Germany · 719 Days · 23 Moments · August 2016

Katharina's Journi to Germany

7 August 2018

building this castle? getting rid of your fiance? bromance with a musician you basically give half of the room in your castle? aahm gay icon??

6 August 2018

munich being actually pretty?? Rare but existant
getting dragged in actually pretty churches by the parents
love visiting castles and seeing how people lived and what i‘ll never be able to afford

29 July 2018

these nights..
still lovin bands who know how to pick venues
back for more burgermeister

28 July 2018

them late night adventures
we live for a burning sky
the sun will rise and we will try again
booze in our blood & the sun in the sky
the favs

27 July 2018

we love bands who know how to pick their concert venues

4 July 2018

thanks @ armani

3 July 2018

meet the favs @@ the local abandoned airport

2 July 2018

Kreuzberg - my one true love
still missin‘ that damned pizza
moving here, getting noise complaints, moving there

1 July 2018

Burgermeister, Berliner Kindl & Sunsets in Kreuzberg
yk what mate?? fuck off
feelin’ the proper berlin vibes

22 August 2016

19 August 2016