Europe, North America · 14 Days · 93 Moments · July 2016

Kayla's The Odyssey

17 July 2016


16 July 2016

Baugher's 28th anniversary
Cool book store and a pretty park!
Lunch and churros!!!!

15 July 2016

Dinner: lentil soup, gazpacho, and ice cream
Some yummy snacks!
The prado
Train ride to Madrid

14 July 2016

More tapas for dinner
Boqueria market
Baugher likes to sneak us wine at meals
Sight seeing Barcelona via bike tour!

13 July 2016

Tapas for dinner
Churros and chocolate. All of my friends had one left over so we put them together and gave it to a homeless man and his dog. He was very sweet
A snack- fresh coconut
Inside the sagrada familia
Flan gelato
The sagrada familia at first glance
View from the top of barcelona
More gaudy!
Gaudy- dragon lair
Gaudy- the sea
Climb up park guell
Park Guell by Gaudy!

12 July 2016

Dinner :)
Arrived in Spain!
Some group photos from Italy ! ❤️

11 July 2016

Found this gem above the city
Pizza for lunch
Trevi fountain
Roman sight seeing

10 July 2016

Diner: caprese, pasta, chocolate mousse
Town hall
Street art!
Rub the nose for good luck!
Beautiful soap and perfume store
Gelato of course
Lunch: pasta, caprese, and tiramisu
Ponte vecchio
Beautiful music in the streets
Michelangelo's David
Roman sculptures!
Dante (author of inferno)'s home
The stunning duomo!
Entering historic Florence
Delicious breakfast!

9 July 2016

Dinner plus a little bit of wine :)
Rest stop at a truck stop. You won't find food this good at truck stops in the states!
Arrived at Italy!! 4 hour bus ride ahead of us.
Approaching Italy!

8 July 2016

Ferry boat to Italy! Watched the sunset from the lounge and went stargazing from the top deck.
On way to ferry boat
Ancient Corinth (where St. Paul lived)
Cute stray dog!

7 July 2016

Some fun group photos while swimming ❤️
Fruit stand
Beautiful church!
Really pretty alley!
Aegina- the biggest producers of pistachios
Island stop: hydra
Gelato... Of course!
Lunch on the cruise boat!
Saronic cruise today!
My shopping buddies!

6 July 2016

Dinner was peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice (and meat for the meat-eaters). They seem to put feta on top of everything!
The muses at the Acropolis museum!
Weird pedicure place where you put your feet in a tub of flesh eating fish. I didn't do it but my roommates did! 🐟
Lunch and shopping at the agora. P.S. REAL Greek salads have NO lettuce. Who knew?! They eat seasonally so... Tomato salads in the summer and lettuce salads in the winter.
Lots of stray cats and dogs!
STUNNING views from the Parthenon on the Acropolis!
The native plants are so different! We saw carob trees, blackberry bushes, and of course olive trees!
First modern Olympic stadium
Some beautiful sightseeing via bus-tour!
Guided tour of Athens today. (Parthenon, etc.)

5 July 2016

Collecting pins at all three countries to start a travel pin collection!
Dinner tonight was a veggie stew, salad (full of olives of course), and a persimmon yellow cake. Great rendition of an otherwise non-vegetarian banquet style meal. These people are very accommodating!
On the metro today... And somebody tried to pick pocket me!! It was so scary!! I don't think they took anything but I definitely saw his hand wiggling into my purse. I called him out and he got off the metro at the next stop. Thank goodness I caught him in time!! 😳🙁
Guards of the unknown soldier
Shopping for souvenirs
Pretty architecture!
Got stopped at security for having "too thick of a bra" 🙄...
On way to hotel!

4 July 2016