Australia · 95 Days · 80 Moments · November 2018


8 February 2019

Remember to follow my other journey for New zealand! Silly that you have to follow each one though! Xx

2 February 2019

Day 89 - part 2! So we checked in our bags, with 300g or so to spare for our weight limit! The first of many rude employees at the airport. I just think, if your job is that boring why not spice it up a bit with a smile and small talk?! Must be so miserable being moody and rude all day!! Grr. Anyway, off we went through security, oh no, we didn't. Of course we got stopped for the random drug swab. That was a good 10 mins of our time taken! Then Ross' bag was searched, and we got to the gate and you guessed it - flight was delayed! Ever so slightly, nobody boarded at the time they first said they would. The worst bit of the day was whilst we were waiting for the flight, Ross made a discovery! In our haste back at check in, those flights we had booked weren't for the 19th March but the 19th Feb!! That clashes badly with our plans for the next month. We basically can't leave then! We blame the rude lady making us stressed!! Fingers crossed we can change them!
Day 88 To New Zealand we go!!! And very early I must add! We were up at 4:45am, poor guys in our hostel room probably weren't impressed! The downfall to staying in a shared room is trying to sort your stuff out in the dark... When we went up to bed to sort our bags, at maybe 10pm ish the lights were already out! Thank goodness for phone lights eh! We scooped up our bags and left the room at 5am, got a taxi to the airport and there began our series of unfortunate events! Today wasn't our day! Firstly, and the biggest issue today, was that we weren't allowed to check in our bags as we didn't pass the visa requirements to be able to enter NZ. We had woken up by this point! We didn't realise that to get into NZ we needed a flight leaving the country. So there we were at 5am, googling flights to various places! We hadn't decided our route by then, so we decided to book a flight to Sydney. From there we can go to most places in Asia. Right sorted, let us on the plane!

1 February 2019

Day 87 Our last day in Australia!!! How has that come around so quickly?! 87 days here, what a fabulous time we have had. But looking forward to our next adventure! Today we left our Airbnb and went to a YHA hostel for our final night here. It's a bit closer to the airport and we are up early tomorrow! We again found a coffee spot with wifi and I started planning our route around Asia. Lots of exciting things to come! We did a quick tour around the Old Treasury Museum before it closed, quite interesting learning more about the gold rush and how Melbourne came about. We then went to explore chapel street, we've heard there's a few nice bars there and $6 pizza!! On our way we saw a little promotion stall giving out free beer - so of course we grabbed one before we kept going! The pizza place was cool, and the $6 pizza didn't disappoint! It was nice to have a cheap end to what has been a rather expensive 3 months!

31 January 2019

Day 86 Not much to say today! We've had a few days of not doing too much (i.e saving money!) And instead staying in, sorting through bits. Today I packed my stuff up ready for New Zealand on the weekend. I threw away a few things I haven't worn much/don't need to make room for warmer clothes I'll be buying in New Zealand! I did go and get my toe nails done though, got to treat yourself every now and then 😁 We also took a walk around the lake near where we're staying. It's really pretty and gave us some great views!

30 January 2019

Day 85 Another beach day! Today we went past Elwood to Brighton Beach. We couldn't come all this way and not experience an Aussie version of Brighton! It wasn't quite the same vibe but the beach was lovely. The beach huts made it special, so many bright colours and cool designs. The water here wasn't as nice, lots of seaweed around and very shallow water! It did have a stunning view of the city in the distance which made up for it! We had a few hours chill time, I finished my 5th Harry Potter book - going to have a break from it now as I have a list of other books I want to read too! 😊 This evening we went to the weekly night market. It was so good! We went with friends that we made on the walking tour earlier in the week. There was so many stalls and some amazing buskers playing. Not to mention a great view of the city and it all ended with a thunderstorm with massive lightning bolts!!

29 January 2019

Day 84 Beach day! Time to venture further out, today we went to Elwood Beach. It's a lot quieter here and a nicer beach than St Kilda. The water is so clear too!! It was a hot day today, but also windy - I sadly lost my beach pillow... it was a sad moment! I searched the beach but didn't see any thief resting their head on it! For dinner tonight we went out to a Greek restaurant recommended by our friend. It was amazing!! Called the Stalactites, and you get such a feast!

28 January 2019

Day 83 Another day exploring Melbourne. We had a bit of stuff to organise so went to the city library and took a few hours to research our next plans and flights etc. The library building is really pretty, clearly very old! After we headed to all the other street art places that we missed yesterday. I'm glad we did - we saw even more amazing art!

27 January 2019

Day 82 Today we went and explored Melbourne properly for the first time. We haven't seen much of it yet as we went on a roadtrip with Emily. We joined a free walking tour today, highly recommend if anyone is going to a city anywhere in the world! They're called walks 101, and are free - you must tip the guide however much you want at the end. We learnt so much about Melbourne, how it started, what all the buildings are, all about the Gold rush in the 19th century that bought thousands of people here. We went to an old prison, to an old shopping arcade and to a great coffee spot!It was really interesting, not only that but our guide took us to all the amazing street art around the city. Melbourne is big for coffee and street art, both are incredible! The city is quite modern, and has some abstract type buildings around, it gives it quite a cool feel. After our tour we kept exploring ourselves, went round the shops and just generally wandered around! Was a great touristy day 😊

26 January 2019

Day 81 Australia Day! 🇦🇺 Not that we have much to celebrate or know how you're supposed to celebrate! We decided to find out so after a day on the beach, we went to the Docklands to see an event that was going on. It was like a big market with stalls and a stage. Also a random stall with a koala and a big lizard, every one just queued up for a picture - we felt so sorry for the koala! Its so mean, being passed around in a noisy, busy place. So we swiftly moved on from there in search of beer and food! We struggled to find any, we were hoping for some street food but there was only paella for $14! We settled on beer now, food later 😂 We waited for the fireworks and in the mean time had a beautiful sunset. It was so colourful! We thought the sunset would be better than the fireworks but we were pleasantly surprised! They weren't just your local 5th November fireworks, it was actually a pretty good display! Felt like new years all over again, and that feels like a long time ago! 😊

25 January 2019

Day 80 Today was another scorcher in Melbourne. Apparently it was up to 42 degrees! We were in the comfort of a coffee shops aircon so escaped for the most part. Here I sorted through our photos and videos, and started to put together a video of our time in Australia. In the afternoon we braved it and went to the beach. It was a lot cooler by 4pm and according to the news the temperature jumped from 42 to 28 in a matter of hours! The breeze went from a hairdryer to a cool sea breeze - was lovely 😂 St Kilda beach has nothing on any of the other beaches we have visited. It was kind of like a British beach, with darker sand and a fair bit of rubbish about!

