United States of America · 14 Days · 66 Moments · July 2017

The great redwood adventure of doom

14 July 2017

The last day of our trip. Returning home was bittersweet. It was a relief to be back in familiar spaces and back to some routine and sad to add 50 degrees to the temp and give up the humbling trips into nature.
Our 2017 trip draws to an end, long car drives east, big sis tolerates the little kids ruining the lyrics to the songs, we find a lucky quarter, potty training with the smallest requires pulling over at any moment! Cajun grass!

13 July 2017

The aquarium was beautiful! So many people working together to educate and preserve. The size of the displays, the attempts to make it natural and the joy of the kids, worth it!
Monterey Bay was pretty amazing. Mostly, I enjoyed watching the kids watch the animals.
But the sea life was pretty amazing too. In particular, the jellies.
So much of the time traveling with kids is spent on simple logistics, finding open space for running off excess energy, locating bathrooms for four small people, and obtaining and consuming food.

12 July 2017

After today, we will head home. I really don't want to, but I guess I can't complain. It's amazing here on the beach, and I side it will be a relief to get home. Some pretty pictures will be posted by siblings and Mom and Dad, since I don't have any. We have had an amazing journi, and I love it.
It was fun to watch fireworks. And it was nice of daddy to get​ me a huge fluffy Android. I'm so happy now happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy 😂
We are at the last stop we are at the beach.we keep going to the water and playing in the waves. My lips turned purple and I got caught in a tidal wave!

11 July 2017

Cold and beautiful, a trip to the beach. Then, seafood dinner!
We meet some new friends today at the Google office. Four new friends from Brazil we showed around campus and a couple of droids. One fuzzy and one tasty. Our car says it has earned a shower after 1600 miles.

10 July 2017

A quick stop in SF for sushi and friends.
Found banana slug. Should we eat it?
Sadly, we have to go. I don't wanna! I am so coming back here when we are in the area next. 😮😣😥😫😭😢😔

9 July 2017

Tonight was s'mores! So many beautiful details about this place.
The Gate Lodge was a pretty magical home. Built in 1976 by the current owners with some amazing architecture, out of the trees cleared on the lot. We had a wonderful time roasting marshmallows, exploring the tree fort, and chillaxin.
A few shots of the trees.
We did some dancing, bird feeding, and exploring in the redwoods. Giant Tree was indeed giant Our car is now covered in a protective coating of grime and French fries.

8 July 2017

Today we visited the zoo, played with otters, flamingos and red pandas. A doe visited us this morning. Giant trees are everywhere!
We are at the zoo. Cute Ben!
Fish come out of the ground?
We have arrived at the new place. It's so cool! Check out the treehouse!
It was fun to get these fruit, but the others are not doing their work. It was cool 😎😘😍😶😑

7 July 2017

Our cabin in the redwoods is quite the fairytale place, with beautiful polished floors, sitting room overlooking apple trees and redwoods, funny books for little people, and a Peter Pan treehouse with secret room beneath it.

4 July 2017

Fourth of July fireworks at cal expo. B. Says they're too loud. They were definitely thumping and booming right overhead. Really great show.
Aww. Look at em. Already plugged into technology. Sad and funny.
Up and I am up before mom and dad! Woohoo! Beat ya to it!

3 July 2017

Parking on July 3rd was not for the faint of heart. But after a 1.5 hour hunt for a spot and shuttle, Sherman Tree was well worth the effort. Unfortunately we missed President's Tree and The Senate given time constraints and tired legs.
We went to the redwoods! We went to see and live in 1 hotel and 2 houses. We saw the biggest tree in the world and I saw a pice of its bark!😺🌞☺☺☺☺😊
We found some mint leaves. Should we eat them?
It was a chilly 48 degrees inside Crystal Cave, but wow, so beautiful. First underground river I've seen.
Hiking down to Crystal cave
We are nearing our destination, and I am excited for it. Check it out! Baby redwoods!
I was not in the mood to wake up this morning, if you know what I mean.
Up before the kids. Time for a bit of writing.

2 July 2017

At the place, it is actually not as bad as I expected.😀 It's actually kinda cool!
Our first stop is three rivers. Kids are happy to be out of the car after 10 hours of travel. Our hosts baked us fresh bread. Nice place.
We are near our "home", I am so excited!
Pretty lake! I am so tired.
694 miles traveled, 18 more to go! Then we will settle down at one place for two days. Woohoo!
Whoa! So pretty. I feel like we are in a race. Look at the last one. Beautiful lake!
Next to six flags! The roller coaster is so impressive. I am happy.
I think we are in Los Angeles, cool free ways behind and ahead.
Cute sleepy baby
We are in Calm Springs, and we have seen some epic windmills! Here are some pics.
July 1-3, 2017
Food on the road is always healthy and cheap.
We are nearing a city, looks like a fire is somewhere in it. No ordinary barbecue, mind you. Looks like a house fire.
All of that fits under one shiny hood!
This is soooo cool! The one with my sister sitting on it is a SmartSeat. It lifts you up automatically! So cool!
Awake and cute baby is ready to get the heck outta here! (He shared a bed with Mom last night.)

1 July 2017

We crossed paths with a migration of Perterbuilts. They were all gone by sunrise.
Stop at McDonald's for dinner, back on the road and full.
Today we drove all day. It was fun. We loved watching movies on our tablets all day. We went from Tucson to California. Good bye!
Falling asleep
Beautiful mesas
This was my favorite thing of all.
We are out in the middle of nowhere, almost to our first destination!
Sardines packed! Ready to rumble.
In the car and ready to go! So exited!
Remember to eat food when packing, or the momma gets cranky.
Vital sustenance for first day on the road!
We're ready to go!
Dad looks happy today.