Europe · 22 Days · 45 Moments · September 2017

Kate & Si Campevaning to Italy

4 October 2017

And 2000 miles later ...Home! 😡

2 October 2017

And the last supper ... not so low carb! Diet starts again tomorrow!
Unexpected little stop off for lunch!

1 October 2017

nous sommes arrivés à Camping Merry-Sur-Yonne in Burgundy! Great little campsite with grass pitches and a view of the river. Candlit campsite restaurant serving French/Chinese/English fusion food with chef from Lake district and manager from stoke on Trent (!?). Place full of English people too 😳! Great facilities 2nd best showers so far (to Innsbruck) and planning to test out the local wine tomorrow!
So lovely to see Walter and Dorothea again. Thought we were going to take them out to dinner but when we arrived they'd cooked! Went to the River Sense and to see the Schlegel's house again. Memories from 10 years ago ..

30 September 2017

Following a shed to Neuenegg!!?
Apparently today is the day the cows go in for winter!! It's a big thing in Switzerland...
Meanwhile somewhere in the Swiss mountains ... tea stop on a u-bed (!?!). How British!
Goodbye Hotel La Rocca thank you for the spa and comfy bed!!!! Off to Switzerland to see Walter & Dorothea 😎

29 September 2017

We are staying at a HOTEL!! It's called Hotel La Rocca Sport in Chatillon. And it has a spa!!! πŸ›€. Now eating out. Although we were tempted by the hole in the wall pizza dispatch station... we decided to go somewhere that serves proper alpine food (Assengnato a Locanda Cervino) and seriously oversized gin and tonics!!
Portofino! Beautiful but a bit of an anticlimax because we've been spoilt by less touristy places. Full of rich Americans!! That said we found a deli selling yummy salami and enjoyed sitting on the harbour side in the sun and washing the fish in the literally crystal clear harbour water 🐟 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
Wow this place is lovely! Zoagli - looking over to Portofino!!
We're off! Heading along the coast possibly to a HOTEL!!!! Eaten alive by mosquitoes this morning and now very ready to escape!

28 September 2017

Another great day in the sunshine here at Camping Smeraldo! Swum to the cafe on the beach near Moneglia for the best calamari ever! Now in the van hiding from mosquitoes. Wine glasses in the boot and daren't get out so have resorted to drinking from the bottle. That's what 3 weeks in a camper does for you!!

27 September 2017

Beautiful day in the sun and walk along the rocks to Moneglia. Swum back - lovely 😊

26 September 2017

Found camping utopia AKA Camping Smeraldo! Idyllic little site only accessible by long tunnel through the mountains. Perfect place to swim (according to Si). Beautiful views of Moneglia and we actually have sunshine 😎
Morning from Mare Monte. It's a beautiful day 😎. Here's our little site and this is where we sleep (!). Comfy bed but zero headroom. Moving to a gorgeous little campsite on the beach tonight (Camping Smeraldo). You can only get there through a one way tunnel. Hope it lives up to the trip advisor reviews!!

25 September 2017

Wiggly route continued all the way to Italy's Liguria coast!
Took the wiggly route to our campsite near Portofino (Camping Mare Monte) through the Upper Ceno Valley. Slightly underestimated the number of hairpin bends and the fact that we would literally be driving for hours through the back of beyond! Stopped half way in Bardi. Amazing castle but town COMPLETELY deserted. Almost as though everyone has left for the winter. Roads had snow chain warnings and snow markers the whole way!
Parma! Great place for coffee and croissant and a street full of lampshades!?!
We didn't do much yesterday either but early start today for yoga on the pier and packing up to leave Camping Piantelle. Now driving to Parma for quick stop on the way to Portofino!