24 January 2019

Day 79 Today we said goodbye to Emily, she was up early for her flight to her aunties near Canberra. Ross and I then left the hostel and headed to our Airbnb in St Kilda. Today was very hot!! And we decided to go to the Australian Open. Maybe not our best move! 😂 It was a really good day though, we got ground passes but luckily this included the Margaret Arena which is indoor. So aircon was our saviour here! It was great tennis too, we saw the men’s wheelchair doubles final. It’s amazing how much power they have and how they move around the court so quickly. We supported the Brit who was playing with an American. They played 2 Aussies so we were in the minority! We then headed outside to watch Nadal. It was 7pm so we thought it would be cooler.. no it was still 38 degrees!! When we left at 9pm it was 35 degrees. The hottest we have probably been! I think it beat the heat in Cairns! I definitely felt a bit rough by the time we left, heat stroke was upon me!

23 January 2019

Day 78 Today we headed back to Melbourne. Thanks to Ross for doing most of the driving! He likes it anyway so it wasn’t too much of a chore for him ☺️We headed into the city to the YHA hostel we were staying at for the night. Ross dropped the car off as Emily and I took all the bags up to the room. The room was on the 4th floor, thank god for the lift!! Emily and I then went to the rooftop and did some sunbathing before our evening out. This evening we went to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and watched Mumford and Sons. It’s in a really cool location with the city as a backdrop. They were really good and we all had a nice time ☺️

22 January 2019

Day 77 Our evening at the twelve apostles for sunset. BEAUTIFUL ❤️
Day 77 Our last full day on the great ocean road. And the best day because the sun is shining! ☀️☺️ Today we headed for the great Otway national park. Here we did the treetop walk which was like 40m up, I’m not the best with heights but I managed it! We then went to the famous twelve apostles. Well it isn’t 12 at all, it was 9 but now it’s 8 after one collapsed! It really is a beautiful viewpoint though, despite the flies and the bush that smells of dog! 😂 We stayed the night in Princetown, a ‘town’ just up the road from the apostles. It really isn’t a town though as it only has a campsite, hostel, bar and a shop!! We had dinner and then went back to the apostles for sunset - it was stunning!! And this time I was prepared for the flies.. covered in repellent, YES!

21 January 2019

Day 76 I ran out of writing space so have done another post! Forgot to mention all the Koalas we saw today!!! There’s a trail that you can drive up near to Lorne that has an abundance of Gum trees. So we managed to spot 10 koalas! Most were really high up (hence the bad photos) but one was just hanging over the road! They were so cute, and fascinating to see how they balance on the thinnest branches and sleep for about 20 hours a day!
Day 76 Our first day on the Great Ocean Road! The trip I’ve been looking forward to, I’ve heard great things! We set off early as we’re only doing 2 days 2 nights here, it is possible but people often recommend 5 days. Today we drove a few hours to the Split Point Lighthouse. It was a really pretty stop, overlooking the ocean and the road ahead. Next stop was Lorne, we stopped for lunch here and had a wander around the little beachy shops. We then headed to Apollo bay where we were staying for our first night. We ended up on the beach here even though it wasn’t that sunny! This town is the main hub which we were surprised by - it isn’t that big! They had nice cafes and little shops and Emily and Ross couldn’t resist a bargain in a sale shop! I was only thinking of my bulging bag that is currently 16kg.. it has to be 15kg for NZ! Our YHA hostel was really nice, very modern and spacious. It was quite quiet and we met a German guy who we played cards with, very relaxed Eve!

20 January 2019

Day 75 Today we picked up the hire car and headed to Wilson’s Promontory. It was a good 3 hour drive East of Melbourne, and unfortunately it was quite overcast when we got there. We visited ‘squeaky beach’, one guess why it’s called that?! Yep, the sand literally squeaks under your feet I think due to how fine the sand is. We have seen it up the East coast, usually the whiter the sand, the more it squeaks! It was really pretty and the sun did come out a little bit for us there! We then went for a bit of a walk, we got some beautiful views along the way - reminded me of the Blue Mountains!

19 January 2019

Day 74 The day Emily arrived! Today my friend Emily from home flew into Melbourne, and is staying with us for a few days. She’s here on holiday and is off to see her family here next week. She arrived super early at 6am but decided to power through - I was very impressed! We went for a very early breakfast together at 8am, we couldn’t really call that brunch! For the afternoon, we found an outdoor swimming pool to relax by, it was a lovely first day for her! In the evening we visited St Kilda and went to a cheese and wine bar that we were recommended. It was called “Milk the Cow” and it was so so good. It finished Emily off and she fell asleep on the tram home! Oh, and we saw a penguin!!! There’s a group of them that come to the end of the pier at sunset - so cute!

18 January 2019

Day 73 MCG ODI! I feel quite proud that I know what those abbreviations mean 😉 So today we visited the Melbourne Cricket Ground to see India v Australia for their 3rd ODI. Obviously Ross was buzzing for this, and I got there in the end haha. It was really fun actually, a great crowd atmosphere even though it wasn’t full capacity. We had a bit of rain to start off but luckily it stayed dry for the rest of the match. It was a good day out, we both enjoyed it ☺️

17 January 2019

Day 72 Our first day in Melbourne! We arrived late last night, and got to our Airbnb absolutely starving 😂 So we basically just got food and crashed! Today we had time to explore the city. I picked up my new sunglasses so YAY I can finally see in the distance again and no more squinting! It was really humid today, but luckily it wasn’t sunny - we would have fried otherwise! We ended up having a coffee in the city and did some catching up/planning our next moves.

