Mexico · 25 Days · 60 Moments · August 2017

Kat & Phil's Mexican Adventure

12 September 2017

Today we went snorkelling and saw so many beautiful fish (didn't have an underwater camera though so couldn't take photos) then had an amazing lunch and finalised our flights home woooooo!
Today we hired a scooter and drove around the island! We saw the beautiful landscape of Isla Mujeres, had a great lunch and saw some turltes!

11 September 2017

So our flight to Cuba got cancelled again so we decided to catch a ferry to Isla Mujeres and live the high life. Such a beautiful island so far with great food and cocktails!

9 September 2017

Seeing as we stayed two extra nights in Cancun we decided to go see the Coco Bongo show. It was legit the best decision ever! We got a table (above the moshpit peasants) a bottle of tequila and unlimited beers. This show was absolutley amazing! The acrobatics were out of this world and so were the male bodies.
Our flight got cancelled to Cuba so we decided to stay in Cancun and enjoy the beach. Thanks to Sienna we also enjoyed living the high life #champagneshowers

8 September 2017

Last day of our tour and we learnt about the non for profit project we supported through GAdventures called El Hongo. Helping disadvantaged Mexican children. My heart absolutely melted! It was also the last night we spent with the amazing people on our tour!
Today we went to Tulum and it was just as beautiful as all the pictures! We went snorkeling and saw turtles it was absolutely amazing! Will get snorkeling photos soon!
We went to Chichen Itza yesterday and it was boiling hot! Just standing there I think we sweated our body weight hahahah

7 September 2017

We arrived in playa del carmen yesterday and the beach yayayayayayayya!

6 September 2017

We then pretended to be rich senoritas and tried two weeks pay worth of jewellery and agave fibre hats! The salesman was so good he conned us into buying half the shop!! Fun fact: the necklaces we are wearing are 2k each 💸💲💰💱💳 We then found a bar around the corner that gave us two coktails for 38 mxn pesos - that's $2.50 AUD - so we pretty much made money!
We had a beautiful lunch and some refreshing cocktails before exploring the haciendas and the iguanas a little bit more!
We then explored another haciendas which has now been turned into a beautiful restaurant and landscape!
Today was a great day! We explored some haciendas which were super interesting then got to swim in two of Mexico's cenotes - definitely a highlight of the tour! The first one was called Mucuyche and looked like a perfectly crafted sphere sink hole. The water was beautiful and the sun shone down on us all day! The second one - Kankirinche was covered and had big cat fish which was really cool!
We've been much luckier with the weather the last few days, which was perfect for the Haciendas and Cenotes!

5 September 2017

And today we arrived in Merida!! We had a good shower and finally enjoyed a day without rain!!

4 September 2017

Our hotel in Palenque was so bloody cute! Little huts and a pool! This place was right next to the jungle so we got to see monkeys both days we stayed there! The beauty of the place really counteracted the fact that I found a 6cm scorpion in my bed!!!!
We then got to swim in a natural waterfall!! Usually the water is aqua green but because of the hurricane the water was more chocolatey brown
Then we went on a jungle tour and saw real life cacao, crabs, citrinella, really cool plants and waterfalls! We also learnt that termites tasted like peppered carrots!
Today we explored the Mayan ruins in Palenque!
Palenque has definitely been my favourite place so far (nature-wise). The ruins in the middle of the jungle were awesome and we did a jungle walk after, where we walked through an ancient Aqueduct with bats (and spiders), then went swimming at the waterfalls!

2 September 2017

San Christobal you've been fab!! Off to Palenque tomorrow woooo!
Yesterday Kat and I split up for the day, and I went with a few others from the tour group to Sumidero Canyon. Along the way we saw a few waterfalls, almost a dozen crocodiles (I'm pretty sure there was one area actually called Crocodile Beach), as well as Pelicans (which are white and brown here) and a couple of Spider monkeys. These were the cutest, and one started climbing the tree we were under until it was directly over my head, and I swear it would have dropped down to join us if the driver hadn't quickly backed out. There's also a terrible amount of rubbish in the water caused by the rain washing the litter from the surrounding villages into the river and bottlenecking at a certain junction. It was disgusting, but apparently they're constantly cleaning it (we saw a number of cleaning boats along the way).

1 September 2017

We spent 12 hours on an overnight bus and arrived at San Christobal at 7am to see the sunrise! We absolutely loved it! 2nd best mexican city we've visted to guanajuato and I can't wait to explore properly tomorrow! Today we went and visited the villages and learnt so many interesting things about the native Mexican cultures and it was definitely one of my favourite days on the tour!

31 August 2017

We were about to leave our Oaxaca hotel and then a Mezcal parade erupted put if no where and they started handing out mezcal shots and free sweets while they danced around the streets!
Hand crafted Oaxaca goods

30 August 2017

Then we got quite tipsy at the Mezcal distillery tasting do many versions of Mezcal!
We watched Zapotec weaving
The petrified waterfall Hierve el Agua was definitely a highlight! It was in such a secluded beautiful location.
The petrified waterfall Hierve el Agua was definitely a highlight! It was in such a secluded beautiful location.
Then we stopped at Hierve el Agua - purified waterfalls and had a swim! Such a magical day!!
We also stopped at some famous Oaxacan sites along the way including Santa Maria del Tule - the biggest tree in mexico!
Today we ventured out to Monte Albán. The fog was heavy but it made it even more magical 🏔⛰🗻
Monte Albán was so cool with the mist still hanging around!

