United States of America · 4 Days · 26 Moments · July 2016

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1 August 2016

Closing out a really exciting weekend with Bryce with an evening out bowling with our family! What a great weekend!!! I'm so glad I took this time off to spend relaxing. I needed it and spending this time with my son was totally awesome.
Tagging our local graffiti bridge and dogging trains; yea it's official my boy's a graffiti artist and I'm not faster than a speeding locomotive ~ but I can still move fast with the right motivation. 😎

31 July 2016

I love you Son. I really had a great day today. This was the coolest adventure ever. I wish it didn't suddenly end the way it did. I wish......

30 July 2016

So after an afternoon of shooting and cleaning up we were going to go ride the UWF trails with my GoPro but.... Bryce says it's too hot to ride Dad what if we fall down. 🤔 I don't get it now any more than understood it when he said it. LoL So we tried to go to UWF Campus and play racquetball in theirs public courts. It was a great plan and would have been fun, but someone converted the courts into a bike shop!!!! Ugh So, we came home and got things ready for canoe trip tomorrow. All in all another great day together with my Son. I'm so happy I took this time off to be with him. It's been awesome!
Clean up, clean up, everyone do your share; clean up, clean up..... 😄
Last of 200 rounds. A great afternoon.
Awesome marksman!
Checking out the pistols. 😜
New plan ~ can you guess where we're headed? 🤔
Weather looks good! Trying to get my brother and best friend to join us on our canoe fishing excursion..... But first..... 🍽 how about some bacon and eggs? 😛😛 Food is so awesome!!!! I think the only thing better might be family, and rest, and friendship, and catching fireflies with my grandbabies, oh ~ and driving a really fast car on an open, wet airstrip; yep, food is pretty awesome.

29 July 2016

What a really great day! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. 😄
Time to catch a movie. Bourne, James Bourne ~ except it Jason Bourne.
Visiting an old Troop 415 Eagle Scout project. 😄
Theater cache score!
Hmmmmm 😛😛😛😛
Lunchtime at Subway! 😛
Hidden well, but Bryce spotted it!
Found our next geocache hidden in the spirit of Christmas 😏
Bust ~ 😞. Couldn't find the cache.
So the quote of the day "I'm not a skater". 😜
Skate parking it!
Second Score!
Score!!!! Found the geocache ~ "Take a Bite" Awesome.
Headed to find muggle geocache ..... Hmmmm 😏
Spending the weekend adventuring with my son! First geocache at Jordan Cemetery was a bust.