkin for our flight home.
This was our tent/bed for the night. Thank goodness Uncle Jim's neighbor let us use the loft of her barn/garage to bunk out in. It rained a lot last night and her kindness saved me from trying to pack up and carry a wet tent home.

9 July 2016

Leaving Uncle Jimmy's house. What a great time ~ thank goodness his neighbor let us sleep in the loft of her barn-garage.
Hanging with Mary and 13 of 52 1st cousins!
I'm her
Mom and Dad's hotel room. It's very nice with a great little patio and view.
Geocaching ~ number 3! Score!πŸ˜„
Inside the candy factory! WoW what a treasure cove of delights. πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
Herbert Chocolate Mansion.
Heading to Hebert Chocolate Mansion. Every year Uncle Jim would buy Mom chocolate from this place and send it to her. It is the only place you can this chocolate and Mom absolutely loves it.

8 July 2016

The fire station Dad volunteered at when he was in 8th grade! When the fire alarm rang he would jump on his bike, flip in his red light and pull his siren, racing through the streets to get to the station before the trucks pulled out. One time he was holding the bar, standing on the back of the truck and the driver hit a bump and Dad fell off the platform and was hanging onto the truck just by his one hand fearing falling off. Somehow he is not sure of he next found himself back on the truck.
Our third attempt for a geocaching failed but some great exercise and cool sites were enjoyed.
Statue of Our Blessed Mother Mary that is located just behind Aunti Mona's house.
Marlboro City Hall
Kari ~ ran into her playing her game Pokemon while Darryl was playing his game ingress.
Scored second geocaching! It was a log we both signed in.
The main fire station in Marlboro now a Pub ~ Vinbin.
On our second geocaching challenge ~ Main St. Marlboro Mass.
The full bellied clam experience begins.
Getting Mom's fried whole bellied clams.
Here is the house ~ rebuilt, that Mom and her family built.
This is where Mom's summer house was located.
On our way to Little Alum Pond in Brimfield, MA. It is where Mom's family went every summer. Mom's family built their family summer cottage on this pond.
Boudreau Ave. Our street!!!
I love you Grandma and Grandpa. Rest in peace. May we join you at our Father's table when he calls for us.
May God Bless You Always.
I love you Nana and Pepè. Rest in peace. May God bless you with His love, comfort you with His kindness and protect you with His mercy always. May we one day all be together again at our Father's table.
Together still.
Where Mom and Dad had their reception dinner.
The waterfall behind Mom's house.
88 Main St Mom grew up in this house.
Uncle Jim's house.
E. F Laurence Candle Company location.
This is where Mom's family owned a candle factory.
St Rosa of Lima Church.
56 years ago Mom and Dad said "I do" right here.
No trip is ever complete without a stop at your local Best Buy.
Nana and Pepè summer cottage house. Solomon's pond.
The famous Grill. The most goodest eating in Marlboro.
Outdoor range
Where Dad learned to shoot. 22 cal. The NRA taught him.
This is where Mom had her first communion.
Dad's first school. Immaculate Conception.
Dad telling his story. In front of Aunt Mona's house.
Getting ready for the day; GoPro (check) camera (check) phone (check) excitement (no need to check)!!!!!

7 July 2016

It has been a really great day. I love my family! It's time for sleep; looking forward to an early(ish) start to a full day of sightseeing tomorrow. I can't wait!!! πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“
We have our own street!
Dad's house.
Getting ready for our first look into the past lives of our parents. The Boudreau tour bus is on the move! Look out Marlborough here we come.
Dinner with Mom and Dad, Alane and my bro! πŸ˜„
Sign tells the tale..... Welcome to New Hampshire! πŸ€—
On approach. Next leg of our great adventure is getting nearer and nearer; a great drive together geocaching through New Hampshire to Massachusetts ~ Marlborough!
Finally in the air.
One step closer ~ in brotherhood and to Manchester!
Loving life!!!!
Taking time to see life and enjoy my friendship with my brother is awesome! We are halfway into our trip up north and the excitement is building with every mile! πŸ˜„
Checking in😜
Boarding flight number two on our journey north!
Breakfast time! πŸ˜›
Eating breakfast in Charlotte with bro!