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5 January 2017

Ended my trip. Feeling grateful for people who bore with me πŸ˜‡ majorly my sister.

1 January 2017

Had one more coffee in atta's house (that gotta be the record number of coffees i ever drank in a day!) Feeling the heat increasing in my body. (Not that heat! Jeez! ) so i ate a lot of green dal and stuff for lunch. Lunch was real good. Soothing and healthy. My sis helped her atta prepare it :) I spent like 2 hours updating my journi ! πŸ€’ 2 days stuff. Anyway, now, I have to catch on my sleep. See yaaa! 😴
Hangover and stuff. Puky feels continue. Had 2 coffee and fruits for breakfast.. Feeling better.
Feeling pukish. Veryyyy. Shouldn't have smoked πŸ˜₯πŸ˜–πŸ˜£πŸ˜·πŸ€’ But my darling bed is waiting for me. Real comfy! Pillows are justt how I like them! 😊
Our little party :)

31 December 2016

Spoke to my kolkata peeps for a while.. updating them with some happenings of the day and some wishes. I shared my strongly opposing feelings of love, lust and intensity with someone. πŸ€“
Headed out to CCD for coffee. We walked through the tiny hyd streets to get there.. Had good snacks and coffee.. And some pictures.. I gifted my sis this dress she's wearing .. She said she liked it very much. I had a migraine headache attack. There goes another 2 saridon tablets in my tummy. I came to room, sat in meditation pose and concentrated on my breadth for a minute. Then I remembered I had to rate the uber driver who rode us back. Rude issues. Long story. I 'll pass on that. Then... Slowly.. My headache started receding .. Such a great joy in my life .. Everything's green and rising again..
So we did a little MS work! She's a super lady. Does most of the hard work while I comfortably slack off πŸ˜‹β˜ΊοΈ So she started an application for my MS in GeorgiaTech. Connected me to a friend of hers on fb.. (Who's done MS HCI from GATech) I asked her detailed questions and she gave even more detailed answers. Now I have to read them all.. What I asked her was ---- In the next note ( this journi has some character limit i guess..) - nope cant fit it in And then we she introduced me to "master chef" 😁 I like the program. We watched the finale. I was a bit surprised I could form opinions on people even by watching them for an hour. They change with time though..
After we checked into the hotel, we slept like little babies only to wake up at my sister's screams at her husband. 😷πŸ˜ͺ After that we had this for breakfast, my sister ate the idli sambhar and masala stuff. As usual, i am all for a healthier diet. What's on the plate (and bowls) - Poached fish Lamb kidney Boiled egg Herb tossed potato & Cherry tomato Fruits Banana bread & flavored yogurt. 😍πŸ’ͺ I wanted to gym but .... :/ Was so full and then , didn't have fresh clothes to change into..

30 December 2016

A lot of time spent on booking the hotel for tomorrow and the bus to get there. Pfft. πŸ˜·πŸ˜–
Lunch .. Palak panner. Naan. Cannot miss out on curd.
Some photos of papa bear
Next day papa John took us to D V Manor in vijayawada. It is a real nice hotel. Dad has this way of making things bright, light and positive after any amount of torment it has gone through. He is the world to me. I cannot say anything more about him. Me and sis always say "We can never not love dad , he has crossed all thresholds in reaching that point maybe. He is extremely cute and loving in his ways ( unintentional by him). He has this purity in his heart and whatever he does, how unreasonably he argues sometimes.. It is only fleeting anger on him." My sister was saying she wants to be that person to someone in her life.. Later supposed that we can be that only to our kids.. Umm.. Food for thought.

