United States of America · 2 Days · 9 Moments · December 2014

A Very Phantom Christmas

7 December 2014

We took a detour to try to track down an antique store. We couldn't find the store but we did stumble across a lighthouse.... I have no idea where we are but it is nice 😊
Headed back to VA after 12 hours of sleep! We were so pooped! We stopped by a random roadside diner for breakfast and were greeted with enormous portion sizes. Take a look at the cookie I got :)

6 December 2014

Thanking the traffic gods we got out of NY unharmed! Headed back to NJ for some dinner and drinks.
Intermission. What a wonderfully put together masterpiece! It is all I have ever imagined : D I might have cried....
Christmas in NY has a lot of people.... Tried to snap some quick pictures before getting trampled :) ll
First stop.... Coffee and brownies!
Going through the Lincoln tunnel
On our way to the big city! The Phantom of the Opera is waiting for us!
The drive to NJ was pretty quick and painless! Staying in New Brunswick tonight to avoid $500 a night hotels :)