North America · 14 Days · 28 Moments · June 2016

Kati's trip to Canada

6 July 2016

A quick stop at pikes market. So many people seriously why the stroller?!!! I bought a hair thingy and donuts. Stoped for a chocolate martini on the way to the airport. What a great vacation!

5 July 2016

Seattle! We picked up Vietnamese sandwiches to take on the train. The trip wasn't nearly as pretty or interesting as I had hoped. Home tomorrow night

4 July 2016

Vacation wind down, but not without a Korean lunch special (14 dishes!) to atone we walked a total of 7 miles, down to Gastown and back. Ramen and bubble tea for dinner.

3 July 2016

Eating our way through Vancouver. Took a water taxi to Granville Island where we were overwhelmed by the choices. Ended up with fresh blueberries and strawberries, fried squid, mango boba, blueberry tart, butter crunch donut. A little gift shopping. Drinks on the Patio and authentic real Japanese dishes at Guu. (Kimchi udon, tepanyaki, beef, scallops shashimi, and fried oysters)

2 July 2016

Took the ferry over with minutes to spare. Staying in Vancouver (no sketchy hotel this time!) Korean for dinner, feeling like I must be in the right place being the only white girl in the restaurant. Laduree macrons for desert. Wishing I had multiple stomachs for this city.
Amazing Race! We didn't realize that the rental car had to be returned to where we started. An extra 100 miles, a bus ride and 6 hours later we are back on track. Always read carefully!

1 July 2016

Canada Day birthday cake and wine tastings in the valley

30 June 2016

Staying on the East side of the island. Fish and chips, pimms cup, and a lovely evening on the docks

29 June 2016

A slow start to the morning. Then a water taxi to an island with 1500 year old cedar tree.

28 June 2016

A mile hike through the woods to Hotsprings Cove.
We saw a grey whale (despite the picture) we saw sea otters (despite the picture) and sea lions. It was a great day!
Seafood Chowder and a boat ride
Sunset before my phone died and morning coffee on the deck

27 June 2016

Chesterman Beach
Goats on the roof of a grocery store. More bread, sausage rolls, smoked salmon and ice cream . Then a pit stop at a winery for a little tasting

26 June 2016

And a little secret waterfall.
A picnic of smoked salmon, bread, and cherries on China Beach

25 June 2016

The Butchart Gardens were splendid!
High Tea at the Butchart Gardens.

24 June 2016

We watched the boats and sea planes come in by the water and had fresh oysters for dinner
We stopped for poutine and oysters. Then went out for a drive around the neighborhoods and stopped on the water.
We took the Victoria Clipper for a scenic ride up the coast and into Victoria. (It's much bigger and busier than I remember it being)

23 June 2016

We visited Patty at her house and toured the area. We ate a late lunch of fish and chips and clams. Then back on the ferry
The ferry to Bainbridge Island. A little chilly and windy but it's a beautiful day
Top Pot Donuts for breakfast and an Ovaltine Latte!

22 June 2016

We then drove north and ate at Rock Creek Seafood and Spirts. We ordered mussels bruschetta, clams in broth, grilled octopus and baked oysters and bacon. It was all amazing.
The flight was so quick! For the past few years any air travel I have taken has been hours and hours, with layovers and overnight flights. This flight seemed so short in comparison. We arrived at the airport and were picked up by Insoon's Godmother; Cherry. She drove us through the city and to her apartment in Capital Hill. (Swipe to see the map)
After a short rest and a snack we headed off to visit the Space Needle. I've been to the top on my previous trip, and to no ones surprise, I'm still not fond of heights.