29 December 2016

Family discussions around akka's visit, my marriage, my way of thinking. Spirits fell. But I was doing fairly well, being calm and thinking positive.
View from the first floor of the house (back)
Organic garden βœ… This is dad's colleagues house that we visited. He is like a brahmin pundit that uncle. Good vibes. Reads a hell lot of books.. He has a library in the first floor of the house.. None my genre though. And in telugu. He summarizes things feelings and books into simple things and says the base for every novel is almost the same and blah blah.. He kept launching off into poems and stuff.. I was getting fazed out like a crazy crazy girl. His wife cooked us sumptuous lunch though. Beyond my words. A lot of care, love, skill, effortlessness in cooking (so many items) was evident. She reads out some 2000 slokas in the morning itseems. That might be a reason for her calm demeanor.
How simple and beautiful :)

28 December 2016

I like this picture. It has outdoorsy things.. Walls outside the indoor sports complex were painted thus. I remembered how I used to stare at the open badminton or tennis court on the way back home from school, while at Hyderabad (4-5th standard). Told my dad I would join there. But .. he didn't hold on to the idea.. And nor did I ☹️ (there is no genuinely sad smiley on whatsapp).
We bought 3 tickets for 'dangal' movie at cinΓ©polis mall, vijayawada. Dad wanted coffee. We stepped into the screen space in 4th floor .. I said we'll go down to 3rd floor food court to have coffee as things in the movie space would be overpriced. We quickly found a CCD. And ordered 3 cappuccinos ( mine was hazelnut - but a disappointment). Burn of money. We could have had 90/- coffee at coffee tree in 4th floor! Pfft! πŸ˜‡ We watched the movie from the very start this time πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€ I saw dad getting emotional almost throughout the movie πŸ˜‡ I was peeping at his face and eyes .. He liked the movie. Then dad took us to minerva grand to check for dinner. But as they were closed, we headed to the night bazaar. Surprised to see a lot of people on bza streets at that hour (11:30 or so).. We had a plate of idli and 2 plates of pulla attu. And finished with 3 small cups of fruits. (I told them we shouldn't have fruits right after or right before dinner .. But we still had it). I was so full 😬?
Woke up in the evening .. After a cozy afternoon nap πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈ
Eating a guava πŸ˜‡ Dad just reached bza. We went down and got meds for my sister.. For her cough.. And i bought all the small cute stuff like 2/- amruthanjan, 2/- zandu balm , 12/- moov, 10/- almond oil. πŸ˜‡β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜½
We had some fun. This is right after he reached the guest house at bza.
Morning again. Pongal and pesarattu ! Feeling blue

27 December 2016

Photoshoot at Marks & Spencers πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€
Sweet slumber
Lazyyy afternoon ! No energy to get out of bed.
Now we're like sisters
Dad suggested that we have a bit of breakfast ! Ordered 2 plates of idli.. Akka started adding reminders for my MS check list I m not very excited about the prospect of going to the US or anywhere for that matter. Gotten too lazy maybe or the fire got burnt out in me or I have lovely friends back in Kolkata ☺️
Tea for me and coffee for my sista I want to get my nap.

26 December 2016

Our lady gloom 😁😊☺️
Tulsi and other plants
I made three customizations for my friends. By assembly app on munnus phone
Dessert πŸ€πŸ’šπŸ˜‡ Curd (with cream) and sugar
Morning! My sweet aunt gave me a tea as soon as I woke up.. I am yet to have breakfast. Let me munch πŸ›
Whole evening and much into the night, i was agonizing over a terrible migraine headache which stuck me, held me and conquered me. I took 2 saridon pills (This moment I haven't foreseen. I always thought "one tablet would relieve me of even a splitting headache". But..) I have used these 2 cool packs on my head for a long time. Was relieving. They cooled the heated thoughts in my head. I spoke to a friend in the night, sharing the happenings of my day. I was already getting better...

25 December 2016

During the lunch i was talking to a positive friend, asked me not to worry much and told me he hoped that I have a great trip. But the terrible gloom is all over me. He was chatting with me and told me he set out to buy a drinking pot but ended up buying these indoor plants. I asked him to send a picture of them. I wanted to see green, thought it would put a fresh relieving scent around me, however fleeting. Then I asked my homies to send pictures of their plants..
Moody blues continue. But i manage to strike a pose before the lens.
Vidya aunt planned the lunch out. I wasn't in the best of my moods.
Tambola night. Chaos unplugged.

24 December 2016

In the saloon
Yesterday night my sister made me idlis as soon as we went home late in the night. It flashed in my head how we dear of an act that is to stay present and make sure your loved one gets their stomach full, helping you to sleep sound.
First shades of color in the morning sky #breakingdawn
Akka and I started off our journi in a rented car. Going to pick up nanni (and munni) aunty's mom on the way. HYD -> ATP