15 January 2019

Day 70 Our last full day in Sydney! It’s been so nice being here for the last few weeks, the beaches here are so good! The weather has been hit and miss but we’ve still enjoyed every day☺️ We came to Bondi Beach today, the first beach we came to in our first week in Oz! The sand here is so white, I can’t wait to get my new sunglasses this week so I don’t have to squint at anything slightly reflective! Tonight we’re staying at Sarah, Berni and Jarred’s for our last night in Sydney. They’re the best hosts and as per cooked us up a yummy dinner! Next stop.. Melbourne!! 🔜👍🏼 Oh and we got a bit burnt today (again!) check out Ross’s burn - of course he’s blaming me as it’s his back that is burnt 😑

14 January 2019

Day 69 The last few days of the Sydney sun and beaches! Today we walked further along Coogee Beach and found Wylie’s Baths. Similar to Bondi Icebergs where the sea fills a natural pool that you can then swim in. It’s a nice break from the big waves on the beach! But today wasn’t a great day to swim - there were bluebottle jellyfish everywhere! These guys don’t kill you but can give you a nasty sting. Apparently it can be painful for a few hours! So we just found a clear spot, jumped in and got straight back out again. There was a real life jelly man on hand fishing out the jellies and he collected them in this bucket! Apparently their stingers can be up to 10m long🤭 And we did see one boy pick one up with tongs and drag it along behind us, everyone was telling him watch out the stinger is a good few metres long! It was a lovely day though, good sunbathing weather - we both did catch the sun a bit today! I’m impressed though, we haven’t burnt nearly as much as I thought we would! 👍?

12 January 2019

Day 67 Today it was a beautiful day, and everyone knew it! All week it had been a bit overcast but today, Saturday, it was set to be a scorcher! We met up with Berni, Sarah and Jarred - the house owners who’s dogs we looked after over Christmas. We got to know them quite well and got on really well too. They were heading to Gordon’s bay and they took us with them ☺️ It’s such a lovely bay, it’s along the Bondi to Coogee walk which is so picturesque. Instead of beach though, it has lots of rocks and we got a nice little spot by the water ☺️ It took us about an hour to find a parking spot though, it was rather stressful! After the stress of that, food was long overdue so we got a delivery to the beach 😂👌🏼 Burgers and chips by the sea - perfect! Ross bought his goggles with him and we managed to find some stingrays! Once I saw them I didn’t put my foot down again 😂 Berni said he stood on one!! I’m guessing these ones don’t sting! After the beach we went to theirs for a bbq ☺️

10 January 2019

Day 65 Another super exciting update in my life... I GOT ALL MY HAIR CUT OFF!! 🤭😀 It was a big moment, I finally felt like it was the right time to depart with my dead straggly hair, the heat made this an easy decision! It feels so much cooler with less of it 😎 The hairdresser did a great job (sorry Auntie Heather, you’re still my fave hairdresser don’t worry!) she was Irish too so we got chatting about travelling and how she has been her 15 years since coming just for travelling!

6 January 2019

Day 61 Not really a post about Australia but hey I think I’d change it up a bit! So because we’re staying with Kelsey and Ryan, even though we are giving them a bit of money for our stay I also decided to make some canvas’s for them. They haven’t been in this flat long and Kelsey wanted to get some bits to brighten it up. So me being me, and the fact that I do actually miss sitting down and making some sort of craft - I made some canvas’s for them 🤩 It was great fun.. the fact that it was also crap weather outside meant I literally sat there all day painting - the dream 😍👌🏼 So here they are! I made two colourful ones (super easy, I just put tape in crazy directions and painted in the gaps!) and one quote, it reminds Kelsey of her granddad ☺️

5 January 2019

Day 60 Our time in Coogee isn’t that interesting to document really. It’s the time we dedicated to trying to find jobs, anything to get us some extra money to find New Zealand and Asia! It hasn’t been too fruitful so far; I’ve signed up to a few babysitting websites and am looking into working some nursing shift since we get to Melbourne. I’ve been lucky and had a babysitting job today. It was in a really posh apartment block (I mean they had a concierge that let me in..) on the top floor with views of the harbour bridge. All I was thinking was you must have had amazing views of the fireworks! I asked the 5 year old if she saw them but I don’t think she quite understood what I meant! The weather hasn’t been great in the last few days, it reminds me of those days back home in the summer when no one knows what to do because the sun isn’t out!

3 January 2019

Day 58 We said goodbye to our cute dogs and cat and great friends that we made, and headed to Coogee. Here we’re staying with my friend Kelsey that I used to work with in PICU and her boyfriend Ryan. They’ve been in Sydney since April and will be here for a few years. They’ve kindly let us stay for a week or two until we go to Melbourne ☺️

1 January 2019

Day 56 It’s 2019!! It just doesn’t have as much of a ring to it as 2018 or 2020! So today was the least productive day of our trip so far 😂 The poor dogs didn’t get out until late afternoon when we felt ‘well’ enough to leave the sofa 🤪 Sign of a good night I’d say!

31 December 2018

Day 55 New Years Eve! Today was all about our big event of the year - watching the Sydney fireworks! We paid a lot for this experience, an all inclusive food/drink event and a great view of the fireworks. So we didn’t eat much before we left to make the most of it 😂 Annoyingly the weather caught up with us after it being so nice over Christmas and it rained pretty much all night 🤭 We felt sorry for the people sat outside on the grass all day waiting for midnight! Our event was inside, with amazing spreads of cheeses, meats, salads etc. It was one of those events where you can’t keep count of how much drinks you’ve had as they continuously top it up, even after 1 sip! It was dangerous, and we suffered the next day for sure! Ross seemed to play a game of lets have 3 drinks on the go and all times.. a mix of wine, beer etc. I wonder who felt worse the next day 🤪 It was great fun though, the fireworks were awesome and luckily it didn’t rain for that 👍🏼 Here’s to a great 2019!! 🤩❤

26 December 2018

Day 50 - 54 That in between Christmas and New year time.. Chrimbo Limbo was pretty fun here in Australia. There was no wet weather meaning we all stay inside finishing puzzles and playing games. Instead we went to the beach and got chucked around by the massive Coogee waves. I made G&T slushies for Boxing Day, we went to see Bohemian Rhapsody at an outdoor cinema with all the fruit bats flying overhead! It was a good few days and I think the locals were impressed with the weather for this year, it can be hit and miss due to summer being their wet season!

