United Kingdom · 6 Days · 11 Moments · November 2017

Katie's journi to United Kingdom

6 December 2017

My Hairy Coo encounter! What a perfect last day in Scotland. These hipster cows are so cool! I was able to pet Fiona. She nudged me with her horn but I think it was to tell me to pet her again.
On today’s tour, we explored several places at the beginning of the Highlands. First stop was Luss, a small scenic town. Then we met the Hairy Coo & stopped for photos along the way to Calendar. We had lunch here with the other people on our bus. Very nice! Next we stopped at Duane Castle where they filmed all the Monty Python movies and even the pilot of Game of Thrones - very neat castle! Our final stop was Sterling Castle. This place was packed with history & info. It played a large roll in the Wars of Scottish Independence which are scene in Braveheart. Note - people here don’t like Braveheart.

5 December 2017

After the castle we headed to a small town in Lake District called Keswick for lunch. Adorable little place! Then up the hills to the Castlerigg Stone Circle with more breathtaking views, sheep, and a whole lot of wind! Only spent a short time there as we wanted to get to the waterfall nearby. Another 20 minutes and we were there. A 65 foot waterfall tucked away in a beautiful wooded area surrounded by lakes. The only think more remarkable is the love of red squirrels people have here! They’re obsessed. Photos, sculptures, and facts about squirrels everywhere. They hate the greys, tho.
Today we rented a whip and scooted our of Glasgow to the Lake District in England. About a 2 hour wasn’t bad at all. First stop was Lowther Castle. The castle and ruins were awesome and matched by the grounds and gardens! We spent about 2 hours roaming the area. Views out of this world! And a cool castle playground back in the woods.

4 December 2017

Glasgow sites for the day. Did the hop on hop off with mom. The Tall Ship was definitely one of the best things we saw. For dessert we hit up Black Vanilla - a spot Shmev & H showed us. There was a hippo in my shake!

2 December 2017

Every day is a Potter filled day in Edinburgh! JK wrote the first book at The Elephant House, the walls now coated in quotes and notes. Victoria street was the inspiration for Diagon Alley. Tom Riddell was a real name in the Greenfriars Cemetery. And nearly every castle makes me think of Hogwarts. What a magical place!
All the way up! The top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

1 December 2017

Kicking off the weekend in Edinburgh! From Greenfriar’s Bobby to the Christmas Markets, it was a fantastic Friday night. The Castle at night is beautiful!
This morning mom and I bounced around the neighborhood. We saw a great sunny sky from Alexandra Park! A little spot called The Snug. A mini casino. And stopped by the Tennant Brewery.

30 November 2017

Day one in Glasgow! Went to the Glasgow Necropolis, St. George’s Square, an old church turned pub, and saw the Duke of Wellington!
Third and final flight to Glasgow!