Europe, Australia and Oceania · 274 Days · 15 Moments · January 2016

Australia.New Zealand.Asia☀️✈️

29 October 2016

Been working as a nanny since I finished travelling the East Coast. But back at my aunts and went to Derby Day Races in Melbourne 🐎🐎

30 August 2016

Syndey!!! Absolute love it here but it is quite expensive so being a traveller on a budget we didn't stay here too long but we did everything we wanted to do. The Blue Mountains was really cool, its a big trek but totally worth it. We also went to the famous Bondi beach just for a day, it was super busy! We went to Manley on the ferry too and that was a really pretty beach.

27 August 2016

Coffs Harbour and the famous Big Banana 🍌

22 August 2016

BYRON BAY!!! Honestly could not recommend The Arts Factory Lodge more!! We slept in a Teepee ⛺️ and met some really cool people. The beaches were so nice and we also went to NimBin which was really fun but unfortunately I didn't take any photos of that so you'll have to enjoy the photos of Byron!

19 August 2016

We had a huge night out in Surfers Paradise and my favourite place was a nightclub called 'The Bedroom' they had a personal hair stylist in the toilet that was straightening/curling your hair for free 💆🏽 plus we met the owner in another bar so he got us VIP and we got free drinks all night!!

8 August 2016

Fraser Island / Whitsundays 😍😍😍 MAGICAL Would highly recommend both! We did a tour with Pippies for Fraser Island which was so good, we had such a good tour guide and met so many cool people. And for Whitsundays we did a tour tour on a speed boat! Both tours we made great friends but the Fraser Island tour we have definitely made friends for life. Honestly both a must see in Australia!!

4 August 2016

JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE!!! Seriously recommend Airlie Beach, one of my favourite places in Australia. Chloe and I decided to do our sky dive here because we loved the area so much and had been super keen to do it along the east coast! Plus we got a really good deal and wanted to dive over the whitsunday islands!!

1 August 2016

We were only in New Zealand for 12 days and then flew to Cairns to start the East Coat down to Sydney. Absolutely loved snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef (plus we found Nemo!!!)

22 July 2016

Auckland - Rotorua - Wellington - Picton - Christchurch

13 July 2016

YAY so after coming to Australia on my own and getting myself a job etc I got in contact with a girl on facebook. Turns out she was from the same town as me back home and was in Australia! A few weeks later and we were all booked to travel New Zealand and East Coast together. She arrived in Melbourne and came to stay with my at my aunts for a few days so we could do part of the Great Ocean Road and visit the famous surf beaches before flying to NZ.

8 March 2016

St Kilda beach is my favourite part about Melbourne!! & crown casino but my bank card hates me going there haha.

12 February 2016

Wildlife park!!!

5 February 2016

Went to my aunty and uncle's beach house with my cousins for a few days! Absolutely beautiful.

1 February 2016

Super lucky to be staying in this amazing house with my aunty and uncle!! This will be my main base while I travel and work in Australia.

30 January 2016

Left home and arrived in Melbourne 24 hours later!!