25 December 2018

Day 49 Merry Christmas from Australia!! Well today was super bizarre, it just didn’t feel like what Christmas is usually like! We had all of 2 presents each to open 😂 and actually we never wrapped them up so we didn’t actually ‘open’ them! Thank god for mum posting us some gifts to unwrap, it felt a lot more festive then! We had smoked salmon for breakie with our champers, then got ready and went to the beach! It was a beautiful day, and of course the beach was packed. Seeing everyone in their Santa hats and red bikinis was funny, we even listened to Christmas songs whilst sunbathing 😂 It’s just bizarre! Once back home we had another bbq haha, and watched some Christmassy films! I also FaceTimed the family back home, saw them all unwrap their pressies and caught a photo of us with our Christmas hats on! ☺️

24 December 2018

Day 48 Christmas Eve!! A Christmas Eve like no other, we were out in the sun have a bbq!! Serena, Rose and Becca came round and we had some food and went out for drinks. We wore out festive attire all day and even went for a dip in the sea when it hit midnight! 🤩🌊

23 December 2018

Day 47 Exploring more of Sydney that we didn’t visit in November. We took the e bikes to Surry Hills today. They’re great, like boris bikes but with power! So much easier especially when it’s hot! 😄 We walked around the little vintage shops in Surry Hills, it has a Brighton/Shoreditch kind of vibe. We then stopped for a pint, actually a schooner and it was too expensive! Australia prefer schooners to pints, they’re only about 300mls - so better for me but Ross feels hard done by! 😂

21 December 2018

Day 45 5 days til Christmas! We feel so spoilt staying here in Rosebery. Such a lovely house that Sarah and Berni have. They are so kind too, picked us up from the airport (after waiting almost 2 hours, I felt so bad - bloody delays!) and have allowed us to stay 3 days before they even go on holiday. It’s been nice to get to know them ☺️ The dogs and cat are great, Chase the jack russell/chihuahua mix, Dexter the French Bulldog and Dakotah the Boston terrier. Oh and Callie the rag doll cat! We’re gonna have a lot of fun!

19 December 2018

Day 44 Time to fly back to Sydney! ✈️ It was quite easy to say goodbye to the 40 degree heat and humidity! Although we’ll miss doing something fun everyday. Time for a rest and 2 weeks house and pet sitting in Sydney, can’t wait!

18 December 2018

Day 43 Saving the best til last... scuba diving!! Our last day on our East Coast adventure and we experienced scuba diving. We both loved it!! Such an amazing feeling floating along amongst life under water, it was magical! We got the bug straight away and paid for a second dive in the afternoon. We also got to snorkel today too, we were out all day and did 2/3 stops. We also had a great lunch on the boat too, so good! It was great weather today, makes such a difference when the sun shines down underwater. When can we do it again?!! 🤩

17 December 2018

Day 42 A major chill day today, being on the move for 6 weeks has meant days like this feel odd but so needed! We got up pretty late and headed for the lagoon. Really sunny today up to 39 degrees this afternoon, so being near water was a must! We moved from the lagoon to the hostels pool, busy day really 😉 Waiting for the shuttle bus today I could see the bats as they slept. Clearly they get pretty hot too as they were flapping their wings, the trees look alive!

16 December 2018

Beautiful sunset on our return to Cairns today 😍 The sun has got his hat back on and means business! There are lots of fruit bats in Cairns, you kind of have to run under the trees they live in so you don’t get pooped on! They’re huge, it was quite haunting watching them all fly this evening as they’re so noisy!
Day 41 Woo I’m actually up to date! So today we went into the Daintree rainforest, the oldest one in the world; 200+ million years old! 🦖After the cyclones and heavy rain recently, there have been huge mudslides. Our guide told us that in London the yearly rainfall is 600mm, but in one day alone last week 594mm fell in just 3 hours! It was rather wet! Our tour guide showed us all the cool species of bugs and wildlife around. The golden orb spider which can be as big as a dinner plate lives here, I’m glad we only saw small ones today! I did scream when I bug flew at me, highly embarrassing as everyone just tried to ignore that I’d done it! I did eat a green ant though! It was very bitter like 🍋s!We saw cape tribulation, a beach where the rainforest meets the ocean. It’s strictly forbidden to enter the water in many places due to the crocs and jelly fish. We did see 2 “salties” (saltwater crocs) on or boat cruise, was cool! We also went to a creek for a much needed swim,36 degrees toda

15 December 2018

Day 40 So today we were meant to go on a day tour of the rainforest and surrounds but due to the weather it was cancelled. It’s like being back at home! It was rubbish weather, rained most of the day so was difficult to find much to do! We had a wonder along the beach which was actually closed for swimming (again probably the weathers fault!) and ended up having a coffee at the surf life saving club. There are a lot of these all the way up the coast and often are cheaper options for lunch/dinner. After a coffee and catch up on Harry Potter we wondered to the shops again and picked up dinner for our bbq. Our room had a gas barbie on the terrace so we decided to give it a whirl. Ross did a great job and whipped up some kangaroo skewers and sausages. We first tasted kangaroo at the sanctuary the other day, it felt very bitter sweet eating it after feeding one 5 mins before!! I didn’t realise how much of a delicacy it is here. We had a great bbq though, and a rather nothing kind of day! ☺

14 December 2018

Day 39 Today we headed further north just for an hour to Port Douglas. Another small seaside town, kind of like the entrance to the Daintree rainforest. We stayed at an Airbnb but it turned out to be a holiday apartment kind of place. Really friendly people with heaps of things to borrow, like DVDs, beach towels and chairs, games etc. We went for a wonder round the shops and stumbled upon a nice coffee shop in a book shop. Was great to get inspo for my next book to read! We then came back to our room to relax. It was nice to have our own space after being in a hostel for a while. We had a tv in our room too with Netflix so we were sorted! Was fab having that again!

