Vietnam · 8 Days · 4 Moments · March 2017

Katherine's voyage in Vietnam

17 March 2017

Spent st Patrick's day driving from Hoi An to Hue on scooters we had rented to do the famous Hai Van Pass with helmets that were made out of baked bean cans. Stopped off along the way at some very overrated sweaty caves and a well needed KFC where we bumped into Stan. The drive was gorgeous and no one died so celebrated in the evening drinking cheap red wine in our £2.50 private rooms and dancing to Kelly Clarkson (Elouise's request obviously) - all bar Chucky who was stumbling around Hue trying to eat other people's food (literally)

15 March 2017

Woke up on Wednesday in Hoi An to a random stinky boy climbing into my bed, after about 6 seconds of panic I realised I recognised the stench and it was only my dear pal Callum - the boys had caught up again. We got up and spent the day doing a Vietnamese cooking course, where we went 'fishing' and stuffing our faces with the food our big mama taught us how to make. To celebrate the boys arrival we went out in the ancient town and I spent the night being conned, harassed and throwing up on my new mates feet :)

10 March 2017

Rented scooties out and drove to prongour waterfall which was beaut. Elouise being the drama queen she is had a little fall but some how ended up on top of the bike so no road rash for her, just a few broken ribs. When we got back commander phillybob taught us even more drinking games, but none of us losers made it out and was in bed by 12 (bar Callum who disappeared into town)

9 March 2017

Getting trollied with my besties in da lat. amazing scenery and amazing time. I've missed them and now we are drinking buckets and getting fucked up as usual. Alex's hair actually looks sick but Fraser's is shit. I love them all. Met an awesome guy called phil and he's so much like us but 27 but literally can't tell which is amazing, cus normally when we say we are 19 people run a mile. Heading to maze bar soon - guaranteed to be a sick night