North America, Europe · 52 Days · 10 Moments · July 2018

Kathy's tour through France

13 September 2018

Today was Eguisheim - my favorite place so far - very charming! Again it was cobblestone streets, beautiful buildings and fountains. I am posting this before returning to our place because reception there is not good. Last posting was Tuesday in case you missed it. Yesterday was a day to lay low, get groceries and kick back. Tomorrow we head for Grindelwald, Switzerland! We are driving a Mercedes with more options then I know what to do with. I want one of these when I get back home😊

12 September 2018

11 September 2018

Today was all about vineyards, little towns with cobble stone streets and lots of flower boxes and baskets. I am a small town country girl at heart. Paris was great, but this was extra special. We really enjoyed the slower pace today and loved the country side. We ate in a little sidewalk cafe and walked the cobble stone streets of 2 little towns. Vineyards surround all of these little towns and the drive was beautiful! We are looking forward to exploring more of the area tomorrow. There are other charming towns to see and even a castle up on the hill.

10 September 2018

Today was a day like no other. It was a travel day and mad scrambles for trains with way too much luggage. The topper was an item in Anthony’s bag that should have been left behind. It is a personal security alarm that he decided we might need. It makes a siren sound kind of like the European police cars. While getting off the last train it went off in Anthony’s bag. It was too big of a search to take care of right away and we were in a time crunch to pick up our rental car. As we walked through the station we had many curious onlookers, especially one little boy who was in total awe of Anthony’s bag. We finally stopped it in the taxi on the way to the rental car. Then the real fun began as we tried to navigate the roads while figuring out the GPS. There were many wrong turns and miles out of the way trying to get back on track. We finally arrived at our little place that will be home for the next 4 days and what a welcome! You can see by the pictures, it was worth all of today:-)

9 September 2018

Started today at the Paris flea market just for fun, but didn’t find any treasures. After that, saw the Luxembourg Gardens. It was one of our favorite places so far - very relaxing. We watched the kids with their sail boats in the pool - very fun. Then off to Nôtre Dame. That was very impressive. We sat in the church for a while just looking around at all the stained glass. Couldn’t help but think of my dad and how he would have loved being there. We also saw St. Chapelle. Stained glass there was also very impressive. Tried to see Rue Cler Market Place, but arrived too late, so found a nice place for dinner since we missed a nice dinner last night due to getting lost in Gardens of Versailles:-) Ended the evening watching the lights of the Eiffel Tower after dark - the perfect end to our last day in Paris.

8 September 2018

Today is our Anniversary day - 45 years! We chose to visit the great Palace of Versailles today (and I mean - Palace!)built by Louis XIV and the gardens that seem to stretch for miles. The gardens are unbelievably beautiful with flowers and fountains and different groves of trees, and plants. The place is like a maze and we got lost several times, even with a map! By the end of the day we were really dragging. We had been walking for hours and we couldn’t find the exit - no joke! We would try one path and then another and then another. Every time we would ask someone we would get a different answer. Finally, a very nice French couple took pity on us - showed us the exit which wasn’t near anything for us to get a ride back to Paris😩They ended up giving us a ride to the taxi station- thank goodness or we might still be wandering that maze of fountains and groves. This will definitely be an anniversary to remember😊💕

7 September 2018

Started the day at the pastry shop😊 Then off to the Arc de Triomphe which has amazing views from the top. We walked along the Champs Elysees, picked up baguette sandwiches which we ate in one of the secret gardens of Paris - Jardin de la Nouvelle France. It was beautiful, quiet and serene. Next Musée de l’Orangerie, saw Monet’s Water Lillie’s. Walked through Jardin Tuileries, where we had “Glacé” (French ice cream). Only had chance to walk by the Louvre, didn’t go in. Great day, no problems with the Metro!
September 7th - Started the day at the pastry shop

6 September 2018

Arrived in Paris on Wednesday, September 5th! Settled into our cute little apartment with lovely gardens in a little gated community. Took a walk around the area, went to a little market that was well stocked with everything we needed. Found a good baguette, some cheese and fruit. Stopped at the wine shop next to our building for a bottle of wine to go with our meal and ate at the apartment while we planned for the exciting adventures that were going to start the next day. Fell into bed early after a very exhausting long day of flying.

23 July 2018

Today was Eiffel Tower day and the Eiffel Tower is an amazing, awesome structure that when you are there it is really hard to believe. We also saw the Orsay Museum which was also great and it has some paintings that Anthony is very interested in such as Van Gogh. They had several of Anthony’s favorites. When we came out of the Eiffel Tower it was raining so instead of walking around to other sites we thought we would take this #69 bus that is mentioned in tour books for getting an overview of all the sites of Paris. Well, it seemed like a never ending bus ride and then all of a sudden it was the end for that particular bus and they dumped us out in unknown territory. The rest of the day we dealt with transportation mishaps, like going the wrong way on the subway. We have learned some valuable lessons on the transit system in Paris. Also, so far have avoided pick pockets, chasing street vendors and scamming taxi drivers. Tomorrow is a new day and new adventures!