13 December 2018

Day 38 Today we had a day out to the rainforestation park. We actually won a ticket after a bingo game we played at a bar so we only had to pay for one more ticket - result! Here we saw lots of wallabies and kangaroos, we got to feed them and get really close ☺️ we saw the biggest saltwater crocs I’ve ever seen! Seeing them more is so surreal, they’re dinosaurs to me! We also saw an interesting Aboriginal show, where these men basically wobbled their legs and shouted for 20 mins 😂 the didgeridoo playing was cool though. We then saw them throw traditional spears which were like javelins. We next had a go at throwing a boomerang, pretty difficult doing it properly! I definitely was better than Ross though 😉👌🏼 To end the day we had a trip around the rainforest on an old World War II army duck. It was pretty cool, you could tell that it was 70+ years old, the gear box was very noisy! It went straight into the water no problem and we had a great look at all the trees, some 200 years o

12 December 2018

Day 37 After a delicate start on my behalf (maybe one too many glasses of wine the night before!) we were picked up and taken to the rainforest. Here we had a go on a swing, a swing like no other! We had harnesses on that made us lie flat facing down. We were then pulled up to maybe 30m and I had to pull the cord to let us go. I wasn’t very impressed that I had that role! Once I pulled it we were released and we literally fell from the air and eventually swung through back and forward a few times. It was terrifying to begin with (I did scream for sure!) but really really fun. We watched two young lads do a bungy jump, I really don’t know how they can just jump freely into mid air, crazy!! In the afternoon we ventured back to one of the waterfalls we saw on the way into Cairns, called Josephine falls. We took the two Canadian boys with us as they weren’t doing anything. It was like a different place, so much calmer so we could swim. We were able to slide down the fall, so much fun!!
Day 36 Today we ventured into town and had an explore. The girls made us all lunch to take, all this eating out we all do isn’t good for the budget! Cairns is a lot bigger than the other towns we’ve seen recently, it’s called a city but in our eyes it doesn’t quite live up to that name yet! Still fairly small, but there’s some nice coffee shops/bars and shops around. We also spotted a Katie’s centre!! Didn’t look that enticing but I got the picture anyway! We sat by the lagoon for a while which was nice, and bonus points for Cairns as their lagoon was cold - so refreshing! It’s very humid up here so it made for a nice afternoons entertainment.

10 December 2018

Day 35 Onwards and upwards to our final spot! Today we drove to Cairns, our last drive up the coast where we will be dropping the car off next week. We were in no rush to leave as the weather still was pants, looks rubbish for the next week! On the way up we stopped at 2 waterfalls, the flash floods there were astonishing. The force of the water was scary, it wasn’t safe to swim in and you could really see the power of water! It was still pretty to see. Later in the afternoon we checked in to Calypso hostel in Cairns, and all 5 of us were in the same room which was really nice. It’s quite a basic hostel but does have free breakie! 😃 We spent the evening playing monopoly deal and listening to the rainstorms!

9 December 2018

Day 34 Today we took a short ferry across from Townsville to Magnetic Island. We faced the rubbish weather and like true Brits we went anyway 😃 It made for a very quiet trip as nobody else seemed to venture there in the rain! The island is only 12km long so you can drive around it pretty quickly. We hired a 4x4 as a lot of it is dirt tracks and big pot holes. There were some lovely little beaches and pretty lookouts. Also a strange occurrence of a piano on the beach!

8 December 2018

Day 33 (Happy birthday mum!) We left Airlie Beach today with our 3 friends in tow. This time driving to Townsville in the rain - of course! It was I think the worst rain I’ve seen in a long time! I’m glad I didn’t drive, you couldn’t see a thing! It took us about 3 hours, our last long drive up the coast. Townsville wasn’t exactly busy, quite quiet. It seems like most places the further north you go, the quieter they are. We checked into a really nice hostel with a bar area that was pretty cool. But due to the crap rain we decided to go bowling, the girls came along with us - Serena, Rose and Becca. They like to wind Ross us as he’s 3 years older than them so they call him Dad 😂 It was a fun afternoon, we went back and cooked bangers and mash together for dinner. A bit of home comforts for us all!

7 December 2018

Day 32 Another day in Airlie Beach, but this time battling the weather! Everyone at home wouldn’t be so jealous of the weather here today, it was horrible! Still muggy but very wet. The heaviest downpour as we went to the shop, I was soaked just from walking from the car to the shop! We ended up just filling our time with a book in a coffee shop and planning/booking our next few days. We tend to just book the next hoste/Airbnb a day or 2 in advance. It gives us room to change plans especially if the weather changes!

6 December 2018

Day 31 Our last day out at sea. Today we had one last snorkel before heading back to land. The cyclone weather was starting to come in so visibility wasn’t amazing. But it was still great to see all the different types of coral. We got quite close as it was low tide. Saw lots of anemone where Nemo lives and also a sea slug. We then had the few hour trip back to the marina, there were a lot of big waves so we all felt a little rough by the time we got back! Afterwards we checked into the hostel we were in before, Base hostel Airlie Beach. It was really big, but typically when we arrived the water wasn’t working so we couldn’t have a much needed shower! Due to this though we got upgraded to a private room, was luxury to us! Worth it for the bad weather that was beginning to set in!

5 December 2018

Day 30 Second day in the Whitsundays. Today was amazing, we started early at 6:30am, to heavy footsteps on deck to wake us all up! We got the speedboat out to the beach, where we then walked round to Whitehaven beach. The infamous pretty beach/bay here with its white sand and blue water. The sand is 98% silica so very fine, and it reflects the sun so you don’t get hot feet! It was incredible, great view and we saw lemon sharks and stingrays. In the afternoon we snorkelled again, this time at mantaray bay where the skipper fed the fish, it was incredible! The fish were all around us in front of our faces. Even the big ones came up too! The local big fish called George, a 7 year old maori wrasse is seen everytime by the crew and it quite a popular fish! We got some great shots with him. In the eve again we had a great dinner and also some rain, we made for some great storms! Quite cool watching them from a distance. Another great day at sea.

4 December 2018

Day 29 Whitsundays boat tour! Today we left the marina on a fairly big boat with Wings, a family run boating company. It held 30 people, and we slept in a little dorm like room. A very cosy room with little space, but seems a lot better than other boats we’ve heard of - our friends slept on the deck under a tent! It was really sunny today and a 3 hour cruise along to the islands. It was stunning, lovely blue water and green islands all around. We definitely were in a sun trap today so made sure to smother ourselves in cream! In the afternoon was our first of many snorkel stops. We donned our stinger suits and jumped in. The reef was really beautiful and we saw lots of fish, but no where near as good as our first snorkel trip back in Byron! We chilled with a beer on deck for the eve, and had a lovely dinner cooked by the team, the food on board was beyond what we expected! The sunset was really pretty. We met some lovely people, all British; we seem to always gravitate towards Brits!

