India · 3 Days · 4 Moments · June 2017

Kavi Ashutossh's adventure in

9 June 2017

8 June 2017

Morning give one more day to drive.learn and to live life. A tea and a joint and a book. See world with new angle.before the time flies. You have one chance to see the rarer beauty of mother nature.birds animals in there real nature. Eyes on the way and sense's on nature. Feel what ever you and feel and try to guess the nature of nature.and remember Nothing is permanent.

7 June 2017

A trip teaches a lot.and if it is road trip. believe me ,just keep your sense's alert.nature will teach you dharma. You can now guess the reason of accident in your life. Meet the new person ,no matter who he is. Every one teaches you something .And What I learnt today in Nothing is permanent is ×don't show blind respect and importance.×××× Because Nothing is permanent.
Suddenly ....I noticed deers in forest ..And we took halt there.after getting little high. forest started talking to us. Every little noise we can here.every minute disturbance in air also catches our eye.we can feel moisture, air ,land ,heat, every sense were working so fast.and like the truth . Nothing is permanent...And time changed......