Asia, North America · 157 Days · 23 Moments · November 2017

It‘s better to travel well than to arrive...

8 April 2018

These streets will make you feel brand new Big lights will inspire you Hear it for New York New York, New York🎵✨🙌🏼 There is so much to do and to experience in this colorful city! Just go visit😬 The promise to be with each other till our lifetime and beyond, made the end of our journey in NYC even more special and perfect! Our adventurous last months got an ending now but will be kept in our hearts forever💕💑💛

24 March 2018

Every dream has to come to an end.. enjoying the last few days of magical Asia at Koh Kood- Thailand✨💛 We got some rainy days here but even though the vibes of this island just turn you peaceful and calm 🌊😊

21 March 2018

Phnom Pen-Capital of Cambodia 🇰🇭 We visited some markets and did some sightseeing stuff, of course with the help of the many tuk tuk drivers around🤗 It’s a interesting city which holds a lot of history- we got to learn more about it at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Horrible things took place there which never should be forgotten!🙏🏽

9 March 2018

Sunsetbeach- Welcome to real quietness🙌🏾 the only voice you would hear all day and night is the sound of the sea waves 🌊 Our favorite thing to do before going to bed: watching the sun leaving this part of the earth and looking at the stars🌌🌅During the day lots of reading, swimming, playing and of course sunbathing. Why should we ever leave here?🌞

7 March 2018

Koh Rong Sanloem🏝 enjoying the beautiful coast-side of Cambodia! We just decided to hang our shoes up there and leave them forever! So we’re forced to continue our life’s barefoot until now😁 But seriously is there a better feeling than soft warm sand under your feed?☺️💛 Island life rules✌🏽

28 February 2018

Cambodia, Siem Reap🇰🇭 visited the biggest religious Monument in the world- Angkor Wat, its like a huge area of temples built in the 12 century, impressive! We had our own Tuk-Tuk driver who took us from place to place✌🏽In the evening we visited the night markets and got a feet massage by small fishes, such a weird feeling!🙃

22 February 2018

East Nusa Tengara- Flores🌸 Early in the morning we started a boat trip from Labuan Bajo to some islands around Flores! Did some hiking and snorkeling- we were lucky to enjoy stunning views and got to see some special animals like Komodo dragons and plenty of Mantra‘s🐊🐠🏝 Our planet is perfectly wonderful! But all of us have to try harder to take care of it, especially in terms of plastic consumption-as it is a real threat for the oceans and their beautiful animals!😔🙌🏾🌞

18 February 2018

Selemat Pagi😇 We did a wonderful sunrise trekking tour up to the Volcano Mount Batur⛰🌅 It was quite exerting but we were blessed by a lovely view on the top. Monkeys also seem to really enjoy the fresh air up there🐒 Such a peaceful setting! For the Balinese this mountain is holy, thats why you can also find temples in this area🙌🏾🌞

9 February 2018

Indonesia 🇮🇩 We experienced numerous special and happy moments in the last months✨ So thankful for all the great impressions and lovely people we met during our traveling so far🙏🏽 Spread LOVE💛

27 January 2018

Canggu💛✌🏽Rise fields, black-sand beaches and quite big waves! Beautiful Warung’s offering delicious and really cheap food😋 Right know we are staying in a hostel, meeting lots of people from all over the world🌍

20 January 2018

During our stay in Mataram/LombokCity our highlight was the visit of the islamic center- both of us never had been into such a big mosque before, it was quite impressive!✨🕌✨ After that we took a public boat to Gili Meno. Its a really small island- just twenty minutes by bike to surround it all🏝While getting around we found a wall made of plastic bottels and -bags which is a beautiful and at the same time creative idea in matters of recycling, inspiringly✌🏽💡 Right now the wether is kind of unpredictable its always changing from sunny to cloudy to rainy🌦⛈But most important the water is still warm☝🏻and snorkeling is always fun🐠💦😁

6 January 2018

Hai Lombok💦☀️🌴This island is so wonderful! We just got her a few days ago but already felt in love with this beauty.. its still so original and green! People always smile at you, all of them are so kind and hearty and children’s are just the sweetest ever here👶🏾💛 Here is such much to do but probably the island is most famous for his waves and surfing🌊🏄🏻‍♂️☀️ We already took some lessons and try to practice a little bit more by ourselves- it isn’t that easy but anyways its a lot of fun! Like people use to say here »Never try never know«😁

