Peru · 69 Days · 25 Moments · May 2017

Kate's journi to Peru

25 July 2017

Yesterday we woke up at 5:30 and got ready to go on a train to Machu Picchu. It was supposed to be a 3 and a half hour trip but, we got stopped by the police because protesters had taken over the next stop. We ended up being on the train for 6 hours and 15 minutes. Because of the delay we missed our tour so we quickly jumped on a bus to the top of the mountain. Wile we were going up the windy road we were inches from hitting a bus that came around the corner (the mountain is VERY steep). When we got to the top we ate and started searching for a tour guid. When we found one that spoke English we headed up the other mountain (we did a LOT of climbing). It was hard to keep up with our tour guide since we are not used to the altitude but we eventually reached the top. The view was exactly like the pictures I had seen before. It was nice that our cousins could join us.. it made the six our trip better

6 July 2017

Some of the things are friends enjoy doing (when we aren't in school) are playing on the monkey bars, climbing up the mountain that is behind the school, braiding hair, and taking tons of pictures! Emma has joined the band and before band she has choir so I am lonely for three hours. I usually tell the girls before school ends that I will be at the school, but they know where my house is so they go up and get me to. I have a exposition on the United States i need to present to my classmates next week😬 they are all excited to hear about the United States so I hope I do good!

25 June 2017

Yesterday was our last day with my dad before he left to Florida. So we took him to our favorite French restaurant in Larco mall. These were some of the things we ordered. The picture of the churros and maracuya juice/ passion fruit juice are what we had for breakfast

24 June 2017

We are in Lima now. We arrived Friday after school and then left the apartment to go to Manolo's. Manolo's is a small cafe that is always packed, but it is especially known for its churro's! Churros are heavenly desserts stuffed with Nutella, they are delicious 😋 then we walked to the beach on Saturday and collected a bunch of rocks... a pretty bad idea considering the 300 stairs we have to climb on the way back 😐 then we walked around town for a wile and headed back home. Then we heard a knock on our door, since we weren't expecting anyone we assumed it was Malena the lady who Owns the building. She is very sweet to us and good friends of our grandparents. We said hi and talked a wile about places to visit in town. Then we ended up buying pizza and watching a movie.

16 June 2017

Every day after school we go to the cafeteria and eat. Then we head outside to play on the jungle bars or the soccer field with Andrews friends. getting to play soccer everyday is Andrews dream come true though sometimes no one shows up to play with him so Emma and I get to pass the ball around.

15 June 2017

Sometimes during recess we take pictures of each other and selfies. These our some the ones we took. I almost miss cockroaches.... we had two huge flying locus jump into our room yesterday and of course it had to be under my desk... we also have very sweet boys who chase us with dead grasshoppers until the other girls scream so loud they end up stopping. And they have moths that fly into your mouth if you try to scream... but other then that we are having a pretty good time here

14 June 2017

Today we went to school like every other morning, started with English class (though it's not really English class for me because the teacher makes me right everything in Spanish), then we had social studies (which is hard to understand because of how fast she talks) and then civics class which is my favorite class! The teacher let us go to the "mansion" which is a abandoned house 10 min walk away from our class so we could play games! He is very nice and tries to help me learn Spanish. Then we walked home, ate lunch and finished our homework, and walked back to the school for Spanish class.

10 June 2017

9 June 2017

Today we got a chance to sleep in! We ate breakfast around 9:00, cleaned up the apartment and walked to these ruins my mom saw a few days ago. We took an English tour and it was very educational. There were llamas, Cuy, and huge pyramid like sculptures.

8 June 2017

We woke up at six like every other day to go to school, this hole week has been week of prayer so we have been walking to the chapel wile Andrew walked to school by himself😜. At 10:30 my mom came to pick us up early to go to our grandparents apartment in Miraflores because she had a dentist appointment. Afterwards we went to chillies for first American meal in Lima! Then we picked up our Landry at the Lavandería and walked to the apartment

6 June 2017

Today abuela and abuelo have left us.. we are now officially on our own in Peru.... for two weeks. They came by our class rooms around 12 to say bye.

4 June 2017

Yesterday we went out to the capital Lima where we saw the presidents house, tons of police wearing berrets stray dogs and sadly a lot of people begging for money on the street. We walked down tons of streets full of stores and people. Then we headed towards the huge Church where my mom took the tour of the catacombs, Andrew fed the pigeons that were there wile Emma and I looked at the shops. Afterwards we ate and took a bus home to our apartment in Ñaña

28 May 2017

We went to the zoo today... it was interesting! We took the bus which was packed, but we got there quickly thanks to our Peruvian driver. The zoo was fun but you end up feeling really bad for the animals.. afterwards I finished my homework and went outside our house to play soccer with Andrew when we accidentally hit the car and set of the alarm! The man who owned the car was unpacking his stuff and started to talk to us in English. He was apparently our neighbors son who comes to visit every weekend.

25 May 2017

Today we had school of course but after wards we had brass lessons at the school . The teacher is showing me simple stuff that I have never done before! Then I went outside and watched Andrew play soccer wile I was swing on the monkey bars and ropes. Then the girls from me and Emma's class saw us and come over to say hi. There's Antonella, Angela, and Toku (her nickname) we swung on the bars and played soccer until the boys took over the court! But other then that it's been a good day

23 May 2017

We have to wake up at 5:50 to be on time for school. It's a 10 minute walk and we have to arrive a 7:00-7:15 or else are teacher will make us sing in front of the class! First we had an elective class I chose art but Emma is in choir. I apparently got a B because I used a ruler! But I think the teacher just doesn't like me 😒then I have either bible or science depending on the day. Then we have math for two periods, and in between each period we have a break. On our break/recess they have a place where u can swing from bars and ropes. Then the principle came in today to discuss the grades of "primero Caleb" ( which is the name of my class).

22 May 2017

We climb to the top of the mountain it was surprisingly hard!

20 May 2017

A huge cliff where the waves crash down on
The beaches here are filled with colorful rocks! No sand at all!
At the fish market!!

18 May 2017

This is the entrance
We are staying at a nice little house on a mountain! This is the view from are window
1st day of school