Australia · 61 Days · 3 Moments · September 2017

School done.... time to explore

23 November 2017

Day trip to Frankston with a couple of mates, left home at about 12, easy trip to Frankston... finding a car park on the other hand 😱 so after an hour of pier jumping, we moved to a small bay in Mt Eliza, the water is crystal clear and gorgeous! We stayed here and took a couple of snaps and soaked up the sun. Deciding to leave about 3pm to beat peak traffic... didn’t happen😂 lucky we had some good tunes to make us through! We shall definitely be visiting here again!

18 October 2017

Off to Marysville to do some path maintenance and exploring on the track to some of the falls! Since the heavy wind, the tracks have got multiple trees down which needed clearing.... no need to mention the gorgeous view we had while we did the job😍 if you’re in the area, you’ve gotta visit!

23 September 2017

First hot day of spring? I say a beach day👌🏾 we headed to the bathing boxes along Brighton beach! I must say, the beach itself wasn’t anything special but the scenery was gorgeous! I headed out with my mate Toby for the afternoon and we arrived around 1pm, meaning we made the most of the hot weather! Plus I had a photographer for my instagram hehe.. here’s some cheeky pictures of this gorgeous 28°c day!