Australia · 254 Days · 28 Moments · July 2017

Walking the Centennial Trail, ACT

2 April 2018

20 kms after we began we made it to The National Arboretum. With stunning views, a myriad of different tree types, many Native Bluebells (Canberra's floral emblem) growing along the roadside and LOTS of hills it is worth a visit. Weary after our long, hot walk we had a late lunch before heading home.
After walking under the Glenloch Interchange we entered Canberra's cork plantation. A beautiful walk through along the shaded path, the stroll through the cork plantation was also very educational. Planted in 1917, each tree in the cork forest was planted as an acorn and, after growing for 100 years, is only one fifth of the way through its cork producing life span. How cool is the cork/bark!!
Back down the mountain we went, headed for the National Arboretum. Along the way we walked through Aranda Bushland, which gave us an opportunity to look back at where we had been. It wasn't until we saw just how high the tower was that we appreciated the effort we had put in and felt a sense of accomplishment. It was also cool to meet up with these magical marsupials too.
The 30 degree day was ideal for the climb to the top, but the climb was definitely worth the effort. The location disk at the top certt shows it's age. Gungahlin and Tuggeranong don't exist and The Drive In is on there.
O'Connor Ridge took is through Turner to the base of Black Mountain. Next stop - the tower at the top. Elevation 812 m!
Our wanderings along O'Connor Ridge saw us cross the path of this gorgeous little fellow. He wasn't shy; happily wandering across the path and right past our feet, which made for some great photos. How cute are his backwards back feet 😊
Next stop - the Australian Institute of Sport. Lots to see and do here, you could easily spend a day checking out the facilities and activities. However, we didn't stay long. We still had about 15km to walk from this point.
We are finally back on the trail after a prolonged break for NDRC, Pacific School Games, Christmas and then New Year. We begin today at the Belconnen Skate Park with two new additions to our walking family. Welcome Andy and Harry!

8 October 2017

After leaving Hall we followed the trail to Gold Creek. Here we met some prehistoric residents before exploring some more of the historic sites on the way to Belconnen. Today's walk was largely residential, without any real photo opportunities once we left Gold Creek. The trail took us around Lake Ginninderra to John Knight Memorial Park and then to The Lighthouse Pub where we finished up and had lunch.
Today we set off from Hall. There is lots of history on this tiny village and somewhere worth visiting on a lazy Sunday

24 September 2017

We also stumbled across an outdoor art gallery that paid homage to Andy Goldsworthy. Pat got into the spirit of things, creating his own rock art sculpture
After leaving the campsite we continued along the trail through a eucalypt forest. It was here we came across an echidna!!
From Oak Tree Hill we walked along the ACT/NSW border to the Northern Border Campsite. This campsite comes equipped with a horse tethering post and 4 star toilet facilities
Our first ascent was up Oak Tree Hill, which provided some beautiful views back over Canberra and the areas of the trail we have travelled so far.
We began today at Mulligan's Flat on Gundaroo Road. It was a cool and windy morning as we set off

10 September 2017

The third leg of our Centennial Trail walk took us out to the Air Force Memorial at the Hewie Edwards Rest Stop
After our brief Woolshed stop we continued along the path to the suburb of Forde, where we strolled past the site of the old school. Today's walk ended at the car park on Mulligans Flat Road, roughly 17km from our start point.
Within Mulligans Flat Reserve we took a break at The Woolshed.
From Garrooyarroo we entered Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve. The reserve is fenced to stop feral cats and other predators getting to the Bettong, Birds and other endangered spieces.
From the Hewie Edward Rest Stop we entered Garrooyarroo Nature Reserve. There were some beautiful views back towards the city and the two mountains we had already walked.

27 August 2017

It was certainly four seasons in one day for the second leg of the Centennial Trail. We began in sunshine at Mt Ainslie and ascended Mt Majura as it started to rain. The light sprinkling of rain turned to steady sleet as we reached the junction up to the summit. We decided to skip the summit trail and head for the car, some 3 kms away. A good decision considering we completed the last kilometer in the hail! Lunch at Wilburs went a long way to thawing us all out, especially given we were warm as the snow fell!

23 July 2017

After our 10km walk we stopped off at Poppy's Cafe for some lunch!
Next stop....the summit of Mt Ainslie (842 m elevation) and some stunning views of the nation's capital!
From the lake we headed down Anzac Parade, past numerous memorials. We were especially taken by the tribute to the Boar War. The horse statues were incredibly detailed
From the Parliamentary Triangle we walked part of Lake Burley Griffin's central basin. Despite the icy, blustery conditions the day was perfect for picture taking
Our Centennial Trail adventure began this morning at Parliament House. We wandered our way past some of Australia's most important buildings as we made our way to the lake.