North America, Europe · 7 Days · 12 Moments · May 2018

Kathy's voyage in Netherlands

24 May 2018

Our 61 km ride started out with a visit to De Groote Peel National Park. A quick briefing by our guides and a short hike.
We had a visit to a bell museum in Asten then our ride continued through farm land and a heather sanctuary.

23 May 2018

Quiet and beautiful setting at the Castle Gardens in Arcen!

22 May 2018

Cuijck to Arcen today. 35 miles of cycling in and out of Germany once again with perfect weather! The day started with a ferry ride to the other side of the river. We cycled by a field of peonies and then onto a wooded path. A short break to deal with a flat tire an then a coffee break at a converted lock. Our lunch break was I the German city of Kevelaer. Over 800,000 Catholic pilgrims worship there each year in honor of a vision of Mary in 1642. On the way back to the barge for the evening, we stopped at Hertog Jan, a brewery that has been around since 1915.

21 May 2018

Netherlands to Germany and back again. Another 40 miles today but this time we had HILLS!! Still beautiful weather. Sunny and warm. Our route was from Nijmegen to Cuijk. We crossed in Germany along the way and had lunch in Kleve. A lot of Kleve has been rebuilt since World War II. A portion of the cycling was through a quiet tree covered forest. One major hill! Back in the Netherlands we had a brief visit of the National Liberation Museum.

20 May 2018

After 44 miles in sunny 75degree weather we landed in Nijmegen for the night. Along the ride we encountered sheep, horses and a couple of stork nests. Our coffee break was at a windmill and the apple tart was delightful. A small ferry took us across the water just before lunch and after our guide took care of a flat tire we were on our way back to the barge. Nijmegen is the oldest town in the Netherlands and it’s so close to the German boarders it was once mistaken for Klee, Germany and bombed by the Americans.

19 May 2018

After dinner we docked in Wijk bij Duurstede. Our guide, Danielle, took us for a walk to an old ruin castle. The old part was built around 1275 and the newer part in the 15th century. We were not allowed to go in because there was a wedding reception taking place.
We departed Amsterdam by barge. Two hours later we were unloaded from the boat and set off on the traditional first day “Get to know your bike” ride. There was, of course, a stop at a windmill. According to our guide, the position of the top sail when the windmill is stopped is significant. If it’s resting at five minutes after twelve, that means something good has happened.... like a birth. If it’s resting at five minutes before twelve it means something bad ... like a death. After a ride of a little over 10 miles, we met the barge and set off immediately. We enjoyed a Indian meal of egg fried rice, fried curried cauliflower and chicken tika masala.
Took a short walk into town this morning to pick up a few last minute items. Had our first cute animal sightings. Weather is cool, but dry.

18 May 2018

Arrived on time with all luggage intact! Quick train ride to Amsterdam Central and a 10 minute walk to the barge.
You don’t see this every day! This little guy was waiting to board the flight to Amsterdam. Very well behaved.