Greece · 6 Days · 27 Moments · July 2016


30 July 2016

Bye bye Santorini 😎🤗🌊🍽😊👋🏾
Stressed faces. Santorini airport was HORRENDOUS! There were so many queues and inefficient staff with lots of flights. Such a nightmare. Finally made it onto the plan and now for a good sleep!
We spent today chilling on the beach and in the sea! I am SO burnt!! But it was nice to spend our last day just relaxing 🙂
After the restaurant we went to a cocktail bar in Perissa nearer our hotel which served amazing cocktails and had a really chilled out vibe!

29 July 2016

We went to "the best restaurant is Santorini" according to Trip Advisor called Catch. It had a beautiful view of the sunset. The food was also amazing. We had a bottle of wine from the winery we visited earlier that day which was super nice. All three courses were amazing. The manager kept giving us drinks on the house which was very nice of him! But unfortunately it was a little too expensive for us to stick around 🙁
We chilled on the beach all afternoon and played in the sea!
We went to Venetosas Winery. We had a tour and then tasted 5 of their different wines. They were AMAZING! The view was also stunner. We went into the Cellar and chose which wine bottle we wanted to take home. It was very fun and the view was amazing!

28 July 2016

We had dinner at Dimitris in Amoudi Bay. This was a fresh fish tavern where they showed you the fish of the day and you chose. The fish was incredible! And I'm not really even a fan of fish!! It was a beautiful spot to watch the sun set whilst our food was being grilled just behind us!
We walked down over 200 steps to the bottom of Oia to a place called Amoudi Bay. This was a little port with three restaurants. There was a path which people seemed to be following. We decided to follow the path and came to a secluded cove where there were loads of people swimming and jumping off rocks into the sea. We didn't know this was there so didn't bring towels but it was fun to watch people jump in and soak up the remaining sun.
We visited the ruins in Oia. The views were very nice. There were loads of tourist waiting to watch the famous sunset.
We rented a quad bike on Wednesday morning. We named him Quentin. Ric has been driving Quentin because I'm sure I would be pretty useless. He's not very fast but we didn't want to pay loads just for a faster quad bike.
We went to the beach for most of the day until about 3 ish.

27 July 2016

We visited Kamari beach which I liked a lot. It had beautiful boulders in the middle of the sea. But the beach was very crowded too. It was also a pebble beach and not black sand like Perivolos. I'm glad we visit the beach!
We went for lunch in Kamari to a traditional Greek restaurant. The food was delicious! It was away from the normal tourist stops and even had locals in there! We ordered way too much food and couldn't eat it all which was a shame because it was some of the best food I had tried all holiday!
We stopped at some spots for photos on our way from Red Beach to Kamari Bech. Some of the sights were beautiful but sadly very windy so I struggled to get some pictures with my hair! But the sights were worth stopping for!
We visited one of the most famous beaches in Santorini - red beach. It was as its name suggested, red. The beach was full of tourists and even a few celebs - JP from MIC was spotted! But in reality it wasn't overly amazing. Just red!
Quentin parked up.
After the cinema we got the bus back to Thira. We got two large glasses of Santorini red wine which made us very sleepy. Then we grabbed a chicken gyros each before heading back to the hotel to get some well deserved rest.

26 July 2016

In the evening we went to see Tarzan at Kamari open air cinema. The place was incredibly cute with comfy deck chairs and blankets. The film was great and wasn't what I was expecting. We also had a yummy cocktail and some nibbles as we hadn't eaten from our walk. Very glad we got good seats rather than food though!
Ice Cream shop 🍦🍦🍦🍦
More photos from the walk
We tackled the walk from Thira to Oia yesterday in 29 degrees! The walk was a costal path that was pretty hilly. We walked about 8 miles and took us 3 hours. I sweated so much! 😅 The views were so so so worth it. Seeing the island from different angles and in different sunlight was amazing. Everything was so photogenic. The path wasn't clearly marked at points but it was fun to try and navigate our way to the north of the island. We stopped on the way at the bar which has award winning beers - as beers go they were nice. As we got into Oia we stopped at a really nice ice cream shop.
We are staying in a lovely family run small hotel called Hotel Sea View. The hotel has its own section of beach with sun beds and a nice man called Costas who brings you food and beers. The beach is beautiful. Our hotel room is big and the bed is comfy.

25 July 2016

On the first night we went to a Greek at a bar called DoDo's. The food was not great but fortunately we ate lunch pretty late. We had some cocktails at DoDos and then joined in on the Greek dancing. Near the end of the night they gave us plates which we smashed near a man dancing. Some how I managed to cut myself but it was fun!
Ric enjoying beers on the beach.
Boarding the plane 🛫
7.45 flight from Manchester T1. The flight didn't set off until 8.20 as it was a busy morning at the airport. The airport was very busy but this is probably to do with school holidays finishing. Kate was also in T1 but unfortunately was going to a gate on the opposite side of the terminal. The landing temperature is 28 degrees! Hot hot hot. Now time to grab our bag and find a taxi. ✈️🌞🚖