Australia and Oceania, Europe · 27 Days · 21 Moments · January 2017

Kate's European Adventure

28 January 2017

Finished off an amazing trip in the city of Amsterdam!

26 January 2017

So much recent history in Berlin!!

23 January 2017

Spent the day exploring Prague, then had a tour of a Nuclear Bunker!

22 January 2017

Today we went to the Mauthausen concentration camp, and then onward to Munich where we spent the night at a German bar!!

20 January 2017

Vienna was definitely one of the prettiest cities with even better coffee, schnitzel and apple strudel!

19 January 2017

Spent the day in Venice getting lost, complete with a gondola ride!!

16 January 2017

Words cannot describe how magnificent Rome has been, from the trevi fountain and then walking around the ancient ruins and through the colosseum it was such an amazing experience!

15 January 2017

Florence via Pisa! Typical tourist shots with the tower, and definitely not enough time to see everything!!!

14 January 2017

Nice was nice! Monaco on the other hand was magnificent and the I gambled more than I should've!

12 January 2017

Barcelona was a good time!!

11 January 2017

First night in Barcelona was pretty fab!!!

10 January 2017

Today we ventured to the city of Lyon where we all tried snails, frogs, and even pig snout!!!

9 January 2017

Had amazing mornings going to the top of the Swiss alps, followed by a traditional fondue lunch and then the afternoon exploring the beautiful city of Lucerne!!

7 January 2017

Spent all day exploring yesterday, then moulin rouge and a 3 course meal to finish our time in Paris!

6 January 2017

First day in Paris! Got to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower for an AMAZING view!!

5 January 2017

Harry Potter Studio Tour!!!

4 January 2017

Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Graphics Exhibition!
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

3 January 2017

London so far!
Finally in London!!

2 January 2017

Sayonara Aus!