Italy, Vatican · 2 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Alvey Europe Adventure 2017-Rome, Italy

22 August 2017

Today we went on a 5 hour tour of the Vatican. Our tour guide really focussed on art history which was super fun. We saw "The School of Athens" (pictured here) by Raphael, a DaVinci paintinng, and of course the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. We also went through St. Peter's Basilica (where Peter is buried) and saw the incredible mosaic tiles. Then look who we ran into in the Vatican! We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the city and eating delicious food twice AND gelato of course!

21 August 2017

Today Preston and I started our day on a run to get to our meeting spot. Apparently I am super out of shape (even though we have walked 18-20 miles every day) but we made it! We drove on one of the most beautiful drives in the world along the Amalfi Coast. We ended up im a town called Positano also known as "the Vertical Villiage" because of how it is built into the cliffs (common in southern Italy). I learned today that this coast is the Lemon capital of the world! There were lemon themes everywhere and every time I saw them, it made me so happy. We ate some yummy pizza. I had an italian olive for the first time and WOW more flavor than I ever imagined! Then we went to Pompei. It was neat even though I have been there before, they have resored and opened new things to see! It was so fun seeing this part of Italy!

20 August 2017

Today was HOT!! It was super fun being with Mitch and Lindsey! We hit the Pantheon, Roman Forum/Palatine Hill, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and then did a Colleseum tour at night which was AMAZING! it was after it was already closed and there were only a handful of small tour groups inside. And it was a lot cooler temperature wise AND we got to go down to the lower levels that arent accessible to everyone. SO COOL!! Thoughts: the Spanish steps are super over rated. 4 years ago I made a wish at the Trevi Fountain. Let's be honest, we all knew what it was, but in case you were wondering, it came true :) We ate at the BEST gelato place I've ever experienced by far. Packed with intense flavor and you could tell it was made with real fruits. Hoping we get to go back there one more time! Ps, the only reason the paparazzi picture is in there is because it got deleted from my phone and I liked it. Accidentally ate raw ham on a sandwich and even though Im fine, I have to not think about it