29 August 2017

After a 5 hour commute to Oaxaca today the hotel greeted us with free Mezcal shots #becausemexicans

28 August 2017

We arrived in Puebla yesterday and toured the city then went to a mexican wrestling match at night - it was intense! Fun facts about our time in Puebla below: ▪We tried famous mexican candy made out of sweet potato ▪We tried cooked grasshopper with lime ▪We loved Puebla's famous Tortita de Santa Clara cookie which isn't too sweet and a bit lemony ▪We loved Puebla's famous dish - Chile de nogada - stuffed capsicum with potato, meat and raisins ▪Puebla's Santa Clara Cathedral is probably the most extravagant church I've ever seen - deffs one of my top 2! ▪We saw a historic building covered with gun shots from the revolution which is still viable today (see blue building picture attached)

27 August 2017

We were also very lucky to see their temporary exhibition of Frida's garments! This I found absolutely spectacular as her fashion sense turned out to be a result of her self consciousness of her disabilities rather than the influence of her mother's Spanish heritage. She wore long skirts to hide the fact that her feet were uneven and (later one amputated) and her extravagant headgear to distract people from her lower half.
We saw Fridas studio and it was absolutely amazing!!
And today we actually got into see Frida Kahlo Museum! Thanks to Phil's super swift uber skills and Lucy's netcode free travel card! We bought tickets to the 4.30 session online in the uber, after climbing the Teotihuacan Pyramids and hydrating with Mexico's puriest liquor we got to the museum at 4.15pm! Wooooooo!
This family then gave us handmade pulque, Tequila, Mezcal and Tuna shots! 🥃🍸🥂🍹💃
This guy then showed us how they made coloured paint from natural products including insects, flowers, tobacco leaves minerals and cactus! We then went to a local family that showed us the many uses of the agave plant (besides making tequila) including needle threading and paper!
Today was a big day! Our first day on our tour we climbed both the Teotihuacan Pyramids - Moon and Sun pyramids! Definitely ticked that off the bucket list!! ⛰🏔🌙🌝🌵🏛

26 August 2017

Today we were Sightseeing Sally's in Mexico City! We saw lots of statues and lined up at Frida Kahlo's house but couldn't get in because we had to meet our tour group by 6pm! Hopefully we can try again tomorrow!

25 August 2017

Mexico city was chaotic traffic, pretty buildings & parks, more sunburn, more tequila tasting, pyramids and Frida Kahlo!
Last day in Guanajuato before we went out salsa dancing with Spaniards wooooo!

23 August 2017

For the last two days we've been in Guanajuato, which is definitely a new all-time favourite city. Beautifully coloured buildings, fun hostels, friendly locals, great night life and just an all round great city.
Tonight we went on a callejondes tour and although we aren't fluent in Spanish we still felt the magic and got goosebumps!
Day one adventures of Guanajuato!! Now this is what I thought Mexico would look like! Absolutely stunning! We couldn't stop looking!

21 August 2017

Tequila valley!
We finally visited Tequila and it was absolutely stunning!
We sat in the cave listening to Spanish reggaeton and tasted Blanco (white tequila not fermented), Rested (7 days to 3 months) and Aged (3 months to 12 months) with chilli, cinnamon and chocolate it was amazing!!!!
We went into the cave and saw all the fermenting barrels of tequila at Tres Mujeres and learned that this one batch of tequila 'Santanera' is being brewed under 24 hours of classical Beethoven music!
Our next stop was Tres Mujeres distillery where we learned all about cooking the agave and the distillation process!
Today we went on a tequila tour and saw some sights along the way! The Arch is super famous and La Minerva is the saviour of Guadalajara! Such a powerful woman 💪💁
Today we had enough tequila to drown a lightweight-Aussie-trying-to-be-Mexican. It started off very educational, but then we were 3 drinks down by 11:30am, so the imparted knowledge was less retained as the day wore on. Fun fact, the Santanera Tequila at Tres Mujeres has Beethoven played to it 24/7.
David picked us up in a private car because no one else booked the tequila tour on a monday so our public tour got upgraded to a private tequila tour woooo! We started off in Jarritos and learnt all about agave and how long it takes to grow (7 years!). We also learnt that there are female and male agave and the reason why mexico grows the best agave is because the soil has obsidian minerals from when the volcano erupted and we could see the soil sparkle! 🌵🥃 we then had two jarritos and a shot at 11am #mexicomondays

20 August 2017

The streets were super cute and so colourful!!
Today we explored Guadalajara! We walked until we dropped, got a little sunburnt, had plenty of broken English/Spanish conversations with locals and saw many different sides of the city!
Today we explored Guadalajara!

19 August 2017

We landed in L.A. and had 6 hours til our connecting flight so we thought we'd treat ourselves to a couple of cocktails! Next minute we're two free shots in and pretty tipsy for our flight to Guadalajara. Those free drinks really knocked us out on the plane and we woke up just before we landed!

18 August 2017

We got upgraded to economy for the first leg to LA and it was a lavish life!