Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden · 11 Days · 27 Moments · July 2017

Summer '17: Denmark and Sweden

9 August 2017

9th August: Stayed in Käringön in a Marina, where we met some family friends.

8 August 2017

8th August: Set sail

7 August 2017

7th August: After dinner, we hiked up to Carlstens Fästning and enjoyed the view and the sunset.
7th August: Spent the night in the Marina in Marstrand.
7th August: Set sail

6 August 2017

6th August: Main shopping street in Gothenburg. Unfortunately, as it was Sunday, everything was closed.
6th August: Too stormy to set sail, so instead we explored the old part of Gothenburg. 4th picture: oldest building in Gothenburg 7th picture: shopping center

5 August 2017

5th August: "Flipper", the boat we chartered in Göteburg City Marina.
5th August: Esrly McDonald's breakfast before hitting the road once more.

4 August 2017

4th August: Stayed in a one week old hostel in a quite shady neighborhood in Bromma.
4th August: Took the very to Gamla Stan and roamed the streets for a while
4th August: Drove to Stockholm to visit the newly opened Viking museum

3 August 2017

3rd August: We visited the church and the museum as well, but unfortunately, no pictures of the museum were allowed.
3rd August: Drove to Gamla Uppsala to take in the viking culture. Seen in pics: The Royal Mounds
3rd August: We visited Linneaus's historical house (unfortunately no pictures were allowed), but the property was beautiful.
3rd August: Dad's colleague brought us through Uppsala before their meeting
3rd August: Uppsala Domkyrka

2 August 2017

2nd August: While waiting for the Bill's to arrive for dinner, the five of us played a round of mini-golf (which appears to be quite popular in Sweden).
2nd August: Arrived in Uppsala and got a little cottage in Fyrishov Camping (for Dad's meeting the next day). Planned on staying three nights.

1 August 2017

1st July: Our camping spot in Vadstena. Dinner during sundown
1st August: Lake Vättern in the evening - beautiful sunset
1st August: Drove all day to get to Sweden

31 July 2017

31st July: After wandering around and dinner in the city, we found a camping ground in the center.
31st July: Hit the road once more headed for Copenhagen. Stopped at Roskilde to have a look at the Viking Ship Museum, also getting a sneak peak of how viking boats are built.

30 July 2017

30th July: We walked into town looking for dinner before realizing everything in town was already closed.
30th July: found a campground in Hejlsminde, right next to the ocean to stay the night. Note: it was the first time ever using my very own new tent, Hubba Hubba NX
30th July: Start of roadtrip. Left Amsterdam in the morning, drove through Niedersachsen, Germany (accidentally witnessing a Schützensfest) and arriving in Denmark in the evening.