United States of America · 11 Days · 50 Moments · April 2015

Kate and Alex's trip to Vineland NJ

10 May 2015

Driving through MD, then lunch.
Maryland ... First break... Going to be in Maryland most of the drive.
Driving driving forever. In MD right now
Getting ready to get on the road again.

9 May 2015

Wedding wedding wedding bed
Getting ready. Bridesmaid swag 😉

8 May 2015

More playing. Bein lazy pants.
Pics on the lake while we decompress after the car ride. The sky looks totally fake!
It sucked to get here. But we made it.
Ahh. This will be just lovely tomorrow for a wedding.
So we have had to reroute a bit... Another hour to go according to gps.
You don't say?
Productive stop. Learned we are four miles from washingtons Mount Vernon house and found a distillery and place for wine.
Virginia bathrooms have sparkles in the floor.
Pit stop
Yay. 90 min or so to go.
We are in Maryland! Hooray?
Passed an interesting road stop when we got off the turnpike. Pointed toward D.C. And Maryland.
Yah. I'm bored. Same drive as last week...

2 May 2015

He return home.

1 May 2015

Wedding wedding wedding goodnight. Zzzzzzzzzz
Stop #2. Double the fun.
Foodstuffs! Recommended by our winery friend, Joanna.
nom nom nom. Stop #1
Morning time. Caff up! Do things. #responsibilities
Pork roll? It's a Joisey thing.
The inexplicable decor of Peter's diner. It's a Joisey thing?
Breakfast selfie!
Meal #2 at Peter's Diner

30 April 2015

At the diner up the street
Leaving phila! Here comes jersey!!!
Bye phila!
... So apparently in this state we out the fractions on the mile marker because decimals are just too boring???
Traffic jam...
Rock walls 😍 textures 😊
Bought some nerdy sunglasses to wear over our actual glasses because the sun is shining bright!
Appalachian mountains!
Tunnel time!
Washington, PA!
Hello Wheeling!
West Virginia!