Australia · 190 Days · 101 Moments · March 2017

2017 Australia

7 October 2017

Lilly finally stopped trying to kill Layla
Kathrin sends me updates

6 September 2017

Kathrin just had to buy Lilly and Layla hats
Kathrin and I went to Ikea for the Roadhouse.

5 September 2017

The boys took me prospecting. Finally! Really nailed it.
The trip to Perth was the longest and stinkiest ride I've ever had
The boys came down on my last night and we had a big fire and breakfast the next morning.

4 September 2017

Snake Man came back with Bob and his brother

3 September 2017

Made a little portion of garlic mushrooms and green beans

2 September 2017

1 September 2017

29 August 2017

27 August 2017

Lilly wanted to be small enough to fit into Kathrin's shirt again.

26 August 2017

We went out to fly Doug's drone at the station.

25 August 2017

Kathrin and I drove Doug's big truck down to unload at the Roadhouse.

24 August 2017

Doug and Kathrin bought me an iPad 10 as a thank you!

22 August 2017

21 August 2017

I took a walk around the premises

20 August 2017

17 August 2017

I took the dogs, Buddy and Roxy, out for a run a few times.

14 August 2017

13 August 2017

Judith and I played PS3 a few evenings and Layla drank out of the bottle for the first time!
Layla started eating paper too!!!

12 August 2017

Craig took Joanne, Valoree and me put to the station to feed the cows and see Charlie the horse.
Lilly absolutely loved to eat paper.

11 August 2017

10 August 2017

We spent quite a few evenings around the fire bucket.

8 August 2017

Lilly loved coffee and if I didnt watch out, she would try to get the mug.

6 August 2017

Craig took Judith and me out to the station to feed the cows.

5 August 2017

Craig taught me how to ride the motorbike and we went out on daily rides where he took the dogs out with the truck and I followed behind.

4 August 2017

3 August 2017

2 August 2017

31 July 2017

Layla did not like baths.

30 July 2017

29 July 2017

28 July 2017

And then one day, we were brought Layla!

25 July 2017

Lilly always have Kathrin Kangaroo kisses
Kathrin and I borrowed Doug's drone (possibly without asking) and did a few trial flights over the station. We tried to spy on the neighbors but couldn't find their house.

23 July 2017

We cleaned the grill with chemicals every night. The chemicals bubbled insanely and stung if inhaled. I had way too much fun with it.

19 July 2017

We got Hot Stuff Swag!

17 July 2017

Doug shot a roo as dog meat. He can skin one in a few short minutes.

15 July 2017

The new girl, Judith, knocked over the glass lid to our ice cream chest that I had set to the side while cleaning it.

11 July 2017

I broke the top off of a bottle of beer twice while opening it. The glass stayed in a circle.

10 July 2017

Roy brought a giant crate of strawberries twice. We made everything we could think of out of strawberries.

6 July 2017

5 July 2017

4 July 2017

A customer yelled at me infront of other customers in the dining room. His colleagues, who also happened to be regulars, at the bar noticed and called him out. A few days later, one of them brought in chocolates as an apology from the company. I promised him we would enjoy them with a glass of red wine after work that night.
Kathrin gave Doug a drone for his birthday.

3 July 2017

A regular named Roy heard that I missed tequila and brought me a bottle of patron and some lime cordial. He brought me 3 more over the months till I left.
Doug and Kathrin had multi-fruit trees that had lemons, oranges and mandarins behind the house.

2 July 2017

Kathrin got a new washing machine.

29 June 2017

Joanne, the new girl, locked herself out of the room. I gave her all the unmatched keys we had (which was a lot!) but none fit. Grace tried to break the doorknob. When all failed I just kicked in the door.

25 June 2017

A travelling hairdresser stopped by and cut everyone's hair too short.

24 June 2017

I drove to Perth to pick up a new Backpacker for the Roadhouse.

20 June 2017

A regular came in on his birthday, so we stuck a birthday candle in his steak.

16 June 2017

A crew filmed a short horror film at the house and the station. The evening they left, they all signed the roadsigns prop and left it to us as a thank you.

12 June 2017

11 June 2017

Snake Man put his snake on my bar!

6 June 2017

Grace and I went to Dalwalinu for the afternoon and I splurged on myself: $3 pair of earrings and $12 shot of tequila (had I known that price beforehand I would've splurged on something less expensive!)

1 June 2017

A woman gave me a butterfly she made herself.

29 May 2017

27 May 2017

For my birthday Kathrin made delicious cupcakes. She also got me a set of coconut soaps and lotions. A customer gave me the pretty rocks.

19 May 2017

18 May 2017

I made a book cake for Grace's birthday since she likes to read so much.

12 May 2017

We started creating a new office in the back of the Roadhouse.

11 May 2017

1 May 2017

28 April 2017

Kathrin and I threw together an impressive catering buffet for the local shire meeting.
Roadhouse opened at 6 am.

27 April 2017

Our bar sold drinks out of a bottle or out of a can. Highlight was pouring a glass of wine. Once in a while I'd get restive and make a few cocktails for interested patrons.

26 April 2017

Doug and Kathrin gave me a beautiful bouquet as a thank you for watching Lilly while they were away with Anna and Patrick.

25 April 2017

Met some Australian St John's paramedics.

23 April 2017

19 April 2017

Kathrin and Doug left for a week with Anna and Patrick, so Lilly was left with me.

16 April 2017

15 April 2017

And we went digging for crystals at the salt lake. Found a few small ones.
We went shooting at the station with Kathrin's best friend and boyfriend, who were visiting from Germany at the time.

14 April 2017

We had a little Easter party and Kathrin organised an Easter basket hunt for the employees. And yes, we actually wore the bunny ears all 3 Easter days at work.

8 April 2017

6 April 2017

We decorated for Easter using what we could find.
This is the home office......

5 April 2017

My room
Gold Battery
The Roadhouse

31 March 2017