France · 3 Days · 4 Moments · September 2015

Kassi's tour through France

29 September 2015

We spent our last afternoon in the park eating les gâteux opéras and watching children race their boats in the water. Calming, beautiful and relaxing.

28 September 2015

I spent the most incredible morning in the gardens while everyone else stood waiting for the castle. All the sunshine for the day happened before 1pm, so we lucked out. We took a row boat out onto the water, walked through the rows of perfectly manicured shrubbery, and had a perfect picnic on the grass. The castle was amazing as well, but it was very crowded. We made our way through quite quickly, but the Hall of Mirrors took my breath away.

27 September 2015

Finally crossed the Louvre off my bucket list!
A girl I used to work with had a brother who lived in Paris. She was telling me how he was killing it in the up-and-coming Paris coffee scene. Being a coffee snob, I had to check out the place. It's absolutely amazing pour over coffee, including a siphon. Totally worth the trip.