Japan, Singapore, Indonesia · 10 Days · 11 Moments · August 2016

Kaye's trip to Singapore

8 September 2016

So ends the adventure and anniversary celebration. This photo was taken flying out of Singapore at the start of the 26-hour trip home.

8 September 2016

A tour today through the Malay / Muslim section of Singapore. A building designed by IM Pei looms behind original trading houses. Our guide was informative and I learned a number of things about Islam that I didn't know Upon visiting the mosque, I was asked to don a robe over my tee shirt before entering. In their defense, it was hotter than hell, I had been sweating profusely and looked like the loser of a wet t-shirt contest! The royal cemetery has fallen into complete disrepair. Muslims believe the soul has gone on to paradise so it's not necessary to keep up graves.

7 September 2016

Today's adventures were fairly tame. A cruise along the Singapore River and then to the iconic Raffles Hotel for high tea. Tea was a mix of the standard English items with an Asian influence. I had scones and dim sum!

6 September 2016

Chinatown and Hawker stalls. I especially liked the paper replicas of items that are burned at funerals to send with the dead. Paper shirts, Rolex, cigarettes, beer etc!

5 September 2016

The amazing indoor gardens by the bay: flower dome and cloud walk.

4 September 2016

Anniversary celebration

2 September 2016

Continuing the fast and furious two-day tour of Bali.
Beautiful Bali rice fields, coffee tasting, wood shop (because that's how Randy rolls!)

1 September 2016

For our anniversary getaway: Bali! A two-hour flight from Singapore and we are in Indonesia. Even the airport has a wonderful exotic appearance. A planned visit with my former Admin's parents, yielded good ideas for tomorrow's tours.

31 August 2016

Singapore is very modern and has more shopping malls per square mile than I've ever seen. Skipped shopping and toured while Randy worked. My favorite spot so far is the Botanical Gardens especially the fantastic array of orchids.

30 August 2016

11.5 hours of flying for a layover in Japan. This is coming into Tokyo/Narita airport.