3 January 2018

We spent the first days of the new year in Indonesia- what a beautiful beginning of 2018🙌 Right now we‘re in Uluwatu, a part of Bali where it’s still not so crowded. Here are so many nice restaurants that you can hardly decide where to go first. It’s definitely vegetarian heaven😁 The last days we explored some hidden beaches and enjoyed the sunset at a really cool spot 🌅🌊🏄🏻‍♂️ Yesterday we visited the famous Uluwatu temple but honestly the real attraction were the monkeys hanging around the area🐒

14 December 2017

‼️NOTHING‼️ This is a different kind of post. As we’re traveling in Myanmar right now, we’re also close to the crime against the Rohingya community- hundreds and thousands of people fleeing out of this country to escape death and tough violence! There are so many families and especially innocent children which have lost their homes and are suffering violence and hunger right in this moment! They have nothing, but maybe hope for their situation to get a little better. Save The Children is one of the NGO’s who is there to help this people in need. Please take 5 minutes of your day to donate, every contribution is making a huge difference! Even if you just share this post! You can follow this link to help: Wishing you all a joyful December with family and friends around🙌💛👫

13 December 2017

Inle Lake🛶💦☀️🌱 you will find some traditional fisherman’s around the core lake, woman weaving beautiful scarves made of lotus and silk and plenty of silver and gold smith‘s, hammering traditional jewelry. We also got a little inside of some lake villages- the locals are so sweet around here and give you such a warm welcome💛

10 December 2017

Bagan🙌 an ancient city, where you can find more than 4000 buddhist temples back from the 11th century! Today we did some temple climbing and enjoyed the sunset on one of them☺️Such a wonderful piece of earth 🌿🙏🏽✨

8 December 2017

After missing our flight and losing a cellphone, we’re on the road again🙈✌️🌏👫💨 Mingalaba Myanmar! This country is just indescribable.. so unique and beautiful in his own special way🙌 Somehow you got the feeling that time stands still here- It seems to be so untouched and very traditional! Right now we are in Yangon, the biggest city and former capital of Myanmar. We visited the stunning Shwedagon Pagoda🇲🇲✨and just got with the flow of the city- kind of chaotic and really HOT over here, although it’s meant to be cold season🤣

22 November 2017

Yesterday we paddled to a small wonderful island! Soft sand, clear water and no civilization- just pure nature🏝🙌🏼 We enjoyed the day with snorkeling and hanging around the beach☀️👙🌴

16 November 2017

Koh Mak👉🏼🌏 a small island, still really native and calm. At several corners you find some dogs or cats hanging around. Doing sports, eating delicious fruits and drinking coconuts falling from the palms. During the nights we met lots of toads, bads and scorpions crossing the streets. Yess, it can be scary sometimes🐸🦇🦂 But every day is a little adventure🙌🏼🌅

10 November 2017

The last days we explored the wonderful island more and more and had some relaxed beach days, discovered some really nice pristine beaches👙🐬☀️ But nothing lasts forever👉🏼so tomorrow we will continue our journey and will head to another island, beautiful Koh Mak is waiting for us to come!🙏🏼

6 November 2017

Out of the city! By local transport we travelled to the east coast of Thailand, near to Cambodia. The trip lasted about 10 hours and was quite exhausting- but it’s worth it!!🚎💨🎒🛳 Welcome to this magical place on earth- Koh Kood☀️🐒🌴 The island is a dream come true, feeling totally in peace and reunited with nature🙏🏼 Clear water, white sand, peaceful temple and magic waterfalls! There is no mass tourism, almost no traffic and no noice. Only thing you hear and see at night are crickets chirping out of the jungle and little lights shining from the sky 🙌🏼💕✨

5 November 2017

Yesterday we went to the legendary Khao San Road- packed with tourists, restaurants, bars and lots of stuff to buy! Today we got inspired by the Chatuchak Weekend Market in the North of Bangkok, full of colorful decoration, clothes and typical thai street food 🌽🍉🍜 Bangkok is amazing, but a really fast moving city 🏙🏍💨

3 November 2017

Finally we got thai-ground under our feet- Hellooo Bangkok! 🌴🌆☀️After a few hours of sleeping we went out to get our first impressions of the city! In the evening we visited the tradional Loy Krathong light festival and bought some flowers for good karma🌷🌿🙌🏼🙏🏼