Austria, Czech Republic · 9 Days · 4 Moments · April 2017

Katie's journi to Austria

23 April 2017

Berlin: Hotel - Arcotel John F Berlin Walking the surrounding neighborhoo. At dinner had jimmy dean sausage and cabbage/sauerkraut for dinner. Lol. Fat Tire Bike Tour next day was fabulous. Saw quite a bit of the city. And at night walked to a hipster hood for Raman great local rest. Sunday walked and saw the sights. Ran into Mags at the bunker. What r the odds outta 3.5 mil people. Ha. Walked to dinner a burger joint that had pour your own beer taps at the table. Ohhlala. Died and went to heaven. At least til the bill came. Lol Rented bikes on Mon. and went to the Tiergartens a Hugh park. Los of history here and there. Saw the book burning site. Went to Reichstag museuem and walked the dome. Great 360 degree views. Hotel - Room lamps in the shape of dresses and there were rocking chairs and mod bed frames - said a Jackie O thing. Kinda cool. Had a great time. Doesn't feel like we've been gone two weeks. A lot of togetherness for us. And we still like each other 🙃

20 April 2017

Sad to leave Prague. We ubered everywhere so awesome. What an amazing time! The four of us took a train to Dresden. Beautiful country. Mostly everything has been rebuilt after being carpet bombed. It's amazing how and the time / materials it took to build these structures. We stayed in a fabulous location!! We walked right out to the town square. Everything was w in walking distance. Had pasta one night walked the town square w mostly info on Martin Luther. They have the biggest porcelain mural of all the rulers of the city. Quite extensive. More churches and then walked bridges to neighboring areas whr the locals live. Walked stairs inside a church to the city look out tower to view the city. I'm afraid of heights so a lil scary for me. We found Pho one night - yum. So weird we haven't seen any houses in the past three cities. It's all attached building/high rises. Our feet hurt. My Fitbit is tired - holy shit. Our shoes r worn out. Walking/Walking!!!! Berlin or Bust!

17 April 2017

Train into Prague. Checked into the House st the Bog Boot. Mags took us to Lockal for beers and Czech food and Went across the St Charles Bridge. Oh the sea of people. Tons of tourists no one is from America. Europeans galore. Lil hidden gems everywhere. Went to the John Lennon Wall. For Easter we went to a Catholic Church called St Thomas it's nothing we have experienced ever. The church was beautiful - had saints that we mummified in two cases. What? Saint Agnes and the other idk. Breakfast at the bnb is really good. Walked to wenseslas square whr it had an astromical clock. So cool and the guy who created it 1000s of years ago was a genius and had such foresite into the future u just can't even understand it. The landscape here is just interesting. All the apts r build on top of each other and connect thru out the city. The Prague Castle is in the back ground and a prominent Sight which is so spectacular. The beauty of the city is something else. It's my new favorite city. Lol

14 April 2017

We arrived in Vienna on Wed. and right away we started walking around. We saw the most spectacular churchs all within such close proximity to each other. Mostly catholic, which is unusual. We ate German sausage and potatoes for dinner. Lots and lots of schnitzels at almost every restaurant. Got some ice cream and went back to outlet room just in awe of the city. We had been up for longer than 24 hours and super tired. We heard a knock on the door and thinking we were in trouble cause of Pauls snoring, scared and tired I open it warily and who is standing there? Mags! I'm thinking what? How can this be? What's going on. I planned out the trip(with Kathys help) and I'm pretty sure I didn't know this was happening. We were so happy to see Maggie and she said she took the 4 hour train ride after class that afternoon. Whew! We talked for a bit and I fell fast asleep.In the morning we had breakfast and went sighseeing all through the city. We saw the Parliments, & more churches.