United States of America · 8 Days · 24 Moments · June 2015

Keith's trip to United States of America

15 June 2015

Sunset snorkel sail on the reef
Yes that is what you think...6 toes
Lagerheads...Simonton Beach Key West FL
Hemingway House with the 6-toed cats and the Southernmost Point, along with the "end of the road" MM0

14 June 2015

The one and only Howard Livingston! One hell of a good man!!

12 June 2015

Locals here too!
Only on Duval

11 June 2015

The mayor of Key West, Craig Cates, and Colonel Bob from Howard Livingston's " 6 pack and a tan"
Schooner's Wharf
Can't take Animal anywhere!!!
Here fishy fishy!
The Stoned Crab
Nothing like a late night scooter ride in a downpour!

10 June 2015

Chloe McCabe and Thom Shepherd... Awesome!!!
And it starts!.....
Made it!!!
Hotlanta! Halfway there

9 June 2015

Counting down
Boarding passes..... Becoming so surreal!
12 Hours to liftoff!

7 June 2015

Key West bound! Not soon enough!