3 December 2018

Day 28 Today we had a chill day to explore Airlie Beach before our boat tour. It was a very, very hot day, sweating as soon as you step outside! We decided to go and seek water and sat by the lagoon on the seafront. A lot of coastal towns/cities along the East coast have the public swimming pools which are great. The only thing with this one was that it wasn’t actually cold and refreshing.. more like stepping in a Luke warm bath! It must just get heated up by the sun all day. We had a wonder round the shops and went back to our Airbnb and to cook dinner.

2 December 2018

Day 27 Today we did the last long drive, about 5 hours to Airlie Beach. We stayed in an Airbnb here for 2 nights. It was really nice, very modern house and had a lovely pool with a great view. We needed a dip straight away, the temp here was so much higher than anywhere before. I think it’s the humidity as you go further North. The Airbnb host said it had been 45 degrees the week before!! We just had a chilled evening, Ross cooked us some dinner and we fought off the lizards and bugs as we ate outside!

1 December 2018

Day 26 Our longest drive yet! Today we drove from Noosa up to Rockhampton, via 1770. The three girls that we met (Serena, Rose and Becca) were going the same way as us but on the greyhound bus. There journey was meant to be 9 hours but the actual drive is only 5 hours so we did a road trip altogether. It was quite fun, we dropped them off in Agnes water/1770 where they were staying and had a coffee and cake. It was Rose’s birthday today - poor girl sat in the car asleep most of the time! We found some cute puppies at the service station - we think they were being collected by their new owners today! We drove through some of the bushfire, it was really eery to see. Smoke everywhere and we even saw little fires on the side of the road. The biggest group of fires in Queensland’s history according to the cafe lady!

30 November 2018

Day 25 Our last day on the island but still time for more sightseeing. First up we all got up at 4am to watch the sunrise - an amazing experience on the island. Unlucky for us though we didn’t see any dingos, usually you see them at dawn but no such luck. We didn’t see any on our trip at all, quite gutting really! They really hype up the danger of them, a German guy got attacked a few years ago by a pack, had his eyelid eaten and broke his collar bone etc. So quite vicious! Anyway today we went to a freshwater lake called Lake Wabby. It was a good 30 min walk mostly shady thank goodness, the last bit walking across sand dunes. It was really beautiful, and so refreshing to jump in after a rather sweaty walk! We bought the trusty beachball which seemed to go everywhere we us 😅 Back on Australian mainland we went back to the Nomads hostel and had a end of trip party, even our tour guide Dan came. Such a nice guy, he really made our trip. It was a fantastic few days, our best yet.

29 November 2018

Day 24 Our second day on the island and again we were up early, left by 7:30am to make the most of the day. We had another long drive and each of us took it in turns to have a drive. There were a few hairy moments had by all, Ross got us buried in the sand, I swerved a bit too much and almost went up the bank and another girl who hadn’t driven in 5 years (basically passed her test and never drove again!) had a few sticky moments with the clutch - we were all hanging on for dear life! 😂 Today we went to a good few spots, first up Maheno shipwreck. A steam liner that sunk in 1935 and washed up on the island, made for some great pictures! Next up a viewing point called Indian Head. After burning our feet on the boiling hot sand (even with sandals on I was still darting to all the shady bits) we made it to the top, even saw dolphins! Then we went to champagne rock pools and Eli creek. This was great, almost like a lazy river! Back at the camp, car 2 was cooking for 60 tonight!

28 November 2018

Day 23 Fraser Island! Today we were up early, had to be ready for 7am to meet our tour guide and get the coach to rainbow beach. It was a warm day even at 7am! Once at the beach we were separated into 4 cars. We were in car 2 with a nice bunch of people, 4 British, 1 Dutsch and 1 Finnish guy. Ross drove first, we went to the beach to get the ferry. This was nothing like Dover that’s for sure, after a bit of a wait a small boat turned up and we drove on. Our first day on the island was a long drive up the beach, amazing how long and straight it was - 75 miles of pure sand! We went to the resort where we were camping, some stayed in the apartments, had some lunch and we went off to Lake McKenzie. The clearest water I’ve ever seen, like swimming in a pool! It’s fresh water too so really nice. The weather took a turn after an epic storm whilst we were having lunch, but luckily the sun did come out when we were there. A great first day on the island!

27 November 2018

Day 22 We drove into Noosa to a hostel, where we stayed the night before our trip to Fraser Island. For only $20 each we got a night either side of the trip, so we couldn’t really afford not to. It was however in a 16 bed dorm! With 1 toilet and 2 showers!! Clearly most people come here as a stopover for their Fraser Island trip. It wasn’t too bad though, had a nice pool and a bar attached. We could tell it’s a bit of a party hostel! And we did feel quite old (as we have done on a few occasions) as the security team came round each dorm to confiscate alcohol. It was like being on a school trip and the teachers coming in to check on you! The alcohol policy is so different here in Australia. In this case, even though they have a bar attached, you are only allowed to drink in the bar not in the outside area in the hostel or in the rooms. It costs a lot for a public license in hostels etc so they don’t do it. No drinking on the beaches or along the streets, only private areas or bars.

26 November 2018

Today we also stayed in a really nice Airbnb, I think this was our 6th one so far. We’ve loved all the experiences, so nice to meet friendly people. They always give us tips and advice for the area and this couple here invited us to have a beer with them after we all had a swim in their pool! It was a lovely house, with an amazing garden. It got so noisy at night, so much wildlife in their backyard!!

