Thailand · 2 Days · 9 Moments · November 2017

Kate's journi to Thailand

24 November 2017

I ended my day going on a night Safari. I know kind of silly considering I went to the zoo the same day. It’s about thirty minutes drive from where I’m staying so I took a taxi, my bartering is still absolutely useless. This was the first time I have taken public transport. My driver like to drive the centre line to decide which road was faster. I arrived at 6.30 and completed a safari zone, prey zone and than a tiger show. I was absolutely knackered by the end, but it was worth it to get my favourite picture with a little owl, and lizard dressed as a cowboy. I also discovered I have grown out of my fear of reptiles. Hello Mr Snake!! it’s been replaced with fears of being hit by a car. Which isn’t unrealistic given the lack of crossings.
The aquarium was located in middle of the Chiang Mai zoo All the animals are way more photogenic in Thailand. I assume that’s because they get majority of their food from the public. Who can buy bags at most major animal enclosures. So they always assume they are about to start feed. The sun bear took out best model by far!! I was surprised to find random sculptures of dinosaurs, my favourite one had lost its tail. The irony was it was right next to a lizard enclosure. The worse moment I had so far. Was freaking out about smoke coming from the rhino enclosure. It took a good ten minutes for the zoo keepers to realise I wasn’t asking for cigarettes - google translate did its best. Turns out the smoke was normal?!? I felt a tad blonde, but at least the zoo wasn’t on fire
I decided to go to the aquarium, because I had a 25% student discount . I managed to confuse the receptionist and get over 50% off - most effective battering I have now so far. Safe to say I found dory and the leaning tower of Pisa
I started my second day meeting Jan Roberta (team leader for habitat for humanity) she kindly bought me breakfast and we had a wonder. Afterwards I visited Chiang Mai University. It’s massive, to the point they have free purple shuttles that drive around the university. I found it odd that their university student wore university and had single sexual dorms. They have a massive lake in the middle of the uni as a gift to their royalty My poor tour driver was switching between the English guide on a speaker and Chinese guide on the stereo.
The next part of my day became animal orientated. I visited a cat cafe called catmosohere. All there tables had the pictures and names of the cats. With tonnes of puns. My favourite was called Elsa, she was a white kitten with a green and blue eye

23 November 2017

I was stubborn and decided to walk to the backpackers from the airport, with my combined 14kg luggage. This was instead of paying 30 Baht (around NZ$1.30) for a the equivalent of a taxi . Although the recommended walking time was an hour, it took double that. Partly because I got lost, but mainly because even though pedestrians crossings exist, there purpose is unknown to 99% of the motorists. However my day was vastly improved upon finding out three cars live at the Varada Backpackers.
The food had probability been my highlight so far. It’s has been incredibly cheap, around a max of NZ$5 per meal. But damn everything is sooo spicy! I put tooth paste on my lips after the chicken and basil rice (that was excluding the hunks of chilli) Highlight: trying Matcha green tea sundae ( it was ok) next up I am going to go looking for durian.
The MAYA mall was absolutely insane! There was around seven levels. Highlights: 1) being able to buy an entire deep fried squid 2) the most epic time zone game 3) Mochi Mochi , so far my favourite store (similar to ‘Typo” it sells adorable huge cuddly toys
Due to my very long walk to my accommodation, I decided to get my first Thai Massage. It cost 250 Baht for an hour ($12). To say it was “relaxing” isn’t quite right. Although it enjoyable I was unaware of the borderline painful techniques. It did test my flexibility, and cracked my back multiple times.