Italy · 4 Days · 27 Moments · July 2017

Kay' Jean and Lindsey go mad in Italy

11 July 2017

At least we were all clean for dinner!

10 July 2017

Last night in Monterosso and the speciality of the house was awesome.
Portofino absolutely spectacular. Jean, John, Lindsey and James ravelled by sea - mike and Kay got train there and boat back. So picturesque though cocktails 17 euros a time - worth every penny for the views.
Drawing back the curtains and seeing this every morning? I could get used to that 😄

9 July 2017

Fabulous view for dinner.
Atmospheric evening.
Walking back to the Hotel.
Got the train to Riomaggiore, then back to Manarola and then got boat home to Monterosso - 4 of the 5 cinque terre in one day and Corniglia spotted high on the hill from the boat. Also saw our fab hotel from the sea - def the best des res in Monterosso ! Quite knackered but a fantastic day
Hiked to Vernazza this morning. Hundreds of thousands of steps but worth it for spectacular views

8 July 2017

Atmospheric evening
Parpadelle frutti di mare. Delicious.
Small portions for dinner - I think not
Stunning location in Monterosso
It's tough being on holiday....
Enjoying the pool at Monterosso....
Sights of Genoa, then off to Monterosso

7 July 2017

Shabby chic in Genoa
The mornibg walk.