25 November 2018

Day 20 One of our best days so far - we went to the Zoo!! Ross and I both love a zoo or just animals in general, such big kids! Today we visited Australia Zoo, Steve Irwins home. It’s actually along a road called Steve Irwin Way ☺️ It was such good fun, we saw so many different animals, a lot we have seen before in Zoos but then also new ones like Kangaroos and Koalas. You get to go so close to them, we could feed and stroke the Kangaroos, they were so relaxed! We saw the crocodile show which Steve used to do, was great fun. It was a very very hot day, so we made use of the sprinklers watering the grass and decided to water ourselves a few times 😅 We decided against the obligatory hold a koala photo as we just found it so sad to see. There was a big queue and this poor koala was passed between people every 20 seconds, just didn’t feel right to us. Instead I got a pic with one being held by a zookeeper who knows them a lot more. (We also saves ourselves about £20 each so win win!)

24 November 2018

Day 19 Today we drove to Emmundi, a little town just North of Brisbane. Ross found a big Saturday market worth visiting so we went there for the morning. It was really good, lots of different things with great food and drink stalls too. I’m glad I haven’t got a home to kit out here as I could have easily bought lots of cute home furnishings 😄 We then kept driving into Noosa; a fairly small but picturesque seaside town. They have lots of lakes and Everglades, so today we went to one of the lakes and relaxed for the afternoon. It’s really nice being somewhere again with very few people, so peaceful! For the evening, we went to Noosa main beach which is a bit more lively, has the main shopping street which is also really good. We sat and watched the sunset there with a takeaway ☺️

23 November 2018

Day 18 Today we drove to Brisbane. Not a long drive, took us about an hour. We only stayed in Brisbane for one night so we left early to make the most of the day. We stayed in a hostel but got a private room - felt like a hotel!! We got a good feel for the city, we really liked it. It’s quite big and I think it made us feel a bit at home as it was similar to London in ways. Funny actually, we kept finding buildings and things similar to London, like the wheel they have and a few bridges. They also have a south bank which is really alike! We found some electric scooters that everyone seemed to be using, they worked similar to boris bikes in London, you just scan the barcode once you’ve downloaded the Lime app and off you go. They were actually quite fast! Was perfect for us as we needed to get around quick. We went somewhere nice for lunch, a boxpark kind of place, wondered around a museum and found a nice spot to watch be sunset. It was a really nice day! ☺️

22 November 2018

Day 17 Last day in Gold Coast, and this morning we went for a surf lesson. Was quite bizarre as we went back to NSW for it so the time changed, it jumped an hour. Must be difficult for the instructors jumping between two time zones everyday! The lesson was really good fun, completely different conditions to our first lesson in Bondi though. So many waves, which made it difficult to find the best one! Our instructor was great though, a French guy who gave us lots of pointers which helped a lot. They took some photos of us too, made me look quite good even though most of these I was about to fall off in! Was quite cool being in the sea as a thunder storm approached, it went super dark!

21 November 2018

Day 16 Today we drove into the hinterland (which I think means the area inland from the sea). Here we went to a horse riding stables and I had a hack around the creek/valley. We turned up and no one was there, definitely a remote place for riding! But the owner (can’t remember his name, whoops) turned up and said he had an ex polo playing champion for me to ride. I wasn’t expecting that! She was called sheba and was very sweet. I could tell she would have loved to have flown off with me given her 7 year polo experience! But she was very good, and we just walked down the valley. We saw lots of cows with their very new calves, they were Aberdeen Angus cows (made me immediately think of the burgers you can buy!). Once back at the stables I had a ride round the sand school on her, was nice to be riding again! Although I knew my legs would ache the next day!!

20 November 2018

Day 15 Today was our last day in Byron Bay. We rebooked our snorkelling session for today and we were glad we got to do it! It was amazing!! We saw so many different fish, felt like we were in Finding Nemo! We saw Dory fish, lots of turtles, big schools of fish and mantarays. We could just float there and watch it all happen below us! Later in the afternoon we drove up to the Gold Coast. It’s quite a built up area with big huh rise apartments/hotels. The beach is beautiful though, really big! We went out with the hostel this evening, can definitely say it’s a party hostel!

19 November 2018

Day 14 2 weeks travelling already!! That’s crazy, this is the longest I’ve been away so will see how it feels to be away longer than 2 weeks! Today we were meant to go snorkelling but it was cancelled due to weather conditions. So instead we ventured out and walked to the Lighthouse and other beaches in Byron. Was a really pretty walk along the coast, we even spotted our first wild koala asleep high up in a tree! 🐨 It was a hot day today so I kept jumping to all the shady spots 😂 The view from the lighthouse was amazing, worth the incline walk! We stopped along the way at a small beach and had a swim - took our snorkels for a spin! It was sushi night at the hostel tonight, $10 for a box of sushi, was very nice! Such a good hostel having all these cheap food options - saving where we can!

18 November 2018

Day 13 A fun day today! We went kayaking along the coast for a few hours, in the hope we’d see dolphins. No such luck for us, but of a shame really! They guarantee it so we have an excuse to go back to Byron to do it again for free! Was still fun though ☺️ In the afternoon we drove to Killen Falls, an amazing waterfall in the ‘bush’, bit of a difficult walk to get to it across big rocks etc. We also spotted a snake along the path too! Made me a bit reluctant to jump in the water but I forgot about the snake when I saw how beautiful it was 😍 We drove a bit further to Lennox Head, a sweet little coastal town that unfortunately we didn’t stay long in. We just went to the teatree lake opposite the beach, it really did smell of teatree when you walked to the little beach! It was strange how orange the water was, it made for a funny pic underwater!

17 November 2018

Day 12 Today we hired surfboards from the hostel and gave them a good spin, haha not really we didn’t catch many waves today! Our second time surfing and this time we had hard boards, we blame that for why we spent most of the time nose diving and being thrashed by waves! All good fun though, and I got myself some really good surfer burns on my face 😂👍🏼 We spent the afternoon chilling by the pool (as the sign in the hostel advised)

16 November 2018

Day 11 Byron Bay We left Coffs Harbour after a lovely breakie cooked by Jenni - bless her ☺️ And we headed to Byron Bay! A 3ish hour drive, we both shared the journey so wasn’t too bad. We arrived at our hostel - Byron Bay YHA, so nice! Really new and modern, with a great kitchen and common areas. We stayed in a 10 bed dorm - intense! All bunk beds and we were the last to arrive so Ross and I were opposite sides of the room on top bunks! The best bit though is they have curtains so it made it quite cosy ☺️ Our first day here we just explored; walked to the beach and had a drink watching the world go by. It was BBQ night at the hostel - $5 each, sweet!
Day 10 Coffs Harbour In the morning we went to the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie - so cute!! They were so sweet, and sad at the same time; a lot had been hit by cars and trains! We then drove up the coast some more to Coffs Harbour. A nice little town about 2 hours from Port Macquarie. We stayed in a really nice Airbnb with a friendly family. It was a converted garage room with everything we needed. The main plus point was the lady who owned the house, she was the sweetest lady and loved a chat! We sat on their terrace with pizza and she told us all about her travels and places we should go, was so nice! Coffs Harbour was lovely, quite quiet it had lovely beaches. We didn’t do much here really, but only stayed for a night - we wished we stayed longer at that Airbnb!

