United Kingdom · 4 Days · 5 Moments · August 2017

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15 August 2017

Last day in London! We did a tour of the Royal Mews and State Rooms at Buckingham Palace and then took a train up to Cambridge and went punting on the River Cam. It was super romantic with the big willow trees and grassy banks (minus the two drunk girls who were in the boat with us). We loved spending time in London!!!

14 August 2017

Today we went on a bus tour of Windsor Castle, the Roman Baths in Bath England, and STONEHENGE!! We tried (drank) the mineral water at the Bath and I didnt think it was too bad. I actually liked the aftertaste. It was so fun to get out into the countryside. We loved all of it! Everyone seems to think Stonehenge is overrated but I thought it was amazing!!

13 August 2017

Today's highlights: 1. Tower of London: seeing the crown jewels, and ceremonial artifacts, suits of armor and even took part in a little walk around the grounds with some midieval reinactors which was totally fun! 2. Walked across Tower Bridge (often viewed as "the London Bridge" even though it's not) and stood on the glass floor looking down at the bridge and river below 3. The HMS Belfast naval cruiser ship (which was there on D-Day bombarding the coast with the allied forces) 4. Walked across the real London Bridge 5. Saw the "Bullet" building seen in many London skyline views 6. Saw the British secret services building (MI6) which is literally across the street from our hotel. Maybe you recognize the front of it from some famous movies?? ;)

12 August 2017

Today we went to the Chelsea and Arsenal soccer stadiums. It was game day for Chelsea so we couldnt go in there but we did a full tour of the Arsenal stadium and it was amazing! (Chelsea and Arsenal are London's club soccer teams for those of you who dont know...which is everyone who follows this haha). Preston was totally in his element sitting in the locker rooms, walking through the players tunnel out onto the field and sitting in the dugout. It was so fun to see that soccer side of him come out again. (I had a blast too!) We also climbed over 500 steps to the top of St. Paul's cathedral for a fantastic view of the city. Walked across the millenium bridge (makes an appearance in Harry Potter 7) and saw Shakespeare's Globe Theater. Walked through Kensington Park and got a whole package of Ben's Cookies. Another highlight of the day was asking the janitor at the hotel for another towel and he said "uh spanish" so Presron totally starts talking to him in Spanish and it was awesome!

11 August 2017

After a much needed good night's rest, we went to the Churchhill War Rooms and museum. Super well done and fun to see after so much WWII history already this trip. London Eye was next and even though we bought our tickets in advance, we decided it was worth upgrading to the fast pass. Way fun! Then we went to Westminster Abbey and got in right as the last people for the day were let in (3:30!). We loved it!