United Kingdom · 61 Days · 4 Moments · May 2017

Keara's tour through United Kingdom

28 July 2017

I'm writing The player. Check it out: https://episode.app.link/6UBjx15z8E

23 July 2017

Well sorry I haven't said anything for a while but I have spent over 5 months in abertillery I'm going to Paris now checking all the stuff I'm on the plane right now please keep tabs on me and I should rich tin more often see you soon

28 May 2017

From now on I'm living in abertillery with my bestfriend masie she is everything to me. this is now gonna be a diary sorta thing. I can write all my feeling down till the day I die but I'm not gonna be like diary this diary that okay. So on my profile I bet your actually thinking how old I am I'm gonna tell you that I'm 13 but like I said I have always wanted to be a writer most of my life. I found happiness in this town I will meet a new guy to have a family when I'm older to get a job and grow old and die that's how I want my life to work. Do you know what I really wanted to do for about 3 years now is to be a business person to go up front in a court room to affend cases. Do you know what I have been doing for the past couple of days was watching vampire diaries it's awesome 7 seasons of it and because I'm awesome I'm on the seventh season it's awesome it makes me happy then excited then sad. But it's AWESOME literally.
Well so far what I think about Abertillery. Oh by the way if your wondering I have now been in abertillery for a few weeks naturing the beautiful places like the pit for instance it's so artificial the benches and the writing about the big man in the pit if that's what they call it then I go into this sorta shopping centre it's nice cozy this town is small but I also found out that it's separate part one called abertillery the one with the shopping centre then the other called six bells that's where I'm staying for probably a year or something I find it great but it's small but I like small towns last time I stayed in France but Paris I stayed it was the romantic place but I was there for my boyfriend that broke up with me it was only a summer romance anyway but it felt good so I started touring again and I realised how much I actually missed it abertillery is great I love it thanks to my friend who spotted it out for me she gave me this wonderful chance to feel alive again