14 November 2018

Day 9 Moving up the Coast! We left the Hunter Valley and our lovely little farm house and headed to Port Macquarie. Before doing so we went for a wonder round the farm and met some friendly horses ☺️ Anyway, after a 3 hour drive we arrived in Port Macquarie a little town on the coast, with lovely little beaches. We’re staying in an Airbnb for the night, a lady’s house where we have a private room and share the rest. She’s really friendly ☺️ Today wasn’t the best of weather, quite cloudy but still warm. We went for a wander to the beach and sat and read our books listening to the sound of the waves 😎 We actually cooked dinner tonight, how exciting! I haven’t cooked in so long! Was lovely to have some proper vege, we made a chicken and vege curry ☺️ (Well I did, Ross threw some asparagus in the microwave, good job)

13 November 2018

Day 8 Wining Tasting Tour - Hunter Valley Today we drove from the Blue Mountains to the Hunter Valley, took us over 3 hours. The journey was a pretty route through the mountains with lots of interesting sharp turns! Ross enjoyed it that’s for sure! When we arrived our tour was already waiting for us! We didn’t have time to go into our farm house Airbnb just hopped straight into the minivan! We went with a tour called “two fat blokes” and true to it’s name... the guy was rather large (it’s ok he was fully aware of this and kept reminding us!) He was really good though, knew so much about the valley. We learnt that Shiraz and Semillon are the main wines they produce, also Chardonnay too. And did you know, that they used to plant rose bushes in front of the vines so they could monitor for mould, if the Rose bush grew mould, it was time to treat! We thoroughly enjoyed the wine and cheese ☺️ We went back to our little house for a nice glass of Semillon watching out for the Roos!

12 November 2018

Day 7 The Blue Mountains! What a day, so so beautiful here 😍 we did a big hike around, the three sisters and then along to scenic world where we got the steepest train in the world! Just so many amazing view points, almost like your eyes are tricking you as you feel like it can’t really be real! It was quite warm too, I kept trying to hide in the shade wherever we went.. not a good start to our Aussie adventure! We were good today and packed sandwiches we had made at the hostel, we’ve been treating the first few days like a holiday and have eaten out most meals! Another strenuous day though, Ross surely hasn’t been missing the gym too much yet 😉 I think we walked 11km today! Mostly up hill! We are staying in a lovely YHA hostel, so homely and cosy. Has a great kitchen to cook in and nice lounging area with sofas etc. Our first experience of staying in a dorm, we were on a bunk together, I made Ross go to top 😂 don’t trust myself! 🤭 but actually it’s been fine! Not bad at all! ☺

11 November 2018

Day 6 Today was our last day in Bondi, and it was the nicest weather we’ve had yet! Amazing blue skies all day 😍 We had a beach day, starting early at 10ish - still not over this jet lag! We met our friend James who’s in Aus for work. Had a great day on the beach and exploring a nice Sunday market ☺️ Late afternoon we headed to the airport to pick up our car, or I should really say minivan! We have 8 seats.. crazy! Will be interesting to try and park the thing! We then drove to the blue mountains where we will be staying for 2 nights. We arrived at sunset and it was so beautiful 😍👏🏼

10 November 2018

Day 5 Another sunny day in Bondi! Today we met some friends for brunch and then went to Coogee for a beer before doing the coastal walk back to Bondi. It was beautiful! Took over an hour, and we saw lots of little beaches along the way. We then went to the Bondi icebergs and sat by the pool for the afternoon, nice to be by a pool but also the sea too ☺️

9 November 2018

Day 4 Today we took the bus to Bondi Beach, where we’re staying for the weekend. It’s really pretty, the sand is so white and the beach is huge! We checked into our hostel, Noah’s Beach and everyone is really friendly. We have a beach view 😎They helped us book our first surf lesson this afternoon so we went at sat on the beach for a bit before the lesson started. I really wanted to have a lesson on Bondi beach and it lived up to expectation! The coaches were amazing and they were so hyped by the waves today saying they were the best conditions for us. Ross and I both got a few where we stood up which was so fun!

8 November 2018

Day 3 - Ross’s birthday! Jet lag was a real benefit this morning when I was wide awake at 3am - gave me the chance to blow up his balloon banner! 😄 We had a really nice day though, first day experiencing the Australian sun, even though it was only 19/20 degrees it was warm enough to sunbathe. We went to Manly for the day, a beachy nature reserve kind of area accessible by the ferry from the quay. It was cool to go past the harbour bridge and opera house on the ferry. We walked around the reserve and had some amazing views of Manly beach and the city in the background. Stopped for lunch and a really nice beach side bar/restaurant and got complementary Prosecco because it was their 10th birthday (I told Ross it was because it was his birthday 😉). We stopped a few times to lie on the beach, was nice to have a more relaxing day compared to yesterday, but still managed to walk 12km! Back in Sydney we went up the eye tower and got some pretty cool views of the city just after sunset ☺

7 November 2018

Day 2 We can’t get away from the wet weather just yet! But we’re rocking the look 👊🏼😎

6 November 2018

Day 1 First look at Sydney! We arrived in Sydney at 8pm, in a bit of a blur from the last 24 hours of travelling. We’d seen so many different sunsets/sunrises and eaten ride for every meal on both flights, that we completely lost track of the time of day. But still, when we arrived we knew for sure that we were hungry! We wondered the streets at 10pm getting hangrier by the minute, and everywhere was closed. Not a good start! Fast food was our first taste of Australia... regretfully!