Czech Republic · 6 Days · 5 Moments · July 2017

Kate & Wade's Adventure in Prague

19 July 2017

Today we took a trip out to Karlsejn to get back to nature and try out a hiking route we found on Google. Was an awesome day, found this castle which is actually more impressive then Prague castle! We were hoping to find the waterfalls but they were all dried out, but none the less 10km hike through the forest and fields was an awesome experience. There's even a time-lapse of us drinking beer at the end of it on the GoPro.

16 July 2017

Early morning run through Prague's old town square and across the Charles bridge to enjoy the sites without the crowds, whilst Wade recovers from the Bucks party.

16 July 2017

So we found the local yacht club which did a ripper burger and inspired by their nautical nature we hired a boat! I swear the top speed would have been 10km/hr but was still fun.

15 July 2017

For Adam's bucks, the day can be summarised by tank rides, hooters and party boats. And yes that bucket of Long Island ice tea was 90% backwash by the end haha.

13 July 2017

We're in Prague! We spent our first night at a traditional folklore dinner and show. I was a little unsure of Wade's choice of activities, especially when we arrived at a barn at the same time as a busload of senior citizens. But it was one of the funniest nights of the trip. Wade was one of the first people to be pulled onto the stage and did not disappoint. Karma acted quickly as after giggling through Wade's "dance" I was dragged onto the stage for the next dance, thankfully the unlimited drinks helped with any stage fright