Malaysia, Japan · 6 Days · 29 Moments · October 2016

Ke Jepun Ke Kita

19 October 2016

And, today is out last day in Japan. Now we are on the train heading to Kansai Airport. A lot of fun here, nice food, nice people, nice place and we definitely will come back here again. Next? Tokyo and Kyoto!

18 October 2016

Before we went back, we went to Doutonbori to try the street good. If you go here, please try the grill squid, crab and takoyaki. If you are a shashimi lover, please come here and enjoy it as they are very cheap!
Why go to Japan if you didn't go here! Universal Studio Japan. Kindly go early if you want to enjoy all ride here. Because you need to have a very long que for the ride. I recommend you to buy the Express Pass. It's a little bit expensive because you need to pay double for the ticket. Trust me it's totally worth it. Please make sure you go to Space Fantasy, Jaws, Spiderman and Harry Potter ride! Oh ya, please wait until night if you want to experience zombie apocalypse.

17 October 2016

Wohooo. After a long walk, we finally arrived at our Airbnb at Namba. What a nice apartment here. Everything is clean and tidy. It has two rooms. One room with 2 bed with cupboard. Another room has one queen bed. It's pretty comfortable for 4 of us.
And here we are! At Osaka! We visit a few places before going to our Airbnb stay. 1st we went to Dotonbori to eat. We try the street food here. After that, we went to Kuromon Fish Market to try the seafood there. Not bad, and it was very cheaps you can get a lot of souvenir too at here.
Ohayōgozaimasu. Wake up early this morning. And get ready to go to Fukuoka Airport. Our flight is at 8.55am. We left the Akasaka train around 7.30am. Arrive at Fukuoka station 15 minutes later! So fast! Go to the Peach Airline Kiosk and self check in. Took less than 10 minutes for all the process. Now we're waiting to board on plane. Next? Osaka!

16 October 2016

Before reach our hotel, Dennis and I went to a Family Mart opposite of our hotel. There you go, a lot of Ramen, ready to eat food and many more. These are really convenience! I love Japan!
After that around 6pm, we take a walk near the Tenjin area, which had an underground shopping complex. We just did a window shopping here because the price quite expensive. Then we take a train back to Akasaka.
After the wedding ceremony, we took a bus prepared by the bride and groom, and went to a shopping complex for food and drinks. The best thing here, we got a chance to teach Nippon people to dance. Indian dance! Haha
And here we are. The main highlight of our trip to Fukuoka, Japan! Congratulations Camy & Mayuko! The ceremony of the wedding is awesome!

15 October 2016

Seiryu Park! We went here to try some street food. Unfortunately almost all the food stall here serve pork. So my friend suggest to buy food from Family Mart. They sell a lot of foods! From spaghetti to sushi. Cheap also 😬😅
We visit Kushida Shrine near the Kawabata Shopping Arcade. My friends want to go pray, so I went there and take some pixtures. It's very clean and have a lot of ancient thing
Next we head up to Kawabata Shopping Arcade. It's more like a uptown selling a lot of item from head to toe. At this point, I feel dizzy al little bit because we are hungry!
Canal City! The biggest mall in Fukuoka. Damn tired, I can't feel my leg at this moment. So we just take a short walk around the mall.
Nice weather here during this moment. Almost dusk and the air is cold.
Walk around Tenjin. Take some street photo 😁
Take 20 minutes back to Akasaka station and heading to Tenjin. Really tired. I wonder how the old folk here still can walk and take the subway also
Take our own sweet time here at Fukuoka Tower
The street here in Japan is very clean, I can't spot any rubbish. Also the people here walk fast haha
Heading to Fukuoka Tower. Take a nice morning walk
Our meals this morning. Thanks mummy! (Cheryl)

14 October 2016

Our cribs for tonight! Simple, small but nice. The house is very clean and tidy. Kudos to the owner
Nightlife at Fukuoka
Meet another group here at Kansai Airport. We are heading to Fukuoka for a wedding.
Japan people are good and also weird somethings 😂
Love the view here
Arrive at Kansai Airport!
About to take off
We are set to go to Nippon! Lift up the mood first with coffee!