United States of America · 9 Days · 11 Moments · June 2017

Katie 's adventure in Alaska, United States

28 June 2017

On our way out of Seward we went to Exit Glacier. It's crazy to think how fast the glacier is melting since it was first documented in 1815. The picture We are in We would have been standing on the glacier in 2010! We then started the 2 hour drive back to Anchorage along the Seward Hwy -- seriously the most beautiful drive! Pulled off at a few stops, went to Whittier and drove through the longest tunnel in North America! Then into Girdwood where we rode the gondola 2,300 feet up to the top of the mountain for panoramic views of the mountains and a beer on top at Seven Glaciers. Ended the night at Moose Tooth enjoying the Hard Apple ale from Broken Tooth Brewing

27 June 2017

Today we spent all day in Seward! We started off with Zip Lining through Stoney Creek Adventures. Had lunch at Gold Rush, a beer at Yukon and then shopping at Once In A Blue Moose. Us girls had to take a little cat nap while the guys fished in the secret spot for Salmon! We met up and snagged for salmon too. I caught 4, one big guy too! All the restaurants closed at 10 so it was a Safeway trip for dinner - fajitas and mozzy sticks!

26 June 2017

Today we left Homer and made the trek to Seward, which was about 3 hours. We checked into our YURT, dropped the guys off for fishing and us girls headed into town to do a little shopping. Then we had a Halibut and Steak dinner at Thorns and back to the yurt for games!

25 June 2017

Halibut fishing today with North Country charters, on the Pacific Sun. Let's just say I spent a lot of the time with my head over board 🤣 there were the largest tide differences in 50 years today, a differednce of 28 feet. We caught our limit but it wasn't looking good right away! I caught the last & largest fish - they guessed about 40lbs butt we caught our limit so we has to throw her back. The guys had to help us reel in because it is HARD and kills the arms!! Came back and grilled/fried halibut, it was AMAZING. Sat on the deck and enjoyed the last view of the mountains. Off to Seward tomorrow.

24 June 2017

Today we made the short drive to Homer. We stopped at the farmers market then went down to the spit and checked into our home. The house is seriously a slice of heaven on earth, it is beautiful and spacious! The owners have many acres and it is above the spiit in elevation, so it is peaceful and less busy. The view is breathtaking as it's a 180° of mountains in the background of the coast! We put our moose burgers on the grill for lunch & Joey proposed to Sheila! Of course she said yes ♡ it was incredible seeing your best friend get engaged to the love of her life, especially as we have known Joey for years too! We then went to some little shops ok the spit while the guys fished in the fishing hole; Joey and Jacib caught Salmon! We headed there, did some fishing as well - they were jumping like crazy but no luck, then met with Christy Newell, cleaned the salmon and had pizza at the house!

23 June 2017

Today we had a full day of fishing! We started out at Johnson Lake where each of us caught a keeper trout! A moose and baby walled out right where Amanda and I were fishing, no joke a minute after we left! We then headed to Kaslof river where we fished for Salmon! It's a flip technique so totally different than we are used to & you cast a million times! Its definitely pure luck as a salmon needs to be fishing upstream at that exact moment with its mouth open. Greg had one hooked, after being stuck on a tree, put up a fight but he snapped the line. Back to the cabin for a bonfire and Alaskan Boil {reindeer sausage, potatoes, onions, corn} that was provided by the owners/managers. We met with a family here from Salt Lake City too!

22 June 2017

21 June 2017

After Denali we headed to Denali Brewery in Talkeeta for dinner - I had fish and chips. We met Amanda's friend from college and proceeded to Fairview Inn Bar. Boy, that was quite an Alaskan experience, the Hickoids was the band and how they are on tour we do not know! We actually remembered ice this time and headed back to our "home" for a bonfire! We made it right as the Alaskan Range was showing through the clouds and the sun was setting {but never goes down!}. Greg had a brilliant idea to cook the pizza on a rock in the fire as we didnt have an oven- it worked! It was a perfect last night in Talkeetna.
Today we drove 2 hours 45 minutes and made it to Denali National Park! We saw our first 2 moose on the drive - I was driving, screamed and got so excited, no one knew what was going on! The drive was gorgeous - mountains for days! Everything is so green here too! Denali is the tallest mountain in North America, the Alaska Range of mountains is 400 miles - about the distance of MN! Denali celebrated their 100th birthday this year too! It is interesting as Denali is furthest away from the visitor center {actually closer to our place in Talkeetna} so you drive past it! We did a little 3 mile hike on Rock Creek trail. We made it to the sled dog area and saw a show and heard about the dogs and the history. Took the bus back to the Visitor Center, had a beer, drove another 15 miles to the end of the road, saw a couple more Moose and headed back to Talkeetna.

20 June 2017

We headed into downtown Talkeetna where we ate at West Rib Deli & Pub. A super small hole in the wall diner. Waiter was quite interesting but the food was good and that's all that matters! Our waiter had the saying "we'll deal with that later, im not going to remember it", he also invited us to the Summer Solcist party on the river. Lets just say we didnt make it, we were exhauated from 13 hours of traveling! Talkeetna is adorable - small, charming, a ton of little gift shops. After, we came back for a bonfire & the guys had a losing battle of staying up until the sun went down.
The first two nights we stayed in Talkeetna at Denali Place {21275 Comsat Road}. It was perfect for our large group - 2 bedrooms and a couch for the 6th person to sleep on. An amazing little campfire overlooking the Denali mountains (on a clear day) and an incredible view.