North America, Europe · 10 Days · 37 Moments · July 2017

Kay's adventure in Ireland

31 July 2017

It was a great trip!
Last night. Medieval banquet at Bunratty Castle.
Lovely town of Galway. Beautiful shops and lots of music on the streets.
St Nicholas Church in Galway. The church is over 600 years old. So much history!

30 July 2017

Blarney Castle.
The Blarney Stone is at the top of this tower. Kissing it is a challenge! You lie down on your back while 2 people hold you, bend your head back, and pucker up! Happy to say, we should all be blessed with the gift of blarney!
Beautiful grounds at Blarney Castle.

29 July 2017

Ring of Kerry
Touring the Ring of Kerry. Cold and wet but still beautiful.

28 July 2017

The Cliffs of Moher.
Cliffs of Moher

27 July 2017

Singing at Matt Malloy's in Westport.

26 July 2017

Apparently we have a LOT of Irish in us! Allison, Harper, Johnston,, and Armstrong....all of which are Irish and Scot. Bruce is,adding a little "Harp" to his side!
"The Hedges" used in filming Game of Thrones.
Beautiful shots along the coast.
Giants Causeway. The rock formations are truly incredible!
Giants Causeway
Giants Causeway

25 July 2017

Malin Head - the northern most point in Ireland. Breathtaking!
Malin Head. The northern most point in Ireland. Breathtaking!
Guild Hall in Derry.
Touring the old walls of Derry.
Peace Bridge in Derry. Catholics lived on one side of the river, Protestants on the other. The bridge united the two.
From the walled city of Derry.

24 July 2017

From our hotel room in Derry. It's 10:00 at night!
At the Titanic exhibit. The building is the same height as the actual ship was. Also pictures of a. first class cabin. It was very luxurious! This is an incredible exhibit!
The wall separating the Catholics and Protestants in Belfast.

23 July 2017

Singin' (and drinkin') with the band at Oscar's Kitchen!
Just toured the Guinness brewery. Bruce likes the brew but I'll stick to Miller Lite!
Here you go, Ladies!
Dublin Castle
In the Long Room at Trinity College. Used in filming Harry Potter.

22 July 2017

Statue of Molly Malone. She sold "cockles and mussels alive alive -o" every day. But judging from her dress, one wonders what she was selling every night!
Beautiful Dublin flowers!
We've arrived! At the Man of War pub with Dan and Lou Allison.
Ready to board! Ireland, here we come!