Netherlands, Germany · 3 Days · 9 Moments · June 2017

Kate's adventure in Netherlands

23 June 2017

My body felt very light walking around. It actually felt like I wasn't actually there and I was playing a video game, viewing everything through somebody else's body if that makes sense at all... it is very hard to explain. We walked up a really nice small hill and sat one some rocks, overlooking a beautiful lake. Unfortunately at some stage I had to make myself be a bit sick to stop the nauseousness, but after that I felt so much better. We then decided to go back to the apartment to take the rest of the truffles (we didn't take a full dose at the start as it was my first time) and also I thought I would prefer being in the apartment as it was a safer space (I felt a little bit paranoid being around people/families in a park). We got back and had a lie down on the bed and watched some Brooklyn 99 until we felt the effects of the extra dose. It started to kick in and it was so nice on the bed and there was this really squishy pillow which I loved and couldn't stop playing with.
Today we had a big sleep in after a big night. Tom came back from Floor and Kevin's at about 5am so we needed to rest. Then at around 3pm, we decided to try the truffles we bought. We split up them and started eating them and they tasted like very bitter walnuts. I didn't mind them too much but Tom hated them and had them with some chocolate and cordial. We then walked to the really beautiful park close to our apartment and lay down on the grass. The clouds started to look very interesting, swirling around and moving fairly fast but other than that, I didn't have very many visuals, in fact, I felt so nauseous for about and hour that I was worried I was going to have a bad time. My body felt heavy and tired laying in the grass but my mind was very active so if I tried to close my eyes and relax, I couldn't keep them shut. We then decided to go for a little walk around the park and it was an incredibly strange experience.

22 June 2017

The bouncer then escorted me out of the club and I had to try to contact Tom to let him know. A lovely girl came up to me and called him for me and gave me a big hug. Tom, Floor and Kevin then all came down to meet me and we started to head back to the apartment. I was quite upset to ruin the night but they assured me it was okay. Once we got back we went up to Kevin and Floor's apartment as they had ordered pizza, but I went down stairs to get changed into my pajamas and then fell asleep whilst Tom stayed up with them.
Once we finished dinner we headed home and got ready to go out for some drinks with Kevin and his girlfriend, Floor. When we met them they said they were going to ride their bikes into the city and I was a bit scared as I'm terrible at riding a bike let alone after a few drinks on the way back! They assured me I would be fine but thankfully, the bike was way too big for me anyway. So I jumped on the back of Kevin's bike whilst Kevin, Tom and Floor all rode into the city centre. We went to about 4 bars, buying rounds for eachother and then headed to a place called Pop-o-Matic (a place Ellen recommended which was a bit like Finishing School). It was pretty fun (from what I can remember). But I went to the bathrooms and when I tried to get let back in the bouncer asked me to come over and started asking me alot of questions one of them being what drugs I had taken! When I said just alcohol he didn't believe me and took me over to more bouncers and they had a big conversation in Dutch.
When we walked out of the museum there was a massive thunderstorm so we found some shelter and waited until it slightly died down and then slowly made our way to a "smart shop" (a place that sells truffles) our tour guide recommended, finding shelter along the way when the rain got bad. We finally got to the shop and it was a strange experience. We had a look at the products and then had a chat to the shop keeper about them. It was so natural, almost like talking to someone in JB about what kind of phone you should buy cross between talking to a pharmacist about how you should have some medicine. We ended up choosing truffles called "Dragon Slayer" which had 15 grams that we would split. It was rated about 4 stars for everything (euphoria, energy, visuals, body high and brain high. We then started making our way back to the train station and stopped at a place called "The Metropolitain" for a fairly expensive dinner. It was a nice restaurant. Tom and I shared a burger and charcuterie.
Today we woke up at around 9, cooked up some breakfast, walked to the station and hopped on a train to Amsterdam for the day. We went on a 3 hour walking tour with Sandemans around the city. It's really cool and interesting to learn about the history (and what is happening now) with prostitution and drugs.. it almost seems like another world. We then went to a place Ellen recommended for fast food called "Febo" and got some kaasouffles (friend cheese mmm). They were in an oven and to get them you'd put coins in a machine then open the oven to get what you wanted (like a vending machine in a fast food restaurant.) We gobbled them down and then headed to the sex museum which was close by. It was hilarious and strange at the same time. They had odd plastic robotic dolls that did weird demonstrations and a lot of the other things were photographs or just anything to do with sex (like plates with sexual drawings on them or something).

21 June 2017

We went to the shops and got some freshly squeezed oranger juice and then went back to the park. We drank the juice and lay down for a little while then decided to go back to our apartment. I went to sleep while Tom went to the supermarket and got a whole lot of food. I ate 2 packets of Chicken noodles and Tom ate a whole pizza. We then went for a walk around the block and finished the joint and then lay in bed with the blinds open just talking about random stuff. Then cooked up a pizza and more noodles before going back to bed and falling asleep.
Today we had a fairly nice sleep in. It is so nice to have a place completely to ourselves! We then walked into the city of Utrecht and had a look around. We grabbed a delicious baguette from a van and sat on the street to eat it. I then dragged Tom around H&M and got some new dresses as the weather is so hot! After that we were going to climb The Dom Tower but I was super sore so we decided to go to a coffee shop, get a joint and find a park. We chose an "energetic" strand and even though we were sharing it, we had to burn it out halfway. We lay down for a while in silence, other times having chats but I could hardly remember what we were talking about the whole time and I started saying some weird things that made no sense. We decided to go to the shops to get a drink and walking there was probably the hardest thing I've ever done - being in a strange daze trying to dodge all of the peoplr and the bikes.

20 June 2017

We arrived into Utrecht at about 9pm and waited outside the apartment for Kevin to come and let us in. A few minutes later he rode by and cheerily said "hello Kate!" He then showed us up to the apartment (which is so cute and spacious) and invited us to a BBQ with himself and some friends in a park nearby as they had leftover food. We headed to the supermarket to grab some beers and then headed to the park and had some food and chatted with Kevin, his girlfriend and his other 2 friends. We then headed back to the apartment and Kevin and his girlfriend wrote down some recommendations for bars for us before they headed to bed.