United Kingdom, Germany · 8 Days · 9 Moments · July 2017

Travels in Tübingen

11 July 2017

Free pretzel from my last morning.

9 July 2017

Brief visit to the French Quarter in Südstadt today. It's incredible, like an entire world.

8 July 2017

Couple of snaps from Ritter Sport yesterday in Waldenburg.

7 July 2017

A day in Konstanz. Arrived in the morning and went for a long walk along the lake. Stopped off for a picnic lunch at the harbour and then had a wander into the Altstadt, primarily to take refuge from the heat in the Konstanz Minster. In the early afternoon we caught the bus to the University of Konstanz situated on the outskirts of the city. C was not impressed with the buildings (not quite like Tübingen's Renaissance architecture, although I quite liked it). Went for a walk in the surrounding woodland, then caught the bus back to Konstanzer Marktstätte. Somehow ended up unintentionally walking into Switzerland and went for a wander along the lake, marvelling at the picturesque Seeburg Castle. Back in Germany, we found a lovely Italian restaurant for dinner (Laguele) where they make their own pasta! I would definitely recommend! Unfortunately, had a nightmarish journey back to Tübingen (danke, FlixBus) and finally fell into bed in the early hours of the morning. Utterly exhausted.

6 July 2017

This memorial commemorates the synagogue which was destroyed in Tübingen in the Reichskristallnacht. The holes in the structure are representative of the number of Jews who originally lived in the town.

5 July 2017

The refugee housing is legitimately nicer than my student accommodation.

4 July 2017

Have had a lovely evening wandering through the streets of Tübingen. It honestly feels like I've fallen into a fairytale here. Had a brief look around Universität Tübingen but we're saving proper exploring for tomorrow. Can't wait to check out some of the local beer gardens we walked past today, too. You know you've lived in London for too long when you get this excited over a €2.50 pint. (On a different note, I have already somehow managed to aggravate C's flatmate by smoking on their balcony? I just don't know anymore).
Arrived at Stuttgart. This all feels outrageously German.
Mildly surprised I have made it to the airport in one piece without any hitches. Probably because I dragged my mum out of bed at 4.45am to navigate Heathrow for me. Although the only word I can remember from my German GCSE is 'umweltfiendlich', I am jetting off to the picturesque Tübingen, a small town in Germany, for a week. I have no idea what to expect. The first (and only) thing that springs to mind is Sacha Baron Cohen parading around in bum-bearing yellow lederhosen. I am hoping to challenge this stereotype by next Tuesday.