Australia · 38 Days · 15 Moments · February 2016

Kats adventures in Australia

24 March 2016

More pictures from Whitesundays 👌☺ see if you can spot me in the human pyramid 🙈

22 March 2016

Whitesundays Trip-we're staying on a private island its so beautiful,today we got on our boat and arrived at a beautiful beach. Then we had lunch and after we went snorkelling unfortunately no pictures as I dont have an underwater camera. The fish were amazing lots of them. 👌🐟

16 March 2016

2nd day on Fraser Island

15 March 2016

First day on fraser island beautiful place but very bumpy driving you definitely need a good four wheel drive! Tour guide has been fab!:)

14 March 2016

Today the girls and I went to Steve Irwins Australian Zoo,it was amazing!

13 March 2016

Noosa and national park walk

9 March 2016

Saw this creature today casually walking around the campsite
Bryon Bay Lighthouse
Byron Bay and St kieleen falls

7 March 2016

Bondi,manley,newcastle,bryon bay,broken campsite

1 March 2016

On route to sydney

24 February 2016

St Kilda beach

21 February 2016

Road trip, beach, travelling to Melbourne
Grace town and cape vineyard

16 February 2016

Jacobs ladder melbourne