United States of America · 8 Days · 11 Moments · September 2015

Kaye's trip the Navajo Nation

10 September 2015

Home! And so ends an excellent road trip!

9 September 2015

Rainbow Bridge and Zion National Park.

8 September 2015

Lower Antelope Canyon in Page AZ.

7 September 2015

Bluff Utah. There's no place like home.

6 September 2015

One last look at Monument Valley, then toured Mexican Hat, the Goosenecks, Valley of the Gods, Muley Point. I'm especially excited to head to Bluff Utah.

4 September 2015

Canyon de Chelly.
Canyon de Chelly with our Navajo Guide. Furthering the adventure, we got stuck!
We keep passing signs on the Navajo reservation that say "drive in beauty". How could we not?

3 September 2015

Hilton in Sedona after a terrific dinner at the ChocolaTree. Organic, healthy food is a plus of being in the 'new age' town.
Stop for cold drinks and stretching. All across AZ it's been well over 100 degrees. 😅
And here we go! First stop, Yuma. Whew it's hot!