23 September 2017

We did nothing today. €3.99 bottle of wine on the beach. Not so bad! Cheers 😎

22 September 2017

Freezing cold swim before leaving Camping Al Sole on Lake Ledro. I took 5 minutes to walk in inch by inch - Simon took 10 minutes before psyching himself to dive in!! We can't decide who was braver! Next pedalo trip from Riva Del Garda - convinced ourselves that we now need one for Chichester harbour! Slow drive down to Piantelle Camping back down the bottom of lake Garda. A lot of mosquitoes and pitch black by the time we arrived so disaster after disaster setting up camp. Lost a box of eggs out of the side door of the camper I dropped my dinner and we went to bed exhausted before before being woken up at 4 am by mossies eating Simons back!

21 September 2017

Simon decided to cycle from Riva del Garda back to our campsite on the original road full of hairpin bends. Everyone else was doing it on mountain bikes (Si was on his road bike). V impressed! Before photo attached but forgot to take an after (essentially same as before but with red face and glazed eyes!!). Here's his heart rate data though (courtesy a la Special techy sports watch ...)
Visited Riva del Garda this avo. It is absolutely gorgeous! Can imagine it's heaving in the summer but was perfect today.
View from our campsite this morning. We both went for a swim in the lake. It was FREEZING!!

20 September 2017

Decided to chase the sun today and head up to Riva del Garda. We were planning on staying at Camping Brione but disappointed with how touristy the area was. Also checked out Arco (amazing castle on a hill) but landed up on Lake Ledro (Molina de Ledro) which is utterly gorgeous. Quick bike ride around the lake followed by yoga in the park (girls only) and now Gulaschsuppe a la Si πŸ˜‹.
Following a truck of grapes... then quick cappuccino on the way up to Riva Del Garda. Amazing roads and long tunnels through cliffs!

19 September 2017

A little bike trip to Desenzano del Garda. Gorgeous little town. Pizza kinda had to be done (again!). Whatever happened to the low carb diet?? πŸ€”. Beautiful views across the lake on the cycle home. Snow on the mountaintops in the distance.

18 September 2017

Now pizza!! πŸ•
Went to Parco Termale del Garda today. Amazing natural thermal baths. Approx £50 for both of us for the day but really worth it. Feel rejuvenated 😊

17 September 2017

Visited Salo 'just up the coast'. Beautiful can highly recommend! 37km round trip 😳
Sunshine at last! Cycling around the lake 😎

16 September 2017

We made it to Garda!! Original campsite was awful (heaving and a bit Southend on sea πŸ˜‚) so we only stayed 10 minutes before finding this fantastic spot. Camping Piantelle ⛺️ - right on the lake and gorgeous. Enough driving now so may not leave here for a while!!
Quick stop on the way down to garda. Great cafe overlooking amazing cliffs where base jumpers apparently throw themselves off for no obvious reason πŸ€”
Leaving Natter See Campsite. More rain and couldn't even see the mountains so didn't hang around! Lake Garda here we come 🚐

15 September 2017

Finally arrived in Natterer See Campsite near Innsbruck! AMAZING! Exhausted after a day of driving. Simon feeling better now although currently promising never to drink red wine again!!
Stopped in Vienheim for a night with Helge and Karin. Great evening with a lot of wine and amazing company and food. Laughed all night. Both feeling a bit fragile today. Simon more so and I don't think he will drink red wine for a while 🍷 🍷. It's going to be a long journey to Innsbruck! We decided to head south and miss out Fussen and the Stelvio Pass as there is A LOT of rain over the mountains!

14 September 2017

On our way to Viernheim...more β˜”οΈ. Decided it needed a playlist 🎢
Quick coffee stop in central Luxembourg! Still raining ... β˜”οΈ

13 September 2017

Arrived in Belgium - Camping Officiel Arlon. Torrential rain β˜”οΈ but it has a restaurant πŸ₯˜ the best campsite toilets ever! 🚽
Hit the rain πŸ™„. Listening to crowded house Always take the weather with you...😭
Quick stop in Saint Amand-Les-Eaux before hitting the road.

12 September 2017

First night at Le mont des bruyères (1.5 hours from Dunkirk) South of Lille. Great campsite lots of trees and little bar with pool table and oversized outdoor chess. Simon enjoyed the amber beer! Great place to go for a weekend cycling in the forest!
Ferry Dover to Dunkirk - amazing Banksy