Netherlands, United Kingdom · 3 Days · 4 Moments · July 2017

Katelyn 's adventure in Amsterdam, Netherland

14 July 2017

Another cultural experience. Smoking weed. We decided we would go into town early and find a coffee shop. After walking around for a bit we found one that looked okay. No one really knew what to do so Grace took the lead. She bought two joints but we only smoked one as the guy said they were pretty strong. I'm not sure I did it right as I didn't really feel any different. Grace started to feel pretry funny. Maybe because she had more than the rest of us. We then went to meet the rest of the group for a dinner cruise. It was a nice way to spend our last night. Taryn and I got up and thanked Drew on behalf of the group. I think he appreciated it.
It was pretty hard to get out of bed this morning. Last night was a late one. But we had to get up as we had paid for a bike tour. Although we didn't get a heap of information on the tour it was a good way to see the city. Was a bit scary at times as there were so many bikes. After the tour we had an early lunch and then went to the sex museum. It wasn't what I expected. Just lots of graphic photos. I found the museum more awkward than the show. Maybe because I wasn't drunk. Once we had wandered through we went for a walk around town. We were all exhausted so made our way back to the hostel for a rest before dinner. It took us ages to get back because it was difficult to work out the trams.
Hard to believe that the last stop on our trip is already here! We arrived in Amsterdam late afternoon. Just enough time to get changed and have a quick glass of wine in our hostel room before heading to a Sex Show. Yep I said it. A Sex Show. Our trip leader said it was a real cultural experience. He was certainty right! The venue was alot smaller than I expected so we were very close to the action. Not as close as some people though! Thankfully we were at the bar so we could drink lots. After the show ended we went to Belushi's. Taryn was trying to set me up with a guy from Perth but I was too infatuated with Drew so spent most of the night hanging around him.

11 July 2017