United Kingdom, France · 29 Days · 66 Moments · July 2017

Travels with my Nephew - Paris

15 August 2017

We are home after a great week in Paris. Walked off our feet, very tired, but happy. Now to plan our next adventure.

14 August 2017

Edinburgh. It's still warm! On the train to Cupar. Nearly home.
Goodbye London
Oh, how we wait for the 1:30 train.
Max enjoying his epic ham and cheese (jambon et fromage) baguette
Waiting on the Eurostar
Last Metro Journey
A very narrow building
The journey home begins. An epic tale of 2 travellers fighting their way to the North to obtain the golden prize. Or 2 really tired Scots catching some trains.

13 August 2017

Packing for the trip home.
Ou est le Rue Saint Jacques?
REAL Hot Chocolate. Heaven, I'm in heaven......
For me, omlette and 1664. Perfect.
Here comes the prawns!!
Notre Dame. No hunchback, but plenty of tourists and pigeons
Some Photos of the Conciergerie and Saint-Chappelle.
Ye Olde Medieval Gyfte Shoppe
Saint Chappelle. Gothic church. Mostly glass
Walls with the names of the 4000 prisoners held here, including Marie Antoinette
Conciergerie. Revolutionary prison and medieval palace

12 August 2017

Something sneaked into my purse. The Franc is still out there.
A little more sight seeing.
Today we are mostly shopping

11 August 2017

Some Photos of the River Cruise and of The Eiffel Tower
A boat trip on the Siene (or is it the Marne)
La tour Eiffel. Very big. Very crowded. We chose not to go up the tower. Ok. I wasn't too keen on the height.
Some Photos of the Arc De Triomphe. I never want to see a staircase again!
Still a beautiful piece of architecture. Lovely views after the additional 50 steps.
194 steps. To the first level of the Arc De Triomphe

10 August 2017

Walked off our feet. Back at the hotel having a well earned rest. If that's what it takes to 10000 steps.... Wow
The aftermath of very chocolatey dessert.
For the Dr Who fans
Seen them so many times on postcards, the real thing is a little surreal
Up high
Photos from inside the Musee D'Orsay!
Metro travels
Photos of French graffiti Art
Montmartre graffiti
Some Photos of the Sacre Coure
Montmartre. Too lazy to take the steps.

9 August 2017

Out for dinner. Amazing steak and burger
Relaxing in the Tuileries.
Inside the Louvre. We lasted about an hour before we had to get a breath of air.
The Louvre. We've been here and hour and we aren't even in the museum yet.

8 August 2017

Moule for Max.
Made it to the hotel. Nice little room, at the back, so reasonably quiet. Now having a kip.
Looks a little sad in the daylight.
Metro negotiated successfully. We are both tired.
France appears in the window. Train speeding up
Got on the Eurostar! 2 and a half hours until we are in Paris!
Waiting for the platform announcement.
London Baby!!
Crossing the Tyne!
Over the Tweed and into England
Max trying to sleep.
Over the FRB to Edinburgh. New Bridge looking good
Early Start. But Foxtato says we can do the thing.

7 August 2017

Sunsetting. Early to bed. 5am start in the morning
All packed and ready for the first leg to Fife.

2 August 2017

Euros at the ready.

30 July 2017

Planning trip to Paris!

17 July 2017

Tickets booked. Apps downloaded, including the very useful Pee in Paris. A guide to the local facilities. Long term forecast says 27deg C so sunblock and cool clothes.