United Kingdom, Switzerland · 19 Days · 17 Moments · June 2017

Kay's adventure in United Kingdom

21 June 2017

Not much to report for our last day went to Portobello Market and then to Kensington Palace and a bit of shopping - too hot and weary! Xxxxx HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dylan. Xxxx😁. See you on the weekend. 💋 xx

20 June 2017

One more day and we get up at crack of dawn to go to airport. Royal Mews today Then changing of the guard, Carnaby Street, chocolate shop and Carol King musical, wonderful show. Xxxxxxx

19 June 2017

Busy day - Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, a drink on 33rd level of the Shard (the building in the picture), and a river cruise on the Thames. The tour yesterday to Stonehenge was excellent. Trying to fit everything in before we leave early Thursday. See you all soon. Xxxxx

17 June 2017

Some of the sights in Paris. Just arrived in Dover on the ferry. Sue has just had notification that my first email to everyone written on Thursday wAs not delivered, so she has been trying again we did not put au on the end. Love Kay. 👩‍👩‍👧💕

14 June 2017

Second night in Switzerland, which is a very pretty spot. Went to the top of a mountain on a little train and then down in chairlift. There is still a little snow around on the alps but temp is still in 20s. Off to Paris tomorrow, tour is nearly over. ☹️Xxxx

13 June 2017

There is still a little snow around on the alps and also the photo of the cars was showing how close the cars park in a lot of places over here. Xxx
Ps In the photo Kathy was being serenaded by the waiter - thank heavens she was sitting on the end!!!
A few photos from Rome which I wasn't very impressed with, it was old (of course) and a bit run down & grubby. Finished in Florence this morning and we are now in Switzerland which is very picturesque. My feet are abut of a mess look like yours Gaz. Xxxx

11 June 2017

As you can imagine lots of ruins to see everywhere very hot and steamy lots of sunblock for me. Ruined city of Ostia Antica and colosseum today. Off to Florence to tomorrow. Xxx

9 June 2017

Hi Gaz, missing you Xxx. We travelled from Munich through the Austrian Alps which had a little snow. We stayed in Innsbruck, Austria last night and crossed the border into Italy where we are staying in Venice. The canals are amazing. Xxx

7 June 2017

Lunch on the way to Amsterdam yesterday. Today left the Netherlands and arrived in Germany. These are taken in the Rhine Valley in Germany. Very picturesque.

6 June 2017

On the train to Brussels.

5 June 2017

We had tea at this pub after sightseeing for 20 kms. Guess which drink is mine? Cheers!!
A few of the sights from yesterday, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, some of the Queen's guards, chocolates at Harrods.

4 June 2017

Walking around London for quite a few hours after our 20 hour flight so had a slap up tea in our room & now off to bed

3 June 2017

Waiting at the airport
Well I seem to have plenty of room left in my case it makes me want to put more in just for the heck of it!!