Dominican Republic · 12 Days · 4 Moments · April 2018

Katja's Urlaub in Dominican Republic

20 April 2018

The last week finished really fast... sad but also nice to fly back to switzerland. Sweet home. I enjoyed my last presidente and my last evening. On Friday we drove to punta cana. We were really early there so we went to blue mall with the hard rock in there. At the afternoon we had to wait for our flight.. It needed a lot of nervs on the airport, because of the many people and the long waiting... but nevermind. I‘m now back home and realxed after this holidays :)

16 April 2018

We‘ve been on a city trip to santo domingo and after to las terrenas over the weekend. The streets are here really shitty.. and the people can‘t drive 😅 it was horrible. But I‘m still alive so it‘s fine. Santo domingo is really big and has some really beautiful restaurants and nice places. But las terrenas is a bit better. Not because of the food. It‘s about the beautiful beach and the young people there.. it has a lot of traffic that makes it bad. Soo tomorrow it‘s gonna be my last day here so i‘m kinda sad. But it‘s fine, then holidays had to end sometimes.

12 April 2018

In the last days we did some activitys. For example buggy tour!! We get really dirty on it but it was so much fun!! You should try. We have a nice fruit shop in this town with the best smoothies. Yesterday, I started to scuba diving. It‘s really amazing. Today we begin with my course, which needs a lot time.. The food is really good here but not everywhere, so we cook sometimes by ourself. Barbeque was the most Choice. Sooo see you!

9 April 2018

Our flight was like a birth...but we made it. The flight was from basel to paris, in paris we had to check out and again check in. The man on the desk by the check in was really nice and after some jokes we get a update to business class. Don‘t know why but was really nice. The flight from paris to punta cana was long but with some movies really nice. I don‘t know why, but in punta cana you had to fill out formulars for nothing... just you have one.. From punta cana we had a transfer to los melones. The way needs again a half hour.. so after 10h flight, 3-4h waiting and half hour transfer with a car we arrived finally